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Eureka Prague: Day 2, Level 19-22 updates (blinds 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000)

4.30pm:Robert Vukovic doubles through Petr Targa
On the last hand before the break a big hand played out between Robert Vukovic and Petr Targa.

There was a raise under-the-gun, Targa three-bet to 58,000 from the small blind, Vukovic four-bet from the big blind to 112,000 and Targa was the only caller.

On the 3♦8♣T♥ flop Targa check-called a bet of 75,000 and the K♥ fell on the turn. It checked to Vukovic again, he bet 100,000, Targa moved all-in and Vukovic called all-in for an effective 248,000.

Targa: 9♦9♣
Vukovic: A♦K♠

The J♠ completed the board and Vukovic doubled up.

The remaining 12 players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find level 23 updates in a new post. In that post I'll do a catch up on who's busted where.

4.20pm: Down to the final two tables
There are just 16 players left in the Eureka Prague main event. During the next break (around 15 minutes time) tournament staff will do a comprehensive chip count of those left in. I'll also endeavor to catch up on just who has busted where.

I unfortunately can't catch them all first hand so rely on the excellent PSlive team who record who has busted where for the ones I miss, they're swamped right now as there are multiple events going on here, but I'll get the information off them as soon as possible.

4.05pm: Ana Marquez eliminated in 17th place (€4,100)
I didn't see the hand with my own eyes but stopped to have a brief chat with an obviously upset Ana Marquez at the payouts desk. The Team PokerStars Pro told me: "I messed up."

The jist of her exit is that she was all-in with pocket jacks but ran into Bernd Vogelhuber's pocket aces for a 1,400,000 chip pot. However, she explained to me that the pot only played out the way it did because of a weird dynamic between her and Menikos Panagiotou who was also involved in the pot at one stage.

3.50pm: Jurij Kolesnikov eliminated in 19th place (€4,100)
And the rich get richer... A short stacked Jurij Kolesnikov decided A♣8♣ was good enough to go with, Menikos Panagiotou found aces yet again and made the call. A 8♦9♥5♠ flop gave Kolesnikov some hope, but it was extinguished on the J♠ turn and 2♣ river.

3.35pm: Ana Marquez doubles through Florian Kossler
At the last break Ana Marquez had just 15 big blinds and was the shortest stack left in. As a result she bought into the High Roller, it looks like her stack in that could be blinding off for a while. She'd already doubled up once and has just repeated the trick.

The action was started by Florian Kossler, he made it 32,000 to go with pocket jacks, Marquez three-bet to 70,000 with A♣K♠, Kossler moved all-in and Marquez called all-in for 332,000 total.

The board ran 5♦K♥8♦9♣9♦ and Marquez is up to around 700,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

3.25pm: Million chip club
Both Menikos Panagiotou (1,125,000) and Bernd Vogelhuber (1,000,000) now have a million or more and are the first players to reach that milestone in this tournament.

Whilst, Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez has doubled up as she's now got 340,000.

3.15pm: Down to 21
Andrew Hulme couldn't mount a comeback from the 10 big blind stack he had left after running kings into aces. The Englishman picks up €4,100 for his efforts.

3pm: Menikos Panagiotou doubles through Andrew Hulme
Huge pot, bigger cooler.

Menikos Panagiotou is approaching the one million chip mark after finding pocket aces on the same hand that Andrew Hulme found pocket kings. The bullets held up to boost the Cypriot to about 900,000, whilst Hulme is down to 110,000.

eureka_prague_Day 3_andrew_hulme.jpg

Hulme - on the wrong side of a cooler

eureka_prague_Day 3_menikos_panagiotou.jpg

Menikos Panagiotou - on the right side of a cooler

2.40pm: Chip counts
Below are the chip counts of everyone left in the Eureka Main Event, Bernd Vogelhuber leads the way, whilst Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez is the shortest stack.

Bernd Vogelhuber, Germany, 920,000
Matias Knaapinen, Finland, 850,000
Olah Tamas, Hungary, PokerStars Qualifier, 821,000
Marcel Buissink, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 676,000
Florian Kossler, Germany, PokerStars Player, 630,000

Andrew Hulme, United Kingdom, 620,000
Mariusz Klosinski, Poland, 486,000
Daniel Havlik, Czech Republic, 450,000
Greg Livshits, Canada, PokerStars Player, 450,000
Khiem Nguyen, Germany, PokerStars Player, 420,000
Ioannis Triantafyllakis, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 385,000

Andreas Vlachos, Greece, 380,000
Menikos Panagiotou, Cyprus, PokerStars Player, 360,000
Bogdan Ionescu, Romania, 336,000
Richard Larsen, Norway, PokerStars Player, 300,000
Roger Engen, Norway, 261,000
Robert Vukovic, Croatia, PokerStars Player, 243,000
Florian Loehnert, Germany, 232,000
Jurij Kolesnikov, Lithuania, 220,000
Thomas Pettersson, Sweden, PokerStars Player, 180,000
Petr Targa, Czech Republic, 172,000
Ana Marquez, Spain, Team PokerStars Pro, 150,000

eureka_prague_Day 3_bernd_vogelhuber.jpg

Bernd Vogelhuber leads the way

2.30pm: Back from the break
The 22 remaining players are now back in their seats. During the break, tournament staff raced off the 500 denomination chips and did a comprehensive chip count of those left in. I'll get that up on the blog just as soon as I can.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1,000

2.10pm: Exits and break time
The remaining players are now on a 15 minute break, Zoltan Szabo couldn't recover from his earlier set back and exited in 24th, whilst Alexandros Kolonias is out in 23rd.

2.05pm: Florian Kossler doubles through Zoltan Szabo
It was premium versus premium in this all-in pre-flop encounter, Florian Kossler all-in and at risk for 319,000 against Zoltan Szabo.

Kossler: A♥K♦
Szabo: K♠K♥

Szabo reacted with disgust as the flop came A♠J♠8♠ but he had a re-draw (both spades and kings), the J♣ and 7♣ didn't help him though and he shipped the majority of his stack to Kossler who doubled to 650,000 whilst Szabo was left with 110,000.

1.55pm: Hana Soljan eliminated in 25th place (€3,480)
From late position Andrew Hulme raised to 25,000, next to act Hana Soljan moved all-in for 102,000 and after getting confirmation of the amount Hulme made the call.

Hulme: 4♣4♦
Soljan: Q♦J♦

The board ran 3♣3♠8♠K♦5♣ and with Soljan's exit there will be a short break as the players re-draw for the final three tables. After that hand Hulme climbs to around 700,000.

1.45pm: Exits
The following players have been eliminated during level 20:

25th. Hana Soljan, Croatia, €3,480
26th. Tomasz Gluszko, Poland, PokerStars Player, €3,480
27th. Petr Gajdos, Czech Republic, €3,480
28th. Michael Aron, United States, PokerStars Player, €3,480
29th. Pawel Kulak, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, €3,480
30th. Victorio Piturca, Romania, €3,480

News on Soljan's exit coming right up.

1.35pm: How many in the High Roller
The €1,850 + €150 Eureka High Roller got underway at noon today and much like the main event it's proving to be a hit.

There are already 113 players in their seats including Team PokerStars Pros Christian de Leon and Salvatore Bonavena. There's also a slew of EPT champions such as Toby Lewis, Anton Wigg, Michael Tureniec, Vadzim Kursevich and Mikalai Pobal in the field. Also playing are PCA High Roller winner Alex Bilokur, John Eames, Konstantin Puchkov, PokerStars Greek Challenger Stavros Kalfas, Jan Collado, Philippe
Ktorza, Mathew Frankland and Bolivar Palacios.

The tourney is already by far the biggest Eureka High Roller event to date - nearly three times the field of the previous biggest High Roller in Riga, Latvia in October.

1.25pm: Win for the Finn
With the condensing to four tables a lot of chips have ended up on one particular table. Sat in a row are Matias Knaapinen (580,000), Tamas Olah (680,000) and Bernd Vogelhuber (800,000).

As luck would have it, two of them just clashed in a pot. From mid position Knaapinen raised it up, Vogelhuber three-bet from the button and Knaapinen made the call. Both players checked the 3♠5♥5♦ flop to see the 5♠ fall on the turn. At this juncture Knaapinen led out for 32,000 and called when Vogelhuber made it 71,500 total. The 8♥ completed the board, both players checked with Knaapinen showing pocket nines, which were ahead of Vogelhuber's A♣J♦.

eureka_prague_Day 3_matias_knaapinen.jpg

Knaapinen gets a boost with a boat

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000 ante 1,000

1.15pm: Mark Daubach eliminated in 31st place (€3,480)
I joined the action on the turn to see a board of 7♦J♦8♣5♣ on the felt, Marc Daubach had bet 50,000 on the turn and Marcel Buissink had moved all-in for around 190,000. Action was on Daubach, the Belgian had slightly less than Buissink, after tanking he eventually had the clock called, before announcing call.

Daubach: 9♠9♣
Buissink: 8♥5♥

Bussink had turned two pair and his hand held up on the 4♦ river to send Day 1B chip leader Daubach to the rail.

eureka_prague_Day 3_marc_daubach.jpg

Daubach - out in 31st

1pm: Three more exits
We're down to the final four tables here in Prague, as three more players have hit the rail. Their respective finishing positions are:

32nd. Pawel Keller, Poland, PokerStars Player, €3,480
33rd. Giorgi Gorgaslidze, Georgia, €3,160
34th. Dany Parlafes Romania, €3,160

12.50pm: Still 34
No more exits to report but I did catch a couple of all-ins...

From the button Menikos Panagiotou min-raised to 16,000 and Mariusz Klosinski defended his big blind. The flop came [Jd3♥7♠, it checked to Panagiotou, he bet 17,000, Klosinski raised to 38,000 and Panagiotou then moved all-in for around 150,000 total. After tanking for some time Klosinski folded.

Meanwhile on an adjacent table Petr Gajdos open shoved from middle position for around 135,000, Bogdan Ionescu dwelled for an age but mucked his hand and Gajdos got his shove through.

12.35pm: Chip leader
Bernd Vogelhuber has a stack of roughly 750,000 in front of him, which makes the German the chip leader. I saw roughly, because his stacks are a little uneven and he's building quite a tower, either way he's got the chip lead.

12.20pm: Two exits and a double up
Florian Stephan Loehnert and Lotem Alfassi have both been eliminated in the opening minutes of the day, I didn't catch either exit but I did see a double up.

Florian Kossler was all-in for his last 71,500 with pocket fives and was looking to dodge Dany Parlafes's overcards - the Romanian was holding A♥K♣. The board came a satisfying J♠3♣3♠9♦3♣ to double him up, whilst Parlafes slips to 175,000.

12.05pm: Day 3 set to start
It's the penultimate day of this record breaking Eureka Poker Tour event and just 36 players remain. By the time play wraps tonight just eight will be left and the final table will be set.

Leading the charge to that final table is Daniel Havlik, the Czech player has the tiniest of chip leads though with four players breathing down his neck. The title could yet go to a member of the fairer sex, Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez is still in contention (as in Hana Soljan) the Spaniard has an average stack of 263,000.

Cards are in the air here in Prague.

eureka_prague_Day 3_ana_marquez.jpg

Can Marquez become the first ever female Eureka Poker Tour champion?

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague:Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha.

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