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ESPT6 Barcelona: Jonn Forst in first position for tomorrow's final table

"I haven't even looked at the payouts, to be honest."

So said Austria's Jonn Forst to us following the conclusion of today's lengthy, hard fought Day 3 of the Estrellas Barcelona Poker Tour Main Event. Forst did well for himself on this day, playing some gutsy poker in order to move into the chip lead late, then increase it considerably during the night's final hands.

"I'll take a look in the morning," he continued, saying for now he's going to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Bagging a huge stack of 24.090 million -- nearly twice that of his nearest challenger with just eight players left -- should help him achieve that last goal for the night.

ESPT_Barcelona-651_Jonn Forst-a.jpg

Jonn Forst

There were 98 players -- survivors from the record-breaking 3,292-player field -- returning for today. The young Polish player Jose Carlos Garcia was the center of attention early on as the start-of-day chip leader, and he continued to stay in the spotlight as he remained in first position as the field swiftly whittled down.

ESPT_Barcelona-585_Jose Carlos Garcia.jpg

Jose Carlos Garcia

Scott Montgomery (81st, €4,950), Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari (80th, €4,950), Farid Chati (71st, €6,000), Liliya Novikova of Team PokerStars Pro Online (60th, €6,000), Hugo Pingray (57th, €6,000), Joao Barbosa

(56th, €6,000), Sebastien Sabic (42nd, €7,560) were among those going out relatively early today. Then as they settled into the evening Sam Chartier (35th, €9,550), Peter Traply (22nd, €16,500), Dermot Blain (21st, €16,500), and Jude Ainsworth (18th, €19,700) also were sent to the rail.

By the time they reached the final two tables, Mario Lopez of Argentina had spent a short period in the top spot, but Garcia would retake the lead as Maximillian Senft (16th, €22,900), Laurent Olive (15th, €26,100), Christopher Frank (14th, €26,100), and Padraig O'Neill (13th, €29,300) were knocked out. Just before the late dinner break, Ivan Ruban had his aces cracked to go out in 12th (€29,300), and with 11 players left Garcia was still in front.

ESPT_Barcelona-583_Ivan Ruban.jpg

Ivan Ruban

Post-dinner things go interesting, however, with Garcia unsuccessfully trying to push first Simon Sennhauser, then Jonn Forst off hands with big all-in shoves. Both players looked up Garcia and showed winners, knocking Garcia back down to the bottom of the counts while moving upwards themselves.

Forst would be in first position through David Stocker's demise in 11th (€33,000) and Esa Karttunen's being cut down in 10th (€33,000), and he'd remain on top until Garcia finally knocked out Slav Sariyski in ninth (€39,600) to set up tomorrow's finale.


Slav Sariyski

Here's how the counts will look when the first hand of tomorrow's final table will be dealt, with nearly a full level of 120,000/240,000/30,000 awaiting the players:

Seat 1: Mario Lopez (Argentina) - 14,410,000
Seat 2: Daniel Selles (Spain) - 3,120,000
Seat 3: Jose Carlos Garcia (Poland) - 8,855,000
Seat 4: Eduard Sanchez (Spain) - 7,420,000
Seat 5: Knut Nystedt (Norway) - 7,705,000
Seat 6: Simon Sennhauser (Switzerland) - 13,490,000
Seat 7: Kondah Abdelhadi (Morocco) - 2,895,000
Seat 8: Jonn Forst (Austria) - 24,090,000

Play resumes at 12:30 p.m. CET tomorrow, at which point we'll be back once more with start-to-finish coverage of the tournament's final day. We'll have profiles of the final eight for you in the morning, too, to prepare your following of the day's coverage.

For now, though, we'll follow Forst's lead and try to relax a bit. Back mañana to concern ourselves with all those riches awaiting tomorrow's deepest finishers, including the massive €491,000 up top.

Until then, buenos noches!

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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