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LAPT Mar del Plata: Go big or go home


Alexandre Gomes didn't exactly get the easiest table draw today. He started the day with Veronica Dabul and Leo Fernandez on his immediate left and though Dabul busted a few hours ago on the baddest of beats, Fernandez is still well in this thing with over 31,000 in chips. The former corporate attorney turned poker pro has been flying slightly under the radar today, but in the post-dinner hours has slapped his foot firmly on the gas.

With his stack approaching the 60,000 mark, Gomes got all in with Q♣Q♦ against his opponent's J♠J♥. Though the flop was a safe A♦9♠3♠, the 8♠ on the turn meant he had to avoid a spade on the river. When the 3♠ fell, Gomes turned away from the table in disgust, having to ship more than half his stack across the table.

A few moments later, "Allingomes" was once again living up to his screen name. On a flop of 8♠6♠8♣, Gomes faced an all in from an opponent who had him covered and decided to go for it, committing his remaining 26,000. Holding 9♠9♦ he was in excellent shape against 6-4 offsuit and with no shenanigans on the K♣ turn and the J♠ river, he doubled right back up to 54,000.

Also departing during this level was our beloved Umbrella Man, Zachary Hall. Though we didn't witness the hand, it was impossible not to notice the absence of his multi-colored weather gear. At present, 59 players remain in the Day 1B field.

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