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ANZPT Gold Coast: Levels 5&6 (Blinds 200-400, Ante 50)

6:00pm: Break

The players are now taking their final ten-minute break of the day.

5:45pm: Mixed fortunes for two champions

"COME ON!!!!!" was the cry heard around the room as Bruno Da Silva had the defending champion Scott Kerr in bad shape. Kerr committed his last chips preflop with A♣K♣, but he was in trouble against Da Silva's K♦K♠ as the crowd gathered around to witness the champ's fate.

The flop of 7♦T♠6♣ changed nothing but Kerr gave a fist pump as the A♠ hit the turn to take the lead. Da Silva was down to just one out in the deck but it didn't arrive on the 7♥ river as Kerr found a much needed double. He's up to 49,000.

Meanwhile WSOP bracelet winner Simon Watt couldn't find the same sort of fortune as his tournament has come to an end. Watt never really got going today as he decided to make a stand with A♥Q♠, but he ran into the dominant A♣K♣ of Andders Bjerk. The board was spread T♦4♦2♣2♦3♣ to send Watt to the rail.

5:30pm: Kings unkind to Levy

It hasn't been a great day for big pocket pairs. Grant Levy joins the queue of players at the "Bad Beat Booth" after his pocket kings were cracked by the ace-queen of Ron Beggs with the chips going into the middle on a flop of 6♦7♠Q♣.

Levy was in good shape for a double up, but the dreaded A♠ spiked on the turn like a dagger through the heart. The river was the T♦ and Levy was bounced out of the tournament as Beggs is up to 60,000.

5:15pm: No such thing as pot committed

Some poker experts claim that you're never "pot committed". If you know you're beat, then there's no use in throwing away more chips. Trevor McCormack must adhere to this theory after PokerStars qualifier Tim English virtually doubled up without a showdown.

The board read A♦3♦3♣2♠ when McCormack fired a bet of 5,000. English responded by moving all in for his last 9,500, but McCormack couldn't find a call as he tossed his cards into the muck. English gets himself up to 24,000 with McCormack back down to the same amount.

5:06pm: No sandwiches for you

As many of the players head over to the bar to enjoy another beautiful platter of fresh sandwiches, Joji Mikubu was spotted heading for the exit following his elimination from the tournament. Mikubu held pocket queens but ran into Cunz' pocket kings. Mikubu couldn't find a queen to save himself as Cunz is now up to 45,000.

Ashneel Sharma is another to head to the rail after he went with K♣Q♣ for the last of his chips against Geoff Barker's A♣T♥. The board fell A♣2♠2♥2♦K♥ and Barker collected the pot to move up to 14,000.

5:00pm: Blinds up: 200-400 with 50 ante

4:45pm: The Carnevale is over

Rennie Carnevale has been in hot form since his breakthrough victory in the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event earlier this year, but his time on the Gold Coast has been short-lived after he was recently eliminated from the tournament.

Holding K♣J♣, Carnevale pushed all in with a flush draw over the top of the bet from Ali Aghapour on a flop of 5♣Q♥3♣. Only problem was that Aghapour snap-called with Q♣Q♦ for top set. Carnevale was looking for a club but the J♥ turn and 7♥ river missed and he was sent to the exit.


ANZPT Adelaide champ Rennie Carnevale is eliminated

He was joined by Adam Ralph after he committed his chips on a flop of A♠2♦3♠. Ralph was showing A♣J♦ for top pair but he found himself dominated by the A♥Q♥ of Darren Reed. Needing a jack to survive, the 9♦ turn and 2♥ river bricked the board to eliminate Ralph from the tournament. Reed is up to 24,000.

4:30pm: Cohen chops one

Julian Cohen announced himself to the Australian poker world when he collected the title in the recent ANZPT Queenstown Main Event. Often one to fly under the radar, all eyes are on Cohen today in his quest for unprecedented back-to-back ANZPT titles.

Cohen was just involved in a big pot that had hearts racing, but ultimately ended rather anti-climactically. The flop was T♣8♥7♣ when Bradley Lynch fired out 3,500 before Cohen moved all in for his last 9,000. Lynch made the call and opened pocket kings for the lead but Cohen had 9♠7♠ for a pair and open-ended straight draw. Cohen snatched the lead with the 9♥ turn but gasps went around the table when the J♦ fell on the river to put a straight on board. Chop it up boys!

4:15pm: Play slows

Following plenty of carnage in the early levels, it's been a slow start to level five with players apparently content to hold their position for the moment. Tom Grigg and Jai Kemp are slowly accumulating chips on their table while, Australian Poker Hall of Famer Maurie "The Master" Pears was happy to recall to us a rather unique double up of his own.

"I only just realized that I had over 20,000 in chips...I thought we only started with 10,000!" laughed Pears. Nothing better than a double up without a showdown.

3:55pm: Play resumes; Da Silva leads

The players are back following the break with Nuno Da Silva still commanding the largest stack in the room with 78,000 chips. There are currently 110 players remaining.


Nuno Da Silva leads the way at the ANZPT Gold Coast

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