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LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 11-12 live updates

lapt-promo.gifThis is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information.

Blinds 1,000-2,000/150

Last updated: 1:20pm

1:34pm-- Adios, Senor Rosenkrantz

Costa Rican poker legend Jose Rosenkrantz was on the short stack coming into Day 2 and unfortunately just met his end. All in with 3♥3♠ against Horacio Courdin's K♣Q♥, the flop came down K♠Q♣9♥, leaving Rosenkrantz drawing only to two outs. The turn was the 7♣, the river the 4♠ and Rosenkrantz hit the rail.

1:20pm--Jorge Landazuri tumbles

Lautaro Curi and Jorge Landazuri went to war before the flop, Curi ending up all in for his tournament life with 4♠4♦ against Landazuri's A♣7d]. Landazuri couldn't improve and shipped a significant chunk of his once-mighty stack across the table, leaving him with about 58,000.

1:19pm--Mario Lopez doubles through Damian Salas

Damian Salas opened with a raise to 5,600 and Mario Lopez moved all in for 26,800 total. Salas made the call turning up 8♥8♣ to Lopez's A♣J♣. Though the Q♠T♥7♦ flop looked promising for Salas, the A♥ arrived on the turn and the J♠ on the river, doubling him up to better than 55,000. Salas was down but certainly not out with 35,000 remaining.

1:17pm--Nitsche contemplates chip lead

It probably goes without saying, but we feel comfortable pointing it out here. After doubling up with his 107,100, Germany's Dominik Nitsche is the runaway chip leader at this hour. He now has nearly 220,000.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9463.jpg

1:10pm--Mormoyle's timing does his chip count

Maybe he was feeling a bit froggy after his big double up, but David Mormoyle just made what we'll call...a mistake. Frankly, we missed the action up until the point he was all-in with Dominik Nitsche but here were the hands.

Mormoyle: 7♦ 8♦
Nitsche: T♦ T♥

What makes this hand amazing is not so much that they were all-in, but how much they were all-in for. See, not surprisingly, Nitsche came out on top. The board ran out Q♥ J♣ 4♣ 4♣ 3♦.

When they counted up the stacks, Nitsche had 107,100. Mormoyle had 107,200.

Mormoyle was left with a single 100 chip...not even enough to pay the ante.

1:00pm--David Mormoyle runs like the Irish

PokerStars qualifier from Ireland, David Mormoyle, started the day with a little more than 50,000 chips. It was good for an average stack. He probably didn't imagine he would nearly double up almost immediately, but that's what happened when Dutch qualifier Daniel Reijmer (pronounced Raymer, oddly enough) picked up pocket kings. They got it in pre-flop with Reijmer's kings up against Mormoyle's aces. Nothing silly happened and Mormoyle is up over 100,000.

12:50pm-- Jose Cassarro eliminated by Angel Guillen

Jose Cassano was all in for his remaining 20,000 or so and Angel Guillen made the call, turning up A♥J♣ to Cassarro's A♦3♦. There was no love for Cassarro on the K♦5♣2♠Q♣T♣ board and his day came to an early end.

12:45pm-- Gustavo Serra doubles through Jamie Ateneloff

Gustavo Serra pushed his remaining 12,000 into the middle with K♣K♥ and Jamie Ateneloff looked him up with 5♣5♥. The board ran out queen high, doubling Serra to 27,000 but hardly put a dent in Ateneloff's stack, still near the top of the pack at 96,000.

12:24pm--Shuffle up and deal

After a short delay getting set up for their time under the television lights, the players are back in action. They will finish off a couple hands in Level 11 before moving up to Level 12.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJ2_5978.jpg

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