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ANZPT Auckland: Nine Begin Journey to One

Nine players are currently making their way into the seats of the final table here at the ANZPT Auckland Main Event. It took four days to get here, but this is it. Today a victor will be crowned and they will become the last ANZPT champion of 2012.


The players are in their seats and ready to play

There are seven players from New Zealand among the final nine, so it is looking likely that the title will stay on home soil. However, one Canadian and one Australian will be doing the best they can to take home the victory and the NZ$107,640 to go along with it.
The player perhaps in the best shape to be on the podium at the end of the day is Jamie Mulligan. Having almost double the chips of his nearest rival, Mulligan will be the one to catch and if his momentum from last night continues, then it will be a tough job for the other eight players at the final table.


The ANZPT Auckland final table chip leader, Jamie Mulligan

No player can be ruled out here in the final nine, with each player proving themselves a formidable opponent over the last few days of poker. It's an eclectic mix of players, from the veteran of Australian and New Zealand poker in Graeme Putt, the sassy personality and tough poker tricks of Monica Eastick, to the young-gun aggressive antics of Miroslav Sheynin. One thing is for sure, it's going to be a fun final day of poker.

Below is how the final nine stack up, while player profiles of all nine members can be found here.

ANZPT Auckland Final Table Draw
Seat 1: Geoff Smith - 347,000
Seat 2: Patrick Healy - 255,000
Seat 5: Slav Sheynin - 510,000
Seat 4: Sebastian Martineau - 454,000
Seat 5: Pravin Harji - 597,000
Seat 6: Jamie Mulligan - 987,000
Seat 7: Xiaodong Xia - 169,000
Seat 8: Monica Eastick - 458,000
Seat 9: Graeme Putt - 130,000

The ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh has just given the order to shuffle up and deal and with that, the cards are in the air. Let's crown a champion!

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