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ANZPT Auckland: Those Little Quirks

Standing around two poker tables, watching and waiting for a big hand to happen. Orbit after orbit, not much happens. You can't help but notice some little character quirks. Not "tells" as such, as we are only humble bloggers, so we will leave the poker to the players. No, what I'm talking about is the little character intricacies that make the players unique.

Of the 15 who are currently alive in the Main Event, each and every one is unique. We have multiple nationalities represented and one lady among 14 men. That number could have been two, but Angie Fitzgerald was recently eliminated and so it is now Monica Eastick who flies the lone flag for woman all over New Zealand. Luckily the Ladies Event is being played in Auckland tonight, so there are plenty of players ready to cheer on Eastick on her way to the final table.


Monica split her chips in two halves on this occasion

Speaking of Eastick, she is probably one of the most unique at the table. Not only is she a flamboyant personality, but she also seems legitimately excited to be part of the final fifteen. Too often poker players seem indifferent that they are playing for sums of money some folk could only dream of. Eastick on the other hand may even be nervous. No, it's not showing in the way she plays poker, as she has been raking in chips left, right and centre. Actually, what made us deduce that she could be nervous is the fact that her chip stack has been in at least ten different patterns in the last hour.

There was a little pyramid of chips, there were lines of different size stacks, there were your standard stacks of twenty and then they were lined up like a wall in random shapes and sizes. She couldn't help herself. Like a nervous tick. Or perhaps we have it all wrong. Maybe Eastick was simply bored. Maybe we shouldn't try and guess these sorts of things anyway. Just like we shouldn't guess why Xiaodong Xia likes to keep a tobacco pipe close to his table, with no tobacco in it and only occasionally having it in his mouth. For good luck perhaps? Or maybe he is channeling his inner Sherlock Holmes. We will never know. Just like is true of poker, people need to have their secrets.


Elementary, my dear Xia

At the rate the eliminations have been falling in the last hour, which is a rate of zero, it is hard to know who will be part of the final nine. What we do know is that regardless of who makes it, there will be nine individuals, all unique and all with their own little quirks.

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