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ANZPT Gold Coast: Nauv Kashyap Victorious!

We were expecting big things from this final table, and from the moment that the first hand was dealt, right through to the intense heads-up battle, it was pure entertainment for the crowd here on the rail of the Jupiters Poker Room that watched it all unfold.

We rocketed out of the gates on the very first hand with the double elimination of two of the big threats on this final table in online sensation Dominic Coombe and the ultra-consistent Michael Spilkin. They both ran into the pocket queens of Nauv Kashyap, as the overnight chip leader continued his hot form from the day before and never looked back.


It was a quick day for Michael Spilkin after being eliminated on the very first hand

Le Vuong Van fought tooth and nail with his short stack, and managed a double up or two before he ran into Aaron Benton. Van got it in good with his A♠9♥ in a dominant position to double up through Benton's A♥5♥, but a five on the river got Benton's day going and ended it for Van just as quickly. Van took home $27,265 for his 7th place finish.


Le Vuong Van fought valiantly but was unlucky to bust out in 7th place

Joel Dodds was crippled in a clash with Bard Wilson, but it was actually Wilson who was next to go after putting his new found chips against Aaron Benton. They got it in on a 5♣3♠J♣ flop with Wilson's pocket eights in the lead but he'd have to fade some outs as Benton showed A♣9♣ for a flush draw with overcards. The turn bricked but the river completed Benton's flush to leave Wilson heading to the cashier to collect $34,440.

Dodds was happy to see the pay jump, as he then attempted to quadruple up with his short stack which was worth just three big blinds. However his J♠4♣ couldn't improve against the A♣6♣ of Liam O'Rourke and Dodds was out in 5th place for $41,975.

Four-handed and Nauv Kashyap still held the chip lead, but it was Aaron Benton who was looking dangerous in second chip position. But that soon turned around when two cooler hands went against him. First he ran pocket jacks into Ricky Kroesen's pocket kings to lose a big chunk of change, before taking a Q♦T♠8♥ flop with Liam O'Rourke. The chips went into the middle with Benton showing Q♠8♠ for top and bottom pair, but O'Rourke held Q♣T♦ for top two pair which held on the A♠ turn and 3♦ river. Benton was crippled and Nauv Kashyap finished the job a few hands later to eliminate the 2009 APPT champion in 4th place for a collect of $50,255.


Another great run for Aaron Benton at the ANZPT

When play was three-handed Liam O'Rourke started to get active but a couple of big bluffs were picked off by Nauv Kashyap to leave O'Rourke as the short stack. He soon found those chips in the middle when he saw a flop of 6♦Q♥4♥ with Ricky Kroesen. O'Rourke held A♠Q♦ for top pair, top kicker as Kroesen's Q♣T♣ was in trouble. However Kroesen spiked a ten on the turn for the three-outer to take the pot and eliminate the 18-year old from the tournament. He collected $64,575 for a fine tournament and you can be certain we'll be seeing more of this young gun in future.


You'll be seeing more of Liam O'Rourke in the future

After taking only three and a half hours to eliminate seven players, it would take over two more hours before the title was decided as an intense heads-up battle saw the chip lead go back and forth on several occasions. Nauv Kashyap started with the advantage but it was Ricky Kroesen who was the more aggressive as he caught some good cards and chipped away at the lead. Both players had opportunities to win it all, with Kroesen at one point, flipping for the title but his pocket eights fell to Kashyap's ace-jack to keep the contest alive.


Ricky Kroesen in action on the final table

The key hand came on a board of 9♦A♦5♦3♠ when Ricky Kroesen check-raised all in on the turn, only to find Nauv Kashyap had flopped the nut flush, leaving Kroesen drawing completely dead.

Ricky Kroesen was left desperately short, and from there it was only a matter of time. Kroesen pushed his short stack with king-deuce and Nauv Kashyap snap-called with pocket tens. The board bricked out 5♦7♠7♣7♥8♥ and Nauv Kashyap was crowned ANZPT Gold Coast champion.

"I only played because it was a public holiday in Brisbane on Wednesday," the busy Brisbane dentist said following his win. "I was posting on PokerNetwork to see if there were still seats available and when Danny confirmed there was, I decided to play!"
And what a great decision that turned out to be as he turned his $2,500 entry into a win of $182,965.


Nauv Kashyap celebrates a memorable victory

Final Table Results

1st Nauv Kashyap - $182,965
2nd Ricky Kroesen - PokerStars Qualifer - $116,235
3rd Liam O'Rourke - PokerStars Qualifier - $64,575
4th Aaron Benton - PokerStars Sponsored - $50,225
5th Joel Dodds - PokerStars Qualifier - $41,975
6th Brad Wilson - $34,440
7th Le Vuong Van - $27,265
8th Michael Spilkin - $21,525
9th Dominic Coombe - $16,145

We should also mention the Season 2 ANZPT Player of the Year rankings which is now led by John Maklouf after his cash result here on the Gold Coast - his fourth cash from as many starts. With their final table finish, Aaron Benton has moved into 4th place, Michael Spilkin is up to 5th place while Ricky Kroesen is now in 7th place. All three are well in contention for the $90,000 in added cash and prizes with two events to go in the season. For more details please refer to the ANZPT website at

Thanks for your company over the past few days and we hope that you enjoyed following our coverage at home as much as we enjoyed our time here on the Gold Coast. A big thank you to Martin Coughlin and his Jupiters Poker Room staff for their wonderful hospitality towards players and media throughout the week. The Jupiters Poker Room is now one of the finest poker rooms in the country, and it's a pleasure to come up here and be a part of this event. The players have also shown their support of this event which is exciting for tournament poker in Queensland in the future.

For now, so long from the Gold Coast as the ANZPT heads back to Melbourne from October 8th-11th 2010. We look forward to seeing you there.

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