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ANZPT Darwin Day 3: Levels 13-14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

ANZPT Darwin Final Table is set!

That brings an end to today's play with Jack Drake ending with a bang to maintain his overnight chip lead. Players will return at 12:30pm (GMT+9:30) tomorrow to play it out until a champion is crowned!

Seat 1: Jonathan Dangio (PokerStars Qualifier) - 232,300
Seat 2: Danny Chevalier - 83,800
Seat 3: Fotios Manolakos - 121,600
Seat 4: Jack Drake - 273,400
Seat 5: Mark Taylor - 55,900
Seat 6: Aaron Benton (PokerStars Qualifier) - 129,900
Seat 7: Glenn Parry - 26,500
Seat 8: Jamie Hill - 142,600
Seat 9: Brett Dannevig - 119,300

We'll be back with a complete wrap of today's action for you shortly.

4:40pm: Guzzardi bubbles!

Michael Guzzardi's remarkable comeback has come to an abrupt halt as the bubble has burst here in Darwin.

Jack Drake opened to 6,600 on the button before the fearless Guzzardi moved all in from the small blind. Drake asked for a rough count and made the call for roughly 50,000 chips with 8♥8♦ to be racing with Guzzardi's A♦T♠.

Guzzardi took the lead on the Q♥K♥T♦ flop but Drake picked up outs to a flush with the 6♥ turn, although it seemed that Aaron Benton was the only one who realised. The river was the T♥ and most players sat in stunned silence, believing that Guzzardi's hand had held. However five hearts make a flush as a disappointed Guzzardi exits on the bubble.

4:30pm: Parry hangs on

After being down to his last 7,400 in chips, Glenn Parry has found a double up and then stolen a few more blinds and antes to stay alive in the Main Event.

His last chips were all in preflop with A♥2♥ and in a world of hurt against Jonathan Dangio's A♣Q♥ however the K♥J♥2♦6♦3♣ board paired up Parry's deuce to keep him afloat. He's back up to 30,000.


Glenn Parry hanging on by a thread in the ANZPT Darwin Main Event

4:25pm: Parry in trouble

Glenn Parry announced himself all in from under the gun but Danny Chevalier instantly moved all in next to speak. The tabled folded back around and Parry found his 3♥3♦ had run into the A♦A♠ of the newly crowned ANZ POTY.

The board brought no surprises as it ran out T♠J♠6♣J♥6♦ to give Chevalier the double up to 85,000 to leave Parry desperately short with just 13,000.

4:15pm: Bubble time

With that elimination we're now on the money bubble and playing hand-for-hand across the two tables. The next player eliminated will head back home empty-handed while the remaining nine will reach the final frontier tomorrow with a minimum $4,480 locked up.

4:10pm: Kanochkin eliminated; Chevalier wins POTY!

Tony Kanochkin was down to his last 25,000 or so chips which he committed with K♠Q♥ but Brett Dannevig held a dominant A♠K♥.

The board bricked out 7♥2♦9♥3♦4♦ to eliminate Kanochkin, as Chevalier gave a fist pump of delight and received a warm round of applause from the room as he has secured the ANZ Player of the Year title. Well done also to Leo Boxell and Jesse McKenzie who finished second and third respectively.

4:00pm: Guzzardi survives

Michael Guzzardi has relieved some of the pressure that has been on him for most of the past hour as Jack Drake, in his own words, "has created a monster".

After being down to 7,700, Guzzardi is now back up over 65,000 after doubling up. Drake raised the button to 6,600 before Guzzardi moved all in for another 24,800 from the small blind. Drake made a reluctant call with K♦9♣ as Guzzardi showed A♦2♣ for the best hand.

The board fell A♥2♠7♦5♦T♦ to smack Guzzardi with two pair for the double up.


Michael Guzzardi is mounting an amazing comeback

3:55pm: Level up, blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300

3:50pm: Short-stacked survival

With Danny Chevalier folding his way to glory and Michael Guzzardi working his short stack a surgeon's precision, there has been little action to report recently as we seem stuck on the ANZ POTY points bubble.

Tony Kanochkin did find a double up with his short stack when his K♥Q♣ survived the A♣4♣ of Jack Drake when the board ran out K♣9♦2♠4♥Q♥. Kanochkin is back up to 30,000, Guzzardi has around 25,000, while Chevalier hasn't played a hand in an hour (but somehow received two walks) and has blinded down to 35,000.

3:35pm: Guzzardi gutted

A devastating blow to Michael Guzzardi has left him on the verge of elimination with 11 players remaining in the ANZPT Darwin Main Event.

Guzzardi opened to 4,800 before Aaron Benton moved all in for 48,200. Benton had done this successfully on three or four occasions prior which may have weighted Guzzardi towards making the call.

Guzzardi opened 8♠8♥ with Benton tabling the overcards with A♦Q♣. One man who know how to win races is Aaron Benton, and this was no exception as the board was spread Q♦Q♣5♥J♠6♠. Benton doubles up to 100,000 with Guzzardi left with just 7,700 in pocket change.

3:20pm: Double for Taylor

Mark Taylor has doubled up through Michael Guzzardi after moving all in on a flop of K♠J♠9♥. Guzzardi made the call with A♣J♦ but found himself trailing the K♦Q♠ of Taylor.

The T♦ turn improved Taylor to a straight which held on the 9♣ river. Taylor doubles to 80,000 with Guzzardi back to 60,000.

3:10pm: Cawthorne cut

Glenn Parry opened to 6,000 from the small blind before Jeffrey Cawthorne moved all in from the big blind for a total of around 30,000. It represented most of Parry's stack and after a few minutes of painful consideration he made the call and slammed 9♣9♦ down onto the table. Cawthorne held K♠J♣ and the race was on.

Parry took the lead with a set on the 9♥8♣J♠ flop but it wasn't meant to be easy as the K♦ turn brought some hope for Cawthorne.

Parry couldn't watch as the 2♥ safely appeared on the river to eliminate Cawthorne from the tournament.


Jeffrey Cawthorne narrowly misses the money in Darwin

2:55pm: Play resumes

The dynamic dozen are back in their seats following the break. We're two eliminations away from the points, and possibly crowning Danny Chevalier as ANZ Player of the Year, and three more eliminations from the cash.

Jack Drake has improved on his overnight lead with Jonathan Dangio the next best.

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