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ANZPT Darwin Day 3: Levels 10-12 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

2:45pm: Ten-minute break

2:40pm: McKay derailed

"And that's not how you play a tournament," sighed Ryan McKay as he wandered from the International Room following his elimination from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event.

McKay moved his last 40,000-or-so chips in preflop with K♠Q♣ but found himself dominated as Jack Drake made the call with A♥Q♦.

McKay stood and watched as the board of 9♠3♦9♣T♣7♣ gave him no help and his tournament was over. Meanwhile Drake is now up to a massive 235,000 chips.

2:35pm: Parry riding the waves

It's been a rollercoaster few minutes for Glenn Parry. After running into the flopped flush of Fotios Manolakos moments earlier, Parry moved his last chips in preflop with J♣J♦ and found he was racing for his tournament life against the A♥K♦ of Jeffrey Cawthorne.

The flop was a dry 2♥7♦3♦ but Cawthorne picked up a flush draw with the 2♦ turn. However the river fell the 6♠ to double Parry up to 80,000 and drop Cawthorne back to 35,000.

2:30pm: Benton crippled

Aaron Benton has been severely dented in a clash with Ryan McKay. After an open from Tony Kanochkin, Benton moved all in from the button only to find McKay make the call in the big blind as Kanochkin got out of the way.

Benton showed 5♣5♦ and was in trouble against McKay's J♠J♣.

The board ran out A♥6♠3♣A♣7♥ to leave McKay in front while Kanochkin was running around like a mad dog saying he folded ace-ten.

McKay doubled back to 80,000 with Benton left with just 16,000.


2:25pm: Set for Brett

Brett Dannevig has doubled up through Michael Guzzardi in a battle of the blinds that exploded into a war on the flop of 6♠5♣9♦.

The chips went into the middle with Guzzardi holding A♠A♥ but he'd been outflopped by Dannevig's 5♦5♠.

The turn was the T♥ and Guzzardi couldn't repeat the river magic from yesterday as the 9♠ completed the board. Dannevig's stack of 47,000 was doubled as Guzzardi slips back to 85,000.

2:20pm: Park perishes

The run of PokerStars qualifier James Park has come to an end just short of the cash here in Darwin. Park moved his last chips in with K♠Q♦ on a flop of K♣9♦4♦ but ran into the A♦A♥ of Jonathan Dangio.

The turn was the 3♦ and river the 4♣ to see Park head to the rail as Dangio is now up to 180,000.

2:10pm: McKay folds to Drake

Jack Drake is back on top after a big clash with PokerStars qualifier Ryan McKay. Drake opened with a late-position raise to 4,500 and McKay defended his big blind with a call to see a flop of J♠7♥9♣.

McKay decided to lead out for 5,000 but Drake raised it up to 14,300. McKay didn't slow down as he made it 25,000. Drake thought for a moment and announced a call as a massive pot had suddenly developed.

The turn brought the 5♠ and McKay checked it to Drake who bet 30,000. McKay went into the tank before making a frustrated fold.

"Did you flop a straight?" asked McKay.

"No straight," replied Drake.

"Well played then," said McKay. "I should've jammed like anyone else would've," he added before alluding to the fact that he folded two pair.

McKay slips back to 40,000 and one of our short stacks as Drake climbs up to a commanding 190,000 chips.

1:45pm: Level up, blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200

1:40pm: Boxell busts; Chevalier on track for POTY

Danny Chevalier is now in the box seat to win the ANZ Player of the Year following the elimination of Leo Boxell from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event.

Boxell moved his short stack all in preflop and both Chevalier and Jamie Hill made the call. Chevalier was more than happy to check down the board of K♣K♠7♣2♦Q♦ and Hill obliged as Boxell needed to beat two players at showdown to survive.

Boxell opened A♥T♣ for just ace-high which was ahead of Chevalier's A♣9♦ but Hill opened 5♥5♦ for the only pair which was enough to scoop the pot much to the relief of Chevalier.

That now means that Chevalier only needs to finish at least 10th to claim points to take the ANZ Player of the Year title and bump Boxell back to second place. Chevalier is one of the shorter stacks in the room but he only needs to survive four more eliminations to make it.


Leo Boxell will now have to sweat the progress of Danny Chevalier from the sidelines

1:30pm: Rawkz removed

Liam O'Rourke moved his last 30,000 chips into the middle holding A♥4♥ following an open-raise from Ryan McKay who made the call with K♣J♥.

O'Rourke was in front but the board of 3♠T♥K♠8♣T♣ paired up McKay's king to eliminate the young gun in 16th place.

1:25pm: Wade-McDonald implodes

Moments after the previous crippling blow, Tim Wade-McDonald pushed his last chips into the middle from the small blind but Fotios Manolakos woke up with A♠Q♥ in the big blind and made the call.

Wade-McDonald showed K♥8♠ for live cards but couldn't connect on the T♣7♣4♦A♥4♥ board. He's out as Manolakos is up to 105,000 in chips.

1:20pm: New Caledonia takes the lead

We have a new chip leader and he's not a local. In fact, he's not even Australian. Our new leader is New Caledonia's Jonathan Dangio after winning a massive pot against Tim Wade-McDonald.

Catching the action on a 3♥Q♠T♣ flop, Wade-McDonald checked to Dangio who bet 5,000. Wade-McDonald made the call as the 9♦ hit the turn. Wade-McDonald decided to lead out for 9,000 and Dangio made the call as the A♦ hit the river.

Wade-McDonald fired again for 15,500 but Dangio responded with a raise to 38,500. Wade-McDonald thought for a few moments before making the call as Dangio showed K♥J♦ for the nut straight. Wade-McDonald mucked as he slips to 25,000 with Dangio up to 137,000.


Our new chip leader is New Caledonia's Jonathan Dangio

1:10pm: Chevalier on the charge

Danny Chevalier is pushing towards the ANZ POTY points after winning a rather strange hand without even seeing a flop.

It started with Tony Kanochkin raising to 3,200 from under the gun with Danny Chevalier making the call before play folded to Ryan McKay in the big blind who popped it to 10,500. Kanochkin called but Chevalier then announced himself all in for an additional 33,400. McKay and Kanochkin both gave it up to see Chevalier climb to 77,000.

12:55pm: The Rattler falls

Scott "The Rattler" van Loon is the first casualty of the day. He limped in from early position before Fotios Manolakos popped it to 4,800 in the small blind. Van Loon moved all in over the top for around 25,000 and Manolakos made the call.

Manolakos tabled A♦J♦ for the best hand but van Loon held live cards with his K♥9♥ and in fact took the lead on the J♥K♠8♠ flop. The T♥ turn gave van Loon a flush draw while both picked up straight draws.

Van Loon was already out of his chair and standing over the table as the dealer burned and tabled the Q♣ on the river to give Manolakos the Broadway straight for the best hand to eliminate local van Loon in 18th place.

12:45pm: Level up, blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

12:42pm: Taylor isn't budging

It's been a rather subdued start so far today, but we've just seen one of our first significant showdowns of the day.

Four limpers saw a Q♣T♦8♠ and action checked around to bring the A♦ on the turn. The blinds checked to Mark Taylor who bet 3,600. Ryan McKay made the call as the two others got out of the way to see the 2♦ brick the river.

Taylor led out for another 3,600 but McKay decided to raise as he made it 11,000 to go. Taylor instantly called and McKay showed A♠6♠ for top pair, but he wasn't getting Taylor to fold his K♠J♥ nut straight.

Taylor moves up to 70,000 with McKay back to 80,000.

12:33pm: Divide and conquer

The goal today is simple.

We start with 18. Nine will survive and nine will fall.

In theory, it could be a quick day, but with the added complexity of the ANZ Player of the Year race with both Leo Boxell and Danny Chevalier still in contention, there could be a little bit of cat and mouse with a share of approximately $80,000 in added prizes up for grabs.

Our chip leader is Jack Drake as he is gunning for his first ANZPT final table appearance.

The players have unbagged their chips and the cards are now in the air. Play will resume with the last twelve minutes of Level 10.


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