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ANZPT Gold Coast Day 2: Levels 11 & 12 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

3:40pm: Ten-minute break

3:35pm: Kittos doubles

Chris Kittos was all in for his tournament life with 7♣7♥ against the A♠Q♥ of Wayne Hockey. The race was short-lived as Kittos spiked a set on the board of 7♦8♣9♥8♥5♠ to double up to 45,000.

3:25pm: Moussa crashes and burns

It wasn't long ago that we were writing about George Moussa commanding a 200,000-chip stack. Well, it's now gone. All of it. He was left with about 75,000 which he committed in a three-way pot on a flop of K♦Q♦9♠. With two players all in, Moussa chirped, "How can I fold?" before splashing his last chips into the pot.
Moussa held A♦3♦ for the nut flush draw as both opponents opened king-queen. The turn was the 3♣ and river the 5♣ to brick out and send Moussa to the exit.

3:10pm: Moffo gets caught

Liam Moffett is the latest casualty after making a move on a flop of A♥9♣6♠ against Christos Kazonis. Moffett held J♥Q♣ and wasn't happy when Kazonis made the call with A♦T♥. The turn was the 7♦ and river a repeat A♣ to leave Moffett to depart the poker room. Kazonis is up to 47,000.

2:55pm: Allan doubles through Kroesen

Ricky Kroesen continues to find big cards, but unfortunately for him this time they led him astray as Dave Allan doubled up in a massive clash.

It was Kroesen's Q♦Q♠ up against Allan's A♥K♥ with all the chips in preflop. The flop was a safe 2♥T♣9♠ but the K♠ turn and A♦ river both hit Allan as he doubled to 207,000 to leave Kroesen back in the pack with 80,000.


Dave Allan commanding a healthy stack at the ANZPT Gold Coast

2:48pm: Bower banished

Brad Bower's tournament is over after he lost a race for his tournament life. It was Bower's 5♦5♣ against the A♦8♦ of Peter Aristidou which improved on the board of A♠J♣6♣3♣K♠. Aristidou is up to 46,000.

Michael Spilkin is also on the charge after flopping a full house with pocket tens. He's up to 160,000.

2:40pm: Blinds up: 1,000-2,000 with 200 ante

2:26pm: More chips Dodds and Kroesen

Joel Dodds has eliminated another player when his Q♣Q♠ were up against T♣T♠ with all the chips in preflop. The board ran out A♥5♥4♣7♠8♦ as Dodds jumps up to 108,000.

Ricky Kroesen also recently eliminated another player. Kroesen recalled to us that he'd lost a couple of sizable pots to drop back into the pack, but he righted the ship when his A♠K♥ held against an opponent's A♣Q♦ on a 2-5-7-8-5 board. Kroesen sits just under 200,000.

2:14pm: Steicke power

In a three-bet pot, Tommy Vo and David Steicke went to a flop of J♥4♣6♥. Steicked checked it over to Vo who shoved all in. Steicke deliberated before deciding to make a gambling call with 8♥7♥ for flush and straight possibilities as Vo tabled pocket tens.

The turn bricked the A♣ but the river was the 5♥ to give Steicke a flush and eliminate Vo from the tournament. Steicke has built up plenty of experience, and results, in his short time in poker and he even ventured into the depths of the $50,000 buy-in Player's Championship at this year's WSOP. With chips in hand, his aggressive style is tailor-made to reach final tables. He is yet to make an impression on the ANZPT tour, but perhaps this is his event, as he's now up to 135,000.

2:04pm: Crocky and Colman say goodbye

We've lost of a couple of Australian poker stalwarts as Billy "The Croc" Argyros and Julius Colman have both lost their battles with their short stacks.

Colman committed his last chips with pocket tens but ran into pocket jacks, while Argyros held the best hand with ace-king against two opponents with ace-jack and ace-ten, but a jack on the river was not what Argyros wanted to see as his tournament came to an end.

1:48pm: Grigg gone as Wong soars into chip lead

We have a new chip leader and his name is Nick Wong. Just following the break, Wong and Tom Grigg played out a monster pot that shot Wong into the chip lead, and Grigg to the rail.

All the chips were in preflop with Grigg holding pocket aces against Wong's pocket queens, however Wong spiked another lady on the turn to take it down and jump up to a massive 285,000.


Nick Wong has claimed the chip lead at the ANZPT Gold Coast

1:40pm: Play resumes

The players have stretched their legs and grabbed a quick smoke, before returning to their seats to continue the battle. It was a pretty rapid first two levels as our field was reduced by 42 players - over a third of the field. Darko Balaban has managed to increase his stack to maintain the chip lead, but the margin has been reduced drastically as Ricky Kroesen and George Moussa are now lurking close behind.

Our two ANZPT Player of the Year contenders in Tony Hachem and John Maklouf also both managed to increase their stacks nicely during the last session as both sit with around 75,000 chips.

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