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LAPT Colombia Day 1b: Level 9-10 (blinds 500-1000, ante 100)

lapt-promo.gif12:05am: Day 1b ends; Csome leads

What a comeback for Leandro Csome! Down to just 10,000 chips at one point, he came roaring back to claim the overnight chip lead with 149,000. We'll have a full recap of the day's events up on the blog soon.

11:44pm: The field sits back

With about 20 minutes to go in the night, it's clear that players are starting to sit on their chip stacks, content to bag up whatever they have and try again tomorrow. There is probably some room for the leaders to pile on some chips before we wrap things up here. Currently it appears that Leandro Csome continues to be the leader.

12 tables remain.

11:27pm: Who will bag the lead?

With 13 tables remaining in the field, we just completed a sweep, looking for big stacks. They're just not out there. Whereas yesterday, several people were competing for the title of overnight chip leader with 150,000, today the leaders are all in the 100,000 to 120,000 range -- barely 100 big blinds. Some of the contenders include:

Leandro Csome - 120,000
Cesar Mejia Medina - 115,000
Jorge ALvarado - 110,000
Julian Menendez - 102,000
Tony Ovalles - 100,000

Csome's comeback is perhaps the most remarkable. He was down to just 10,000 in chips a short while ago. But in a pot that he called a four-bet against a late-position player, they got it all in on a queen-high flop. Csome had pocket aces; his opponent had pocket kings. It was a total cooler of a hand, but that didn't stop Csome from collecting the chips and taking over the chip lead with 120,000.

11:19pm: Akkari down again

Poor Andre Akkari. His day has been rife with big wins and big losses. He found himself involved in another sizable pot playing out of the big blind against an under-the-gun raise to 3,100. ON a flop of Q♦J♦9♠, Akkari check-raised a bet of 5,000 to 25,000. The raise covered Akkari's opponent, who called all in for 17,700 total. It was basically a flip, with Akkari showing down a pair and a straight draw, J♥T♦, against his opponent's pocket aces, A♠A♦. The turn and river were running nines, dropping Akkari to 23,000 once again.

11:14pm: Nightly Notables with Lynn Gilmartin

Lynn Gilmartin interviews yours truly about the notable stories of Day 1b:

11:05pm: Level 10 begins (blinds 600-1200, ante 200, 125 players remain)

Last night, there were 123 of 330 players left at the start of Level 10. Today, 125 of 351 players remain and the start of Level 10. This is the last level of the night.

10:59pm: Menendez cautious with Big Slick

Julian Menendez is flying high again after a rough few levels. He's back up to 110,000 after playing it safe with ace-king. He opened pre-flop to 3,500 over one limper, who called to a flop of 9♦T♥Q♣. Both players checked there, checked the turn K♥ and checked the river 7♦. Menendez collected the pot by tabling A♠K♦.

10:50pm: Peluca's stack turns into a yo-yo

Up, down. Up, down. Leandro "Peluca" Csome's stack is all over the map the last two levels. He was down as short as 10,000 before tripling back up to 30,000 in a hand in which he made a wheel against a set. More recently, he opened pre-flop from under the gun to 2,300 and was called by a player in middle position and the big blind. Csome's continuation bet of 3,100 on the 7♣Q♠5♦ flop was called by the player behind him. That prompted Csome (below, right) to check-fold to the same bet on the 2♥ turn.


10:43pm: Colombian National Poker Championship -- biggest LAPT stop ever

It's official now. Tournament staff have confirmed the total size of the field in the LAPT Colombian National Poker Championship as 681 players. That means 21 alternates were squeezed into play today, creating a total Day 1b field of 351.

10:32pm: Alvarado blasts through 100k; Gonzalez takes out a short stack

All day we've been waiting for somebody to make a strong climb to the top of the counts. It's now Jorge Alvarado's turn to make us wonder if he's the one. Alvarado has quietly climbed to 120,000, the first player to clearly break through the 100k psychological barrier. His table is soon to break, however, so we'll see how that impacts him.

On the other side of the room, Pablo Gonzalez and one other player ganged up to send a short stack home. The short stack was all in pre-flop with A♥Q♠; Gonzalez had K♠Q♥ and the third player had pocket 10s. A king on the turn of a 3-8-7-K-8 board gave Gonzalez the pot and a boost to about 50,000 in chips.

10:16pm: Csome, given huge pot odds, folds

This is one of those hands where we wish we knew more of the story than we do. The river was already on board, 4♣2♥K♦A♦2♣. Leandro Csome was in middle position against one player, the big blind. With at least 25,000 in chips already in the middle, Csome's opponent made a suspiciously small bet of 3,000, giving Csome better than 9-to-1 to make the call. Csome tanked for about two minutes before quietly surrendering his cards.

On a different table, Engelberth Varela doubled up just before the break at the expense of Carlos Zapato. Varela has about 95,000 now, while Zapato is down to just 15,000.

10:05pm: Level 9 begins (blinds 500-1000, ante 100, 136 players remain)

There are two levels left in the night. A few players are flirting with 100,000 in chips but nobody out there has a monster stack.

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