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LAPT Florianopolis: Canadian Rudy Blondeau powers to day two lead


Day two at the LAPT Florianopolis was always about the money. The only additional detail being who would have it and who wouldn't.

Of the 185 players who returned today just 48 of them would get such a payoff, a bundle of local Rials higher in value than the bundle they handed over to the cashier when they bought into the event yesterday.

As play went hand-for-hand it looked like Wallacy Marcal would be the ideal fall guy. Crippled and nursing a stack worth no more than a big blind, Marcal put in a text book bubble performance, with plans to hold on until it was no longer physically possible within the rules of the game.

Wallacy Marcal

He did just that.

First catching an ace to go with his ace-king versus jacks, then reinforcing his entrenched position by moving all-in and winning beating two callers with king-high, providing him with the means to cling on with his hands rather than just his finger nails.

As this was going on Alexandre Fracari was at the feature table conscious that time was running out. Ultimately he fell so that others could succeed, his pocket jacks toppled by the ace of Francisco Azocar, putting and end to Fracari's tournament as the field roared in delight at his misery.

Bubble boy Alexandre Fracari

That left the rest of the day's action.

Matthias Habernig has been a prominent leader, ever since the closing stages of day one. But today that lead belonged to a Canadian, Rudy Blondeau, who had survived the effects of a bad deck and then rallied.

Blondeau first made it to 300k, then became the first player to reach 400k before his stack swelled suddenly to measure 536,500 at the close, just ahead of second placed Andre Sa who snatched a big pot at the bell. Sa bagged up 511,000.

Chip leader Rudy Blondeau

Those followed include Miguel Valardo on 392,500, Dayan Vardanega on 380,000 and Sander Aalders on 348,000.

Sander Aalders

While Angel Guillen and Leo Fernandez were unable to survive the day - although Fernandez recorded a cash finish - Team PokerStars Online Pro Jorge Arias logged a classy performance, at one point with a stack not visible to the human eye. He spun that into six figures though and closed on 113,000 with which to return to on day three.

Leo Fernandez

Jorge Arias

A long day two might well give way to a short day three. A few players and others will be hoping for something like that. Not us of course. We all return at noon tomorrow to witness events as players play down to a final table. It could be long, or it could be short, but we'll be there for every step.

Until then recap on the day's events at the links below:

Nearly 15 hours later I think we can call that a full day.

Until tomorrow.

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