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Eureka4 Rozvadov: Geens leads Day 2 field

There were a record-breaking 493 entries for Eureka4 Rozvadov, today just 151 returned after the two start days and less than ten levels later only 24 players remain, each guaranteed a minimum payout of €3,200. However, all eyes will be on the title and the first place prize that pays €93,600.

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Bert Geens had started Day 2 with 53,300, certainly not terrible by any stretch of the imagination but it was still only around a quarter of what the chip leader at that time, Stefan Raab had at that point. Nevertheless Geens can be mightily happy with his day after he finished at the top with 1,032,000 - the only player over the one million mark. Geens won a crucial flip on the feature table for around half a million chips against Istvan Briski when his ace-king beat the Hungarian's jacks. After the Belgian player never looked back.

The person nearest to challenging him has over 300,000 less but it's someone fairly familiar to regular followers of European poker. Former EPT Vienna winner back in Season 7, Michael Eiler finished the day strongly to end up in second place with 718,000 - no EPT winner has ever also won a Eureka Poker Tour event and it would certainly be a feather in the German youngster's blue cap.

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Eiler is one of eight remaining PokerStars Qualifiers still in the event, the others being Martin Meciar (654,000), Gregorz Wyraz (540,000), Sascha Achim Ranzinger (520,000), Tomasz Gluszko (382,000), Beatrix Wolfsberger (202,000), Milan Tomasz Rabsz (156,000) and Dawid Mysiewicz (128,000).

As expected many of the remaining big names fell, Jan Bendik and Martin Kabrhel will probably be the ones feeling most aggrieved as both were knocked out a few spots before the bubble. The bubble itself was around 90 minutes long and after Jens Winkler was knocked out in 72nd place, the exits came thick and fast. Former EPT Vienna runner-up Anthony Ghamrawi (51st), Christopher Frank (33rd) and former chip leader Stefan Raab (32nd) were among the fallen.

On Day 3, the remaining players will play down to the final table of eight, in the meantime you can read the live updates <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">here</a>. Payouts are <a href="">here</a>, chip counts are <a href="">here</a> and the Day 3 seat draw is <a href="">here</a>. 

See you tomorrow!
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