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ANZPT Repechage shines through gloomy Melbourne skies

As I sit here and look out the window at a miserable, rainy Melbourne day, I can't help but think of Las Vegas. You may have heard that there's a little poker tournament called the World Series of Poker which has just kicked off in the scorching Nevada desert heat. Sure, I have moments of being somewhat envious reading tweets from those playing, working or partying in Sin City. The bright lights of Vegas certainly do attract, but for those who stayed back home, there's plenty happening down under during the Australian winter.


Despite the gloomy skies, today we'll see the dawn of a new era in Australian poker. The Melbourne Poker Championships has been a staple on the Australian calendar for more than a decade, and a breeding ground for Australian champions of the future. The likes of Arul Thallai, Eric Assadourian, Haibo Chu, James Broom, Brendon Rubie, and last year, Jackie Glazier (pictured below), have all raised the Melbourne Poker Championships trophy to kick-start successful poker careers.


However this year the Melbourne Poker Championships have come under the wing of the ANZPT with the $1,100 Repechage Main Event set to boost the championships to even greater heights.

The ANZPT Repechage Main Event will comprise of three opening flights. If a player is eliminated, they have the option to re-enter back on any of the later flights. It's a second, and possibly third, chance at what is expected to be a prize pool that exceeds one million Australian dollars.

It's the first time a repechage format has been incorporated into an ANZPT Main Event and the event is a strong chance to be the largest in the five seasons of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour.

It's sure to attract the best players in the region, and while it may be a little gloomy outside in Melbourne, there's no where in the world that I'd rather be right now. The Crown Poker Room is the heart of poker in Australia and every Aussie player, fan and reporter will be closely watching the ANZPT Repechage unfold over the next five days.

It all kicks off tonight at 6:10pm in the world-class Crown Poker Room. We'll be here to bring you stories from the event, with the live updates feed brought to you courtesy of the team at PokerNews. We look forward to your company!


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