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Eureka Prague: Day 1B, Levels 1-4 updates (blinds 100-200)

4.25pm: End of level four
Four levels down and 40% of the day is done, the number of entrants now stands at 391, although both Jude Ainsworth and Michael Tureniec are no longer in their seats, so are likely out.

You'll find level five updates in a new post shortly.

4.20pm: Horecki hoarding chips
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has had a great start to the day as he's up to 23,000.

4.05pm: Exits
We've lost around 45 players so far including: Tomáš Kotora, Danilo Donnini, Jose Latorre and Mikko Turtiainen.

3.45pm: Palovic gets a double up
Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic has bounced back to over 9,000 after doubling up with pocket aces against pocket tens. At least that's what I think the following tweet means, certainly the smiley face at the end suggests that's what happened.

"9.200 at the begin of Level 4 ... QQ into AJ ... And limped AA in to TT ( I call on UTG, behind me raise, call, reraise and I push 4200 ;)."

Palovic is one of 330 players still in from the 375 who started.


3.30pm: Some chip counts
Thanks to a bit of ingenuity on the floor staff's behalf, previously difficult to reach parts of the tournament are now a lot more accessible. By turning the outer rows of tables on each side to a slight angle it's a lot easier to move in between them. I took the opportunity to do just that and gather some chip counts.

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is holding steady on a stack of 14,600. Eureka Latvia runner-up Sam Macdonald is down to 8,500, perhaps he's paying for committing the world's second most heinous fashion crime (after crocs and socks). He's sporting the world's biggest and woolliest scarf and a short sleeved t-shirt.

Meanwhile a sleepy looking Dean Lyall has 17,700, Padraig O'Neil has 13,000, James Keys is on 15,400 and Matej Marinovic has 26,000.

3.20pm: Over 350
There are now 353 players who've registered to play Day 1B, although only 326 remain in the tournament. Seems like those sages who predicted a 400 player turn out today are going to be in the right ball park.

3.10pm: Out on the first hand
Exiting on the first hand really, really hurts. And it's a pain that Jake Toole must be feeling right now. He tweeted (@psutennis), "Well I lasted one hand in the Eureka 1k.. Squeezed Aces and bet bet shoved 10 6 3 3 2 and got called by the 53o."


2.55pm: Keeping up with the Jude's!
Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet and Ireland's Jude Ainsworth are sharing the same table, in fact just one player separates the two of them, with the Romanian having position. As it stands Judet is having the better of it as he's on 14,775 whilst Ainsworth has slipped to 7,000.

eureka prague_Day 1B_toni_judet.jpg

Toni Judet (pictured at EPT7 Vienna)

2.45pm: Cooler halts Hruby
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby is out. He suffered the ultimate pre-flop set-up by running kings into aces. He didn't spike the outdraw.

2.35pm: Smith stacking chips
It's been a good start to the day for Dan Smith, the tournament titan has built his stack up to just over 20,000 in the early stages. I just saw him take down a small pot on a 8♦5♣7♠ flop with around 2,025 in the pot (suggesting it had been 3-bet pre-flop). It was checked to an in-position Smith who c-bet 1,300 which was enough to take it down.

2.25pm: Level three is go
We're back underway here in Prague.


2.05pm: Break time
That's two levels done and dusted. The players are now on a 15 minute break.

2pm: Even more
The total just keeps on rising, up to 340 now. One of the late comers is Frenchman Guillaume Darcourt, he of the pink hair. Wonder how I spotted him in the sea of faces...

1.55pm: Over 300
The players just keep trickling in. It's 315 in total now for Day 1B. Five of whom are already out, can't put names to their I.D cards just yet, but I should have a player list soon.

1.45pm: Good start for...
A couple of Eureka regulars as Denis Kelemen is up to 17,000 whist Milan Rakic has around 17,500.

1.35pm: Bad start for...
Both Chris Brammer and Michal Misterek, the latter is currently top of the Eureka leaderboard. The Brit is down to 9,500 whilst Misterek has slipped to 8,250.

1.25pm: Enter King Dan
There are a lot of players who you wouldn't want to late-reg and be seated at your table. And Dan Smith is certainly one of those, the American has had a remarkable 2012.

He's currently top of the Global Poker Index tournament rankings and has amassed more than $3,650,000 in tournament winnings in 2012. He won three €5,000 events in the space of five days at the EPT8 Grand Final in Monte Carlo and took down the €50,000 Super High Roller at EPT9 Barcelona.

1.15pm: Keep 'em coming
The number of players in today's field is now up to 280, meaning 55 extra players have taken their seats during level one.

And at least one player is out as I heard the cry 'seat open 22' go up.


1.05pm: More solid additions
I've spotted a few more UK and Irish players in the field, Rhys Jones, Chris Brammer and Jude Ainsworth are all reg'd up and good to go.

eureka prague_Day 1B_chris_brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer (pictured at UKIPT Nottingham)

12.50pm: Team Pro out in force
The only Team Pro to play Day 1A was Richard Toth and unfortunately for the Hungarian he didn't advance to Day 2.

However the chances of a Team Pro making Day 2 have been multiplied five fold today as they are out in force. Now whilst I haven't actually laid eyes on anyone except Martin Hruby I'm told that as well as the Czech player, that: Liv Boeree, Dag Palovic, Toni Judet and Marcin Horecki are all registered to play. In fact Boeree tweeted: Excited to play my first ever Eureka event today!" just an hour ago.

12.35pm: Spotted
If you'd followed the coverage yesterday you'd know that it's a bit of a squeeze to get inbetween the tables here and downright impossible to reach some. Having said that I still spotted a smattering of familiar faces on my first foray to the tournament area. The Irish are out in force: Fergal Nealon, Padraig O'Neill and adopted Irishman Nick Abou Risk are all here. The latter, a Canadian who resides in Dublin, has two UKIPT titles to his name and tweeted: "Just started my first #Eureka tourney today. Almost all young guys at the table," Abou Risk won the first UKIPT he played. You heard it here first.

In season one Milan Rakic was runner-up at Eureka Bulgaria, he's playing today, although without his trademark novelty glasses, Matej Marinovic is in the field and Denis 'Janana' Kelemen of Croatia is another player to keep an eye on. Whilst James Keys and former professional footballer Steve Watts are the only Brits I've spotted so far.

12.10pm: Cards are in the air
Play has started, 225 is the number of entrants according to the tournament clock, but dealers are set up and ready to go at empty tables should they be needed.

12pm: Day 1B is going to be bigger
As in the norm with most poker tournaments that have two starting days, the second of those is usually the busiest. The reasons why are for another time, but those in the know here in Prague expect the 222 who entered Day 1A to be easily surpassed here on Day 1B.

By how much? Now that's the question, hushed tones of 400 could be heard in the dealers break room late last night, whilst 300 seems to be a solid benchmark. Time will tell, as with six levels of late registration we won't know for sure until around 7.30pm local time.

What we do know for sure is that there will be some big names in today's field, I've already spotted Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby for example. And the top two in the current leaderboard Michal Misterek and Petar Zografov are also expected to play today.

Play is almost set to start on time here.

eureka prague_day 1b_petar_zografov.jpg

Petar Zografov - winner of Eureka Bulgaria

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha.

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