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ANZPT Gold Coast: Time To Ride Again

The Gold Coast is renowned for being a fun, family holiday destination with its expansive beaches, sports activities and of course, the theme parks. There's six of them sprinkled only a short drive from Surfers Paradise and many poker players were heard to be enjoying themselves yesterday on the thrills of "The Cyclone", "Wipeout", "The Claw", "The Giant Drop" and "Tower of Terror".


The Cyclone is one of the thrill-seeker rides at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast

A poker tournament is much like a roller coaster ride and it's an analogy that we often use in our reports. The ride usually starts off pretty comfortably to lure you into a false sense of security, before a savage drop gets your heart racing. It's followed by an equally abrupt rise. It swings left, it swings right. Up and down again. Suddenly you're hanging on for dear life wondering how you'll survive, before you fly through three "loop-de-loops" for the ultimate rush. You're praying for it to all be over when, before you know it, the ride comes screeching to a halt. You made it. You're heart is beating, the adrenalin is pumping, you're feeling a bit nauseous and a beat of sweat drops from your brow. It's an amazing buzz to have survived and you can't wait to do it all over again.

Today 132 players will be fastening their safety belts for another ride on the ANZPT Gold Coast roller coaster. It's going to be seven levels of highs and lows for our players as their goal is to simply survive the ride. If they do make it through the day, we expect they will be within a breath of the money, but it's likely that the bubble won't burst until tomorrow.

Our front runner is Darko Balaban who holds a massive chip lead entering today's play. Balaban is an easy man to spot, with his name tattooed impressively on his right arm and dark shades to provide an intimidating presence at the table. The chips flowed freely to him yesterday, but can he carry that momentum into today's play?


Our chip leader, Darko Balaban

There are plenty of sharks still lurking in the field, including PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem, Aaron Benton, Julian Cohen, Joel Dodds, Scott Kerr, Andrew Watson, Billy Argyros, Tom Grigg and David Steicke. Today will be mover's day with the cream expected to rise to the top, and the pretenders pushed to the side.

Please remove all loose items from your pockets, hold on to your hats and buckle up tight, as we let fly on another wild ride from 11:30am local time. See you then!

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