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ANZPT Darwin Day 1a: Level 5 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

6:00pm: That's all she wrote

A short day has come to an end here in Darwin with 26 players surviving to reach day two on Thursday.

It looks like Roy Hills will bag up the chip lead with 61,850 with Tony Kanochkin (56,650) and Brendon Rubie (51,575) likely to be next best. We'll be back with full chip counts for the field and a wrap of today's action for you shortly.


Overnight chip leader, Roy Hills

5:55pm: Chevalier chopped down in dying minutes

With the clock paused while each table played out the final five hands of the day, Danny Chevalier got himself into a tricky spot in on the final hand of the day.

Chevalier opened to 800 and picked up two callers in Fotios Manolakos and Scott van Loon to see a flop of 5♦8♥2♦. All three players checked and the turn brought the A♦.

Chevalier checked it over to Manolakos who bet 900. Van Loon made the call as did Chevalier to see the 4♠ complete the board on the river.

Chevalier checked and Manolakos bet out 2,000. Van Loon quickly called as Chevalier followed with a very hasty and frustrated call. Manolakos showed T♦7♦ for the flush which was too good for van Loon's 4♥4♦ for a rivered set as Chevalier just shook his head and mucked.

Not a great end to the day for the ANZ POTY contender as he'll enter day two as a short stack with only 7,650 in chips.

5:40pm: Double for Guzzardi

Michael Guzzardi has found a much needed double up as the slide of Ben Savage continues here late on Day 1a of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event.

Guzzardi was all in with T♣T♥ against the 8♠8♣ of Savage with the board running out 7♦4♦4♥5♠9♣.

Guzzardi doubles to 21,000 with Savage slipping to just 18,000.

5:30pm: Occy out

Brendon Rubie has been ultra-aggressive recently at his table, so when he opened to 700 from middle position, it seemed like a good spot for Octavian Voegele to move his short stack all in over the top. It was 7,250 in total but Jamie Hill surprised everyone by quietly making the call in the small blind.

Action was back with Rubie who calmly announced himself all in as a massive preflop pot was brewing. Hill thought for a few moments but decided to fold, what he later said was pocket jacks, as Voegele was looking for a triple up.

Voegele opened A♦T♠ as Rubie showed Q♦Q♠. Voegele was calling for an ace but that changed to a jack when the flop landed K♦9♠Q♥.

Voegele's outs shrivelled up when the K♣ hit the turn to give Rubie an unbeatable full house before a meaningless 4♣ hit the river.

Voegele is out as Rubie is now up to a healthy 39,000 chips.


Octavian Voegele's day has come to an early end

5:10pm: Big cards for the Wildcard

With two limpers in front of him, Brendon Rubie raised the price to 1,100. Roy Hills folded but Frances Ricketts made the call to see a Q♥7♦T♥ flop.

Ricketts was first to act and she reached down and plucked a 5,000-denomination chip and tossed it into the middle to the surprise of Rubie.

"Five big ones eh?" sighed Rubie before he folded his hand as Ricketts flashed A♦A♠!

"That's a good hand!" exclaimed Rubie as Ricketts, who qualified for this tournament as a "wildcard" via a lucky draw of all SKYCITY Darwin satellite entrants, is back up to around 19,000.

ANZPT Darwin Rewind

Clayton Dwyer was unfortunately eliminated earlier today, but we were recently reminded of one of the classic stories that we can ever remember on the ANZPT involving Dwyer from last year's Darwin Main Event. He shared with us his Rock-Paper-Scissors fame and how he made the local newspaper for a story about local dogs eating his car. Yeeeeeppppp. Here's the story we wrote last year:

"Although he plays poker for fun Dwyer is actually no stranger to the intensity of tournaments as he's well known in these parts as being one of Australia's finest Rock-Paper-Scissors players.

Dwyer has competed on the world stage as a World RPS Championship finalist for five years as well as having RPS results around Australia, New Zealand, Norway and the United States.

His RPS profile lists his likes as spaghetti bolognaise and paper, while his dislikes are New Zealanders and dynamite.

Dwyer has one other claim to fame. He was once on the front page of the local newspaper for the headline Dogs Ate My Car. Strange but true."


4:50pm: Play resumes

The final 27 players are back in their seats for one more level before they get out and about and enjoy the Darwin evening.

Tony Kanochkin, Ben Savage and Roy Hills are the chip leaders, while Octavian Voegele has threatened to "do a Tollgate" and "run it up" from short stack to end-of-day chip lead!

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