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Eureka Prague: Day 2, Level 11-14 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400 ante 300)

4.25pm: Half the day is done
And that's four of today's eight scheduled levels in the books. You'll find level 15 updates and beyond in a new post shortly.

4.20pm: Overkill
The ace on the river was a bit of overkill as Damien Lhommeau's pocket aces improved to a set, although they didn't need to as they were already ahead of Alexandros Kolonias's pocket jacks. The latter was at risk and has therefore been eliminated.

87 remain, 72 get paid.

4.15pm: Eight is the magic number
All tables are now playing eight handed poker. And tournament director Teresa Nousiainen just took to the microphone to inform players that they'll play eight levels today with no dinner break.

4.05pm: Exits
We're getting ever closer to the money here at Eureka Prague, these players unfortunately have fallen just short: Steve Watts, Dmitry Yurasov, Radoslaw Jacek Morawiec, Drazen Kapusta, Acatincai Andrei, Daniel Guerrero Lujan, Gregor Androjna, Alexandros Gkampranis, Artur Olczyk, Blorn Johansson and Mal Hagan.

eureka_prague_Day 2_steve_watts.jpg

Steve Watts (standing) during his final hand of Eureka Prague

3.45pm: Chip leaders
As level 14 gets underway, just 99 players remain, which makes the average stack 99,800. These players all have far more than that though: Matej Kalcic (340,000), Pawel Keller (310,000), Bernd Vogelhuber (250,000), Ioannis Triantafyllakis (250,000), Jacek Ladny (240,000), Daniel Havlik (235,000), Alexandros Kolonias (230,000), Dany Parlafes (230,000) and Marcel Buissink (220,000).

eureka_prague_Day 2_ioannis_triantafyllakis.jpg

Ioannis Triantafyllakis is one of the chip leaders

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400 ante 300

3.25pm: Dutchman is done
More on how Steven van Zadelhoff exited from his twitter account (@svzff):
"Andddd outtt #eureka Repush 21bb KQhh button vs active opener HJ, behind me isolates AQcc. Flop flushdr no help."

3.15pm: Poleaxed in Prague
More exits to tell you about: Tomáš Fucík, Igor Pihela, Juraj Berzinec, Kakhaber Japaridze, Kenneth Hicks, Radim Soudsky, Trevor Dinneen, Guy Tomaselli, Predrag Lekovic, Kajetan Masiewicz, Mirko Radovic, Jurijs Binklers, Andriy Mushak, Pawel Walczak, Rasmus Agerskov, Robertas Vaitkevicius, Neu Matthias, Steven Van Zadelhoff, Andrey Martyanov, Anghel Vasile, Amit Zulkowitz and Tiberiu Zanfirache are all out.

3.05pm: More for Marquez
As I wandered towards Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez's table I could see that she was stacking chips, a good sign surely? Indeed it was. The Spaniard is up to 130,000 from a start of day 71,200.

eureka_prague_Day 2_ana_marquez2.jpg

Ana Marquez

2.50pm: One exit, one double up
I caught two hands in quick succession: one exit and one double up.

The exit: Kakhaber Japaridze was all-in pre-flop with pocket tens against Alexandru Fuioaga's pocket nines. A nine on the flop saw the pot go the Romanian's way and with 225,000 he's now one of the chip leaders.

The double up: On a 8♣7♥3♦ flop Dennis Huebner led out for 8,000 from the small blind, Elena Tamarovskaya moved all-in and Huebner called all-in for 39,400 total.

Huebner: 3♥3♠
Tamarovskaya: A♥K♦

The Russian was drawing dead and the meaningless T♥ and 2♣ completed the board, and she was left with just 8,000.

2.45pm: Double Dutch
It's not been the best of starts to the day for Steven van Zadelhoff, the Dutchman took to twitter to say. "Slow start on day2 of #eureka Prague. Down to last 120, 72 get paid. I have 47k for 23bb let's double up!"

2.35pm: Leader board update
With just the main and side events of Eureka Prague to go the Eureka Poker Tour Season 2 leader board is up for grabs. Of the current top five only one - Alija Filipovic - is still in the main event. Although points are also awarded for side event results, a min-cash in the main event would put Filipovic in first place.

The Eureka Croatia champion is currently in third place - good for a Eureka Season 3 Main Event Entry and a €530 ticket. Should he top the TLB he'll win a EPT Season 9 Main Event Entry, that's a €3,670 swing so he'll be sweating the bubble - should he get there - extra hard. He's currently got around 68,000 for a little below average.

eureka prague_Day 2_alija_filipovic2.jpg

Alija Filipovic (pictured at Eureka Croatia)

2.20pm: Back in their seats
Play is under way again and level 13 will undoubtedly prove unlucky for some. There are currently 126 players still in contention, 72 of whom will get paid.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000 ante 200

2.05pm: Break time
That's two levels done and dusted, players are now on a 15-minute break.

2pm: More exits
The players continue to bust out in their droves here in Prague. Those to have hit the rail recently include Mate Bajka, Gary Clarke, Aiman El Hafiz De Pablo, Hefler Istvan, David Vedral, Kestutis Gricius, Dimitar Yosifov, Ivan Barczi, Mika Ladislav, Enver Khvitia, David Frejka, Sasa Zorc, Mauro Pomponi, Veronika Pavlikova, Kamil Jamro, Ankush Mandavia, Roberto Romanello, Andrej Nagy and Arturas Antonianas.

1.45pm: Chip leader
By my reckoning Matej Kalcic is the new chip leader, the Slovenian has around 200,000. Overnight chip leader Marc Daubach is holding steady with around 160,000.

1.35pm: In your eye
I'd like to think that if there's an equivalent phrase to 'in your eye' in the Greek language then that's what would've been going through Ioannis Triantafyllakis mind in the following hand.

From under-the-gun he opened to 3,200 from a stack of around 110,000, next to act Dejan Dikovic three-bet to 7,100 and there was then a four-bet to 12,000 from middle position. It folded back to Triantafyllakis and after a few seconds thought he moved all-in. Both opponent's quickly mucked their hands.

1.25pm: Plus two
Yesterday I reported that the total number of runners for Eureka Prague was 650. Well it's actually crept up overnight to 652. The extra two are down to two no shows.

1.15pm: Zorc straightened on
Sasa Zorc was all-in for his last 10 blinds with A♦K♠. He was in good shape against Florian Loehnert's K♦9♠ and it seemed a double up was in the offing. But, a 7♠8♥2♥J♥T♥ board saw Loehnert river a straight to eliminate him.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600 ante 200

1.05pm: Prizepool
As I alluded to earlier (see 12.15pm) the winner of Eureka Prague will pocket €140,000, but now we have the entire payout structure. You can feast your eyes on it here.

12.50pm: Exits
As per usual at the start of Day 2 there's been plenty of exits. All of the following have hit the rail during level 11; Nikolai Kalinkin, Marius-Ovidiu Volovei, David Stogel, Cemil Incegul, Filip Szpak, Andrey Da Silva, Damian Siewert, Adam Hamaoui, Alexey Andreev, Jakub Michalak, Grayson Ramage, Alexander Stepin, Celine Bastian, Vadim Belov, Niels Meibom-Larsen, Florian Calin, Eusebiu-Nicolae Jalba, Tomas Petru, Mikhail Shevchuk, Aleksei Bubnov and Lenar Nurullin.

12.35pm: Flying the flag
Whilst yesterday was a total bust for Team PokerStars Pro, one member did advance from Day 1A. Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez made it through with an above average 71,200. In the opening stages of Day 2 she's increased it a touch, moving up to 75,000.

eureka_prague_Day 2_ana_marquez.jpg

Marquez is on the march

12.15pm: Show me the money
Whilst I don't have the entire payout structure just yet (I'll post that on the blog when I do) I can tell you that the winner of Eureka Prague will receive €140,000. In total 72 of the 652 players will get paid with a min-cash worth €2,210.

The bubble will definitely burst today, those in the know (the tournament staff) predict Level 15 is the favourite for when it's likely to go pop.

12pm: We bring the Stars out
Six-hundred and fifty-two! Wow! That was the final number of runners for Eureka Prague. Huge.

And at times yesterday the player list read more like and EPT than a National tour, EPT winners like Roberto Romanello and Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree sat down to play as did other tournament superstars like Dan Smith and Bryn Kenney.

Yet, such is the beauty of poker that for all these superstars it's a recreational player who leads the Day 2 field, Marc Daubach, a Belgian who lives in London, bagged up 165,900 to lead the way.

He and 175 others are all taking their seats right now for the start of Day 2 and the prospect of a first female winner on the Eureka Poker Tour is still very much alive, one of those looking to do just that is Czech player Veronika Pavlikova. She already has one PokerStars title to her name (France Poker Series - Snowfest, Rhone-Alps), she'll be looking to make it two here in Prague.

eureka_prague_day 2_veronika_pavlikova.jpg

Veronika Pavlikova

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha.

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