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ANZPT Gold Coast: Levels 3&4 (Blinds 100-200, Ante 25)

3:45pm: Break time

One player who won't be back after the break is Wayne Carlson. He was all in preflop with pocket eights but he found himself running smack-bang into Jimmy Ghobrial's pocket aces. The board ran out 9♥4♦5♣3♦9♣ as we lose another player. Ghobrial is up to 53,000 and will be enjoying his break. Back in ten!

3:30pm: Rubie run over by Ciric

Young gun Brendan Rubie is the latest casualty as he moved his short stack all in preflop with 6♠6♣ but found himself up against the Q♣Q♦ of Donna Ciric. The board was spread 8♥A♠7♥2♣J♣ as Rubie leant over to grab a goodbye kiss before exiting the poker room. Ciric is now up to 24,000.


Brendan Rubie and his sunglasses have been eliminated

3:13pm: Lackovic out; Sheldon soars

Our tournament is now without a Lackovic. After Nik's elimination earlier in the day, brother Stevan has also met his demise when he pushed his short stack preflop with T♥7♥ only to run into the pocket queens of Bobby Zhang. The board was spread A♦Q♦6♠T♠9♥ providing little help to Lackovic as Zhang moved up to 31,000.

Meanwhile Sheldon now has several commanding towers of chips in front of him after the recent elimination of Matthew Hopkins. Sheldon's pocket sixes cracked the pocket aces of Hopkins when a third six spiked on the flop. Sheldon is up to 60,000.

3:00pm: Provisional prize pool information

With 137 entrants on Day1A and 150 on Day1B, the total number of entrants for the 2010 ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event is confirmed as 287 - a record for tournament poker in Queensland.

With the $2,500 entry being returned in full to the prize pool, with no admin fees taken, the prize pool ballooned to a massive $717,500. The top 32 players will finish in the money.

At this stage the provisional payouts have been released with first place set to collect $182,965! We'll have the full prize pool and payout information for you shortly.

2:45pm: Blinds up: 100-200 with 25 ante

2:30pm: ANZPT POY race is on!

With the recent elimination of Andrew Scarf, the top of the ANZPT Player of the Year points race is now wide open. Tony Hachem holds a narrow points lead over John Maklouf, and they'll be able to keep a close eye on each other after being seated at the very same table.

Interestingly 19 of the top 21 players in the ANZPT POY are here on the Gold Coast, with only Chris Evans and Aleks Lackovic not making an appearance.

With over $90,000 worth of added prizes, the ANZPT Player of the Year race has added plenty of interest and prestige to the tour.

2:20pm: When big pairs collide

Tournament poker has a lot to do with catching cards, but it's also about catching them at the right time. Alan Wilson just learnt that lesson the hard way when he clashed preflop with Paul Elliot. Wilson held a powerhouse K♣K♥, but it's all relative, as his powerhouse shrivelled up against Elliot's A♠A♦. The board brought no surprises as it ran out 6♣6♥7♠4♠J♦ to eliminate Wilson and jump Elliot up to 40,000.

Meanwhile Barry Phillips has doubled up with his A♥K♥ pairing up on the board of K♣4♠8♥8♣J♣ to better the pair of tens held by Carmello Graziano. Phillips doubles to 13,000.

2:02pm: No Snow on the Gold Coast

Nathan Show has been flushed out of the tournament when a cruel flop went against him. Snow was holding 5♠6♠ and was thrilled with a 7♠8♠Q♠ flop as he flopped a flush, but his opponent Bill Kavvadas tabled A♠J♠ for the nut flush. Snow had a couple of outs with his straight-flush draw but missed on the 5♣ turn and 8♥ river.

Snow is out and Kavvadas is up to 37,000.

1:45pm: Play resumes with Angelo out in front

Play has resumed with Angelo Hamataj still sitting on a healthy chip lead with Sheldon not too far behind. There are 130 players remaining.


Sheldon in action at the ANZPT Gold Coast

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