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ANZPT Auckland: Half of Day 2 Down

Just around four levels into the day and we have already lost more than half of the players. What started as 76 is now 37. Halve that again and we are well into the money. The second day of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event has certainly been travelling at a quick pace and it doesn't look it will be slowing down any time soon.

While it was Angie Fitzgerald and Monica Eastick who charged up the top of the chip leader board early, the leader from the start of the day, Xiaodong Xia, has managed to gain that lead back, currently sitting with just under 300,000 in chips.
Xia is currently sitting on the left of ANZPT Melbourne champ, Paul Hockin and is also situated within a few seats of another well-known Kiwi, Miroslav Sheynin. This makes it a fairly tough table for Xia, but he seems to be coping just fine.


Paul Hockin and Xiaodong Xia are side-by-side

At the moment, Sheynin and Xia have two of the top five chip stacks, but the other three spots are filled by players over on the ever-flamboyant Table 8. That table is of course where Angie Fitzgerald and Monica Eastick sit and those two are both nursing some of the largest stacks in the room.

The other player on Table 8 who has massive chip stack is Jeff Smith. Seated between the short stacks of Cole Swannack and Graeme "KiwiG" Putt, Smith has been having a solid day at the felt to sit with around 200,000.


Table 8 is stacked and full of chips

With 37 players left we can tell you that the average chip stack is 105,559 and so, it's a little surprising to not see more players with chip stacks over 200,000. Some of those who are sitting with an average stack, or less, are the aforementioned Swannack and Putt, along with recent APPT Queenstown runner-up Keith Walker and ANZPT Melbourne 3rd-place finisher Michael Guzzardi.

The players have just been told that they will be sent on an extended 30-minute break at the completion of two more levels. We don't expect to make it to the money by then, but we will be very close.

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