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ANZPT Auckland: Dinner and Bubble Both Lurking

The dinner break is just around the corner and just as we expected, the money bubble hasn't quite been reached yet, but it is certainly getting very close. At the moment there are three tables of nine remaining, so we are likely to be just a couple of places off the money heading into the break. But then again, the bubble could burst at any minute, so be sure to stay locked to the live blog.

One player who will definitely be heading on the break with very little to worry about is Pravin Harji. The last two levels of play have been very good to Pravin. It all started a couple of hours ago when Harji eliminated Ashley Warner. The hand In question saw Harji and Warner get all the chips in on a J♥7♦7♥ flop. It was a tough call for Warner to put the chips in with his A♦K♣, but he seemed confident Harji had a draw, and he did as he held A♥6♥. Unfortunately for Warner a couple of hearts hit the felt and Harji raked in the pot.

Following the above hand, Harji's table broke and he was moved. This didn't seem to faze him though as we have just watched him bully around his table to pick three pots in a row. Two of those hands were against Sebastian Martineau, with Harji using sheer aggression to force him out of the hands. Harji currently site behind a stack of around 440,000 which is easily the chip lead heading into the extended break.


A wall of chips for Pravin Harji

Another player who has been doing very of late is Miroslav Sheynin. Hailing from right here in this country, Sheynin is quite well known around the poker world, recently playing on the New Zealand poker state of origin team during ANZPT Melbourne.

Shenynin is sitting behind a stack of just under 400,000 and that currently sees him sit the with second largest stack in the room. While Shenynin has never cashed in an ANZPT Main Event, he has had a solid year on the PokerStars virtual felt, winning The Bigger $162 in June and even fining on the final table of a Spring Championship of Online Poker event.


Slava has plenty to smile about on Day 2 of ANZPT Auckland

One of the player who isn't doing as well as she once was is Angie Fitzgerald. Earlier, we watched Fitzgerald and Monica Eastick rumble in a hand that started with Fitzgerald limping from under the gun. Eastick then raised to 10,000 a couple of places to her left and then the action was sent back around to Fitzgerald. "Sorry Monica, I gotta call," said Fitzgerald as Monica told her not to apologise. When the dealer turned over a 3♦J♠5♥ flop, Fiztgerald would bet 10,800. Instantly, and we mean instantly, Eastick raised to 50,000. Fitzgerald opted to fold and said, "Tough, I had an overpair." Eastick then casually flicked over her 6♣6♦ and Fitzgerald quipped, "What happened to girl power!?" Eastick could only simply reply, "That was girl power!" Since then, Fitzgerald has see-sawed from 50,000 back up to 140,000, while Eastick is sitting with a healthy stack.

It's only going to be a 30-minute dinner break for the players, mostly because there is so many of them and we have to get to a final table tonight. So there may not be time to head out to one of the many great restaurants that SKYCITY Auckland has to offer, but luckily the poker room here serves great food and is still offering that amazing $9.90 Surf 'N' Turf special. Excuse us while we go eat and in the meantime, check out Lynn Gilmartin's with the start-of-day chip leader, Xiaodong Xia.

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