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ANZPT Auckland: There Goes the Bubble

There was ten minutes to go before the dinner break and there were 26 players remaining in the ANZPT Auckland Main Event. Then ANZPT Melbourne champ Paul "KingPaulie" Hockin was sent to rail and play went hand-for-hand. Some players looked eager to get on the break and re compose, others looked keen to try and win some easy chips.

One player who was definitely eager to get on the break was Souny Frederic and that's because at the beginning of hand-for-hand, Frederic had just a couple of thousand in chips. A few hands later and he only had 1,000. That's enough for two antes. Then, the dinner bell rang and Frederic made his way on the break.


Souny Frederic knows the old poker saying all too well

Returning from the break and Frederic was in good spirits. He was joking around with the players and hoping for the best. On the first hand back from the break, he committed an ante and therefore half his stack and looked down at his cards. He decided to fold one more time and once the hands had completed at all the other tables, some more cards were flung into the air on Frederic's table.

This time he was all-in and watched on as all the players folded around to Monica Eastick in the small blind. She called and Cole Swannack checked out of the big blind. Frederic watched on as Swannack and Eastick checked down a T♣8♦4♥7♥3♥ board.
Eastick tabled her hand first, showing Q♦3♠ for a pair of threes. Swannack then said, "fours" as he turned over 5♦4♠. Frederic cringed a little as he turned over his A♦K♥. Some of the players commented how unlucky it was to lose with such a big hand when Frederic had waited so long, while others gave their commiserations to Frederic. Of course, there were also plenty who celebrated that they had just made the money too.


The ace-king was no good for Souny Frederic

With the bubble bursting, there are now 24 players remaining in the room and each of them is guaranteed NZ$3,726. We may have go to the money fairly quick, but the night is not over yet as we now have to make our way to the final table! Make sure to stay tuned to find out how the rest of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event plays out.

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