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LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 3 (Adios, Humberto)

lapt-promo.gifAlas, there is now but one Brenes remaining in the field. Short-stacked for some time now, Humberto Brenes moved all in for roughly 12,000 and the action was folded to David Schechter on the button, who went into a lengthy think.

"I have a good hand, Humberto" he said.

"Please call! I need to double up," Brenes replied.

After a few more moments of thought, Schechter slid his chips in the middle, making the call. Brenes turned up A♣5♣ only to find his hand dominated by Schechter's A♠J♠. No help for Brenes on the A♦K♠Q♣7♦2♠ board offering his executioner both a handshake and a hug on his way to the rail.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9291.jpg

Humberto's elimination leaves Alex as the only surviving Brenes. He's still on about 24,000 in chips.

Also making her exit after surviving for hours on a micro-stack was Dennis Phillips' significant other, Maura Harris. With the action folded to her in the small blind, Harris committed her remaining 3,600 to the pot and the big blind obliged with a call, her 8♠9♥ up against J♥T♠. The board didn't improve either player's hand and with Phillips watching from the rail, Harris departed the table with a warm smile and a cordial "good game."

There are 53 players remaining in the field as the remaining moments of Level 9 tick down.

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