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LAPT Mar del Plata: Sick in any language

lapt-promo.gifWe can't pinpoint exactly what's happened, but the Central Casino's matrix just went loopy. In the past 15 minutes, the word "hot-blooded' as been uttered more than a couple times. After one and half days of play, this room is finally coming unglued.

People are screaming, cursing, and trying to restrain themselves from going over the edge. If you have seasoned ears and a riot shield, it's a lot of fun to watch.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9153.jpg

Taking the room's temperature

We won't list every detail of the craziness. Instead, we'll stick to a couple of hands that need no translation.

We walked up on Costa Rican Jose Rosenkrantz in a hand with one-time chip leader Aurel Bogean of Romania. Bogean had just bet 2,000 into a 7♠ J♣ 2♣ 7♥ board. Rosenkrantz raised to 6,000. Bogean, as he has been known to do, went into the tank. Finally, he called the 4,000 extra.

The river paired the board again, this time with the 2♠.

Bogean asked how much Rosenkratz had left. It was a little less than 4,000. Bogean pondered for a moment before picking up four 1,000 denomination chips and tossing them in the middle. Rosenkrantz had quite a bit invested, but seemed a bit troubled. Finally, he pushed the rest of chips in the middle.

"Bluff," Bogean said.

Rosenkrantz didn't turn over his hand.

"Bluff!" Bogean repeated and turned over K♣ 5♣, a busted flush, and sure enough, a bluff.

Rosenkrantz didn't smile, didn't celebrate, didn't even move with any great speed. He simply turned over 3♠ 3♦.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9163.jpg

Jose Rosenkrantz

We're not sure how Romanian's say it, but the aftermath of the hand involved a word that sounded a lot like "fish." Bogean stormed off and didn't reappear for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Veronica Dabul is suffering from what our blogger friend BadBlood refers to as a "You can't lose!" moment.

Short-stacked and in need of a double-up, Dabul pushed all-in. Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes felt obliged to call in the big blind with 3♠ 7♥ (to be fair, Dabul was really short). Dabul turned over two black jacks. Then came the flop: J♦ T♥ K♣. Around the table, people congratualted Dabul for her excellent flopping skills and certain double-up.

"Wait!" said one player. "Runner-runner straight draw."

The turn was the 9♣. A sick feeling settled in. It was almost a certainty that the 8♥ would fall on the river to give Gomes the straight.

Dabul took it as well as possible. Compared the the insanity going on around her, Dabul was downright poised.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9159.jpg

Veronica Dabul

Frankly, we see it as a good thing that dinner begins in a few minutes. Maybe some food will settle everybody down. Otherwise, we're going to need more than a riot shield to make it to Day 2.

The dinner break runs until 8:00pm local time (ET + 1 hour). We'll be back then...if we survive that long.

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