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New PokerStars poker tour for Brazil

ps_news_thn.jpgA few months back, I sat in a Sao Paulo churrascaria eating chicken hearts and sipping on a cold beer. It was coming up on 11pm and men with giant spits of meat sat tableside waiting for me to look the least bit hungry. I'd lost track of how many different kinds of cow they'd brought me for my post LAPT Sao Paulo dinner. I only knew I was slipping into a meat coma the likes of which I had never before experienced. As I walked toward the fading light of consciousness with cow juice slipping off the sides of my mouth, I thought only one thing: I wish I could come here for poker events all the time. Somewhere, a poker deity was listening.

Today we've learned of the brand new Brazil Poker Tour (BPT). The BPT promises a a series of international poker events with championship structures, all of which will happen in Brazil.

The tour kicks off next month at the the luxury Hotel Transamerica July 21-25 in Sao Paulo. The inaugural festival includes a R$2,300 buy-in main event and four side events, and promises to be the best poker festival in the country. And if you don't think it will draw a crowd, take a look at the floor on Day 1 the last time the Latin American Poker Tour showed up.


LAPT President David Carrion said, "The creation of the BPT is a natural step for developing poker in Brazil. The number of poker players grows every day and we see increased participation of Brazilians in tournaments across the world."

For full details and how you can qualify on PokerStars, keep your eye on the Brazil Poker Tour website.

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