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LAPT Mar del Plata: Two stories with kings

lapt-promo.gifWe're getting close to the end and the evening is paralleling last night pretty well. There was post-supper craziness followed by a food come lull followed by a dramatic lock-down by the people looking to make Day 2.

A few minutes ago, we saw two nearly identical hands with quite different results.

The first came when LAPT Vina del Mar runner-up Vincenzo Giannelli got K♠ K♣ all-in against A♥ J♦. A jack on the flop brought a bit of drama, but in the end Giannelli was shouting something that sounded a lot like, "Ship it to papa!"

Just a couple of table away, Alex Gomes had been working to build his stack back up to a respectable level. Within just a few minutes, he'd been all in a couple of times without getting called. Finally, he got a short-stack all-in. Gomes held K♥ K♠ to his opponent's A♠ J♠.This time, things went in a dramatic different direction. There wasn't just one jack on the flop. There were two. Gomes couldn't catch a king and less than half an hour on life support later, he was out.

Finally, a quick note about Mark Ioli. Since dinner--since dinner!--he has picked up queens three times and aces once. It's getting to the point that people simply assume he has a big pair and folded to every one of his raises.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJ2_5941.jpg

Ioli (left, in the headband) and his table

About one hour of play remains before we break for the night. Forty-five players remain.

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