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ANZPT Auckland: The Land of Ladies

The 2012 ANZPT Auckland Main Event could end up being remembered as the event where the ladies dominated. That will certainly be the case if Angie Fizgerald and Monica Eastick keep up the momentum that has seen them be the first couple of players to move their stacks above 200,000 in chips. They aren't shy to talk about it either.

We recently wandered over to Fitzgerald's table, having heard about the hand where she flopped quads. Let's quickly fill you in on what happened there first. Apparently is was up against Marc Wittkopf and Fitzgerald held pocket threes and hit the world when the dealer turn over a couple of threes on the flop.


Boy or Girl, Quads will win you a chip or two

"He just kept feeding the pot throughout the hand, and I went along," Fitzgerald told us. Wittkopf was unlucky to have flopped a full house on the flop and end up giving the majority of his huge stack to Fitzgerald. Following that hand, Fitzgerald had a stack of around 215,000 - good enough for the chip lead. However, it wasn't even Fiztgerald's hand that caught our attention, it was the cheque for NZ$107,640 that sat on the felt in front of her.

Fitzgerald noticed us having a look at the cheque and told us it was for "inspiration and intimidation". The cheque was handwritten by Fitzgerald herself and seemed to keep the rest of the table entertained as Fitzgerald was also in good spirits.


A real cheque will look nice next to this on Sunday

The other lady in the field who has been having a great day at the felt is Monica Eastick. Starting the day with the second largest chip stack, Eastick has built up to around 200,000 in chips during these early stages of Day2. Ask anybody in the room right now who is the most flamboyant and sassy player on Day 2 of the ANZPT Auckland and they will all point at the blonde on Table 8.

Eastick has been making jokes with the boys at her table all day. She even recently got a bit cheeky with Graeme Putt when he asked if she had a big pair. Putt was of course referring to Eastick's cards, but Eastick gave a cheeky smile and gestured to her chest. Putt folded his hand and Eastick raked in the pot.


"Wait, let me do my serious face" - Monica Eastick

It's still only early days at the moment, but one of these two ladies could become the first female to make an ANZPT final table in 2012. Just as I finish typing this we have found that Fitzgerald's table has been broken and she has been moved to Eastick's table! Watch out, boys, these girls mean business.

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