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Eureka4 Rozvadov: Final table profiles

Please note that while the final table begins at 2pm local time, it is being shown on a live stream from 3pm - which is when the blog will be updated.Seat 1: Martin Meciar, Prievidza, Slovakia, PokerStars Qualifier - 2,200,000 He is the only Slovak at the final table but his poker achievements indicate that Martin Meciar is a tough one to beat. Playing under nickname "kingroler" on PokerStars, Meciar went on a deep run in last year's SCOOP to finish third in event #21 for $111,189. He also has an impressive live result in his pocket, he finished 4th in PokerStars Russian Poker Series in Riga back in 2010 to grab €61,744. He plays only MTTs and this year he decided to concentrate more on live tournaments than he used to in recent years. He says he was running good in all in situations throughout the tuournament with the critical situation coming right on day 1 when he cracked aces with pocket sevens. He will come to the final table as a chip leader.tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_37_20140603_1383494841.jpg
Martin Meciar
Seat 2: Sascha Ranzinger, Stuttgart, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier - 1,220,000We were close to not mentioning his name as he was at risk at the unofficial final table but Sascha Ranzinger got there with tens over aces. Ranzinger calls himself as a semi-professional player; he works as a dealer. He comes from Stuttgart but now resides in Vienna. Sascha did well in satellites, qualified four times for the tournament though it is his first experience with the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event and already making a biggest live cash by making the final table. tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_36_20140603_1011533876.jpg
Sascha Ranzinger
Seat 3: Bert Geens, Belgium - 1,035,000Starting day 3 as a chip leader and having a nice distance from his followers, Bert Geens was surely one of the favourites for reaching the final table. He is looking for his carreer-best result by finishing 6th or better to beat a €18,000 prize he grabbed last year at 2014 Oktoberfest Poker Festival. It will be a special final table for him as he will play alongside his good friend Michael-David Passy who has also made it to the top eight.STA_3543.jpg
Bert Geens
Seat 4: Michael Eiler, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier - 720,000The only EPT champion who attended Eureka 4 Rozvadov has made an impressive run to earn a seat at the final table. He could become the very first winner of both EPT & Eureka main events. He will not match his EPT7 Vienna payday, where he scooped a €700,000 first prize after beating Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby heads-up. Yet Eiler could score his 2nd best result in live tournaments, a 7th place finish would secure it. tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_36_20140602_1066999080.jpg
Michael Eiler
Seat 5: Beatrix Wolfsberger, Sankt Poelten, Austria, PokerStars Qualifier - 1,140,000The only lady at the final table is 46 years old and has poker as a hobby. Beatrix Wolfsberger qualified via €27 satellite and enjoys playing biggest tournament in her carreer. She usually plays cash games and small tournaments, going this far in Eureka Main Event is securing her a record payday.tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_23_20140603_1313967664.jpg
Beatrix Wolfsberger
Seat 6: Michael-David Passy, Brussels, Belgium - 1,890,000Michael-David Passy is a 25-year old nightclub owner from Brussels in Belgium, he's also a former DJ. Passy travelled to Rozvadov with his good friend of five years Bert Geens, the latter having also made the final table. Passy admits that playing against his good friend at the final table will add an extra element to the metagame. The two have regular homegames back in Belgium including their own variant where they mix blackjack, poker and the board game Monopoly. Passy is an amateur player and unusually for this day and age, does not play online. He has been playing casually, mostly cash, for around six to seven years but has only really started to focus on live tournaments over the last two years.tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_14_20140603_1994520981.jpg
Michael-David Passy
Seat 7: Christian Jambor, Cologne, Germany - 935,000Another recreational player coming to the final table is from Cologne. Christian Jambor plays mostly tournaments and managed to get several small cashes but this final table experience is definitely his biggest poker success. Jambor was short stacked on the bubble but eventually survived it and then continued on his road to the top eight. tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_31_20140603_1621910686.jpg
Christian Jambor
Seat 8: Dawid Mysiewicz, Tychy, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier - 595,000 Poles were running really bad on day 3 but except for Dawid Mysiewicz, who was facing elimination on the semifinal table with AK versus pocket kings. He spiked an ace on the flop to survive and get on a big stack which was a new experience for him as he was sitting on a short stack for most of the tournament. Dawid plays mostly online, he is a poker pro specialized on MTTs and his biggest win so far is about $20,000. Now he has at least €10,700 guaranteed and needs just one other causalty to make his personal best. tomas_stacha_poker_photographer_33_20140603_1863759890.jpg
Dawid Mysiewicz
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