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Aussie Millions Day 1b: Is Anita Le the next Aussie Millions champ?

Several months ago the Crown Poker Room held an audition. They wanted to find three people to be the faces of the 2014 Aussie Millions campaign. It was a big responsibility and Crown waded through over 150 applicants to find the three people who would best represent the Aussie Millions brand. These people were everyday folk. Regulars of the poker room. Each with a different background and a story to tell. But they all had one thing in common. They loved poker and they wanted desperately to be the next Aussie Millions champ!

In the end it would be Disability Nurse Anita Le, Business Owner Savvas Haitidis and Electrician Jamie Robertson who were chosen for the roles. The three weren't models. They weren't actors. But they were immediately thrown into the spotlight with a huge promotional campaign that involved photo shoots and even a promo video.

Their faces have been plastered around the Crown Poker Room and on advertising materials over the past few months with the campaign "I'm going to be the NEXT Aussie Millions Champ!"

Well today, Anita, Savvas and Jamie were given that very opportunity as they played off in a three-handed sit and go, where the winner would receive a ticket to the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event.


Our sources told us that Anita and Savvas were regular patrons in the Crown Poker Room, with Jamie more of a casual player. It proved that way early as Jamie was quickly onto the short stack before he ran his Q♣Q♥ into Anita's K♠K♣. Both players flopped a set but it wasn't enough to save Jamie from being eliminated in 3rd place.

Anita took a solid lead into heads-up play but Savvas was the more aggressive player as he chipped away to take over the lead as the blinds started to rapidly rise.

Savvas had a chance to win it all when he called an all-in bet with Q♠K♦ to be racing with Anita's pocket fours. When a queen appeared in the window, Savvas gave a fist pump and rose to his feet, but his celebration was premature. The final board was spread Q♥2♠4♠7♣6♦ to see Anita spike a set to double up.

With so much on the line, both players trod carefully, as they traded blinds for a long time with neither player taking control. Savvas had another chance to win it all when he called with 2♥3♠ when Anita shoved for 2.5 big blinds with Q♣4♠ but Anita again hit the flop to stay alive.

The final hand would see Savvas move all in for 2.5 big blinds with J♠T♠ and Anita make the call with 8♣7♣. The board ran out 8♠2♣3♦A♥6♥ to see Anita win the competition and entry into the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event!

Savvas and Jamie still have one more chance as they were both awarded seats into tonight's Phase 3 Main Event Satellite.

So watch out tomorrow if you see this young lady on your tables, because if we are to believe the hype, then she's going to be the next Aussie Millions champ!


Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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