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ANZPT Darwin Day 4: Levels 14-15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

2:40pm: Ten-minute break

2:30pm: Climbing the Hill

It's Jamie Hill's turn to double up after he moved all in for 65,400 from early position with K♠K♣. Action folded around to Mark Taylor who made the call with A♦J♠.

Hill would need to fade an ace and he did so on the 5♣2♠3♥6♥5♠ board. Hill doubles to 140,000 with Taylor slipping back to about 100,000.

2:20pm: Slow going

The play has slowed up considerably over the last half an hour with very few flops seen.

We somewhat expected this with several of these players playing on their first major live final table. The money is starting to get bigger, and now with the short stacks out of the danger zone, they can tighten up a bit to try and outlast a couple more opponents and jump the pay brackets.

1:55pm: Dangio gets some back

Jonathan Dangio raised to 11,000 and Jack Drake made the call to see a flop of J♠T♠K♥. Dangio checked and Drake bet 16,500. Dangio made the call and the 6♠ hit the turn.

With that card, Dangio decided to move all in for 55,000 which forced a fold from Drake. Dangio flashed the A♠ as he recovered some chips to move up to 120,000.

1:45pm: Straight-flush for Manolakos

Fotios Manolakos is our new chip leader after a massive clash with Jonathan Dangio.
It was all going so right for Dangio as he looked down at another monster hand - A♥A♦ - the third time he's picked up pocket aces on this final table. He raised to 11,200 and Manolakos made the call to see a flop of 4♣Q♠J♠.

Dangio fired out 22,000 and Manolakos made the call as the K♦ appeared on the turn. Dangio checked and Manolakos bet 40,000. Dangio responded with a check-raise all in and Manolakos snap-called with T♠9♠ for the straight.

Dangio would need a ten on the river but incredibly the K♠ appeared to give Manolakos a king-high straight-flush! With that pot, Manolakos is now up to around 300,000 with Dangio back down to 100,000.


1:40pm: Level up, blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400

1:35pm: Another double up for Taylor

The double ups for our short stacks continue as the locals fight to stay alive in their home town championship.

Mark Taylor was the man to double up once again, this time through Jonathan Dangio. Taylor opened to 7,000 before Dangio three-bet to 28,000. Taylor came back over the top and moved all in for 77,200 and Dangio made the call.

Dangio held J♣J♥ but Taylor had him pipped with his Q♠Q♦. The board ran out K♣5♠3♣Q♥3♦ to give Taylor a full house and a full chip stack! He's now up to 165,000 and in good shape.

1:25pm: Parry is back in business

Glenn Parry has fought back incredibly well after being decimated late last evening as he's just found another big double up today to be right back in contention on this final table.

Parry moved all in for 36,200 from middle position with J♦J♠ with Jamie Hill making the call and tabling 4♦4♠. There was no two-outer as the board of K♣9♥3♠3♦T♥ game Parry the double up to around 80,000 chips.

1:10pm: Double for Taylor

Mark Taylor has found a handy double up through Jack Drake.

Drake opened the button to 6,600 before Taylor moved all in from the small blind for another 26,600. Drake made the call with K♥9♦ but was trailing the A♣3♣ of Taylor.
Taylor's lead extended on the A♦7♠7♥ and he was never headed on the 5♦ turn and 4♦ river. Taylor is up to around 75,000.

1:05pm: Aaron Benton eliminated in 9th place

It just wasn't Aaron Benton's day. Nothing seemed to go right for the 2009 APPT Sydney champion as the most experienced player on this final table is now also our first casualty.

Jonathan Dangio was again his nemesis. After Dangio had opened to 8,200, Benton moved all in from the small blind for around 50,000. Dangio instantly called and Benton was in a world of hurt.

Benton: A♦9♦
Dangio: A♠A♣

The board ran out 8♣T♦K♠8♠2♠ to leave Benton to head to the rail in 9th place for $4,480 in prize money.


Aaron Benton eliminated in 9th place

12:55pm: Benton spiralling

The rough start continues for Aaron Benton. After opening to 6,100 from middle position and getting a call from Jonathan Dangio in the small blind, Benton fired bets of 8,200 on the flop and 13,100 on the turn before checking behind the river on the T♠Q♥2♥2♦6♥ board.

Dangio threw his head back as he opened 7♥4♥ for the rivered flush as Benton flashed the Q♦.

The two exchanged a few friendly words before Benton opened next hand to 6,100 and again Dangio was the lone caller, but this time in position on the button.

The flop landed 6♦9♥4♦ and Benton checked to Dangio who bet 9,200. Benton made the call but when Dangio upped the price to 12,200 on the 6♠ turn, Benton got out of the way.

12:45pm: Early double for Parry

Well it didn't take long for our first all-in clash of the day as the short-stacked Glenn Parry was forced to make an early move.

Aaron Benton raised the button before Parry moved all in for another 16,800 on top. Benton was priced in to call with the J♦5♦ as Parry showed A♦6♣.
The board ran out A♥3♠4♥K♣T♣ to double up Parry to 55,000. Benton slips back to around 100,000.

12:40pm: ANZPT Darwin final table is underway!

Welcome back to the SKYCITY Darwin Casino as we bring you live coverage of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event final table.

We've moved home for today, from the International Room upstairs, down into the heart of the casino gaming floor as the "Poker Zone" will host the final table action this afternoon. The Poker Zone is at the far end of the SKYCITY gaming floor, with four poker tables tucked away behind an internal wall.

Let's be honest, there's not a lot of room here, as the interior designers have thrown up a number of mirrors to create an illusion of space, which take a bit of getting used to. Onlookers will be forced to crowd around virtually one side of the table, with the back wall and two large support structures blocking access to the other three sides.

It's a unique final table atmosphere that's for sure, but hopefully being down here on the gaming floor gathers the attention of everyday casino punters and that's what it's all about.

The players have been introduced and the final instructions given to shuffle up and deal!

Play will recommence at the start of Level 14 with the blinds at 1,500-3,000 with a 300 ante.


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