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LAPT Colombia Day 2: Levels 11-14 (blinds 800-1600, ante 200)

lapt-promo.gif4:25pm: Break

Players are on their second break of the day.

4:17pm: Sudol knocks out a shorty

There is one lone American remaining in the field -- Jason Sudol, an American currently living in Colombia. He's up to 150,000 after racing a short stack pre-flop with his pocket 7s against the short stack's A♠Q♥. No luck for ace-queen this time around as the board stayed low, 2♥4♦9♦T♠9♥.

4:01pm: Tight at the top

Add Angel Diaz to the ever-lengthening list of players competing for the title of chip leader. He took out a short stack who was all in pre-flop with A♣J♥. Diaz tabled A♦K♥ and then, as he has done for two straight days, proceeded to shout up a storm as the board rolled out A-K-Q-8-9. Diaz is, without a doubt, the most exuberant player still in the field when he's involved in an all-in pot.

Adding those chips to his stack put Diaz at about 250,000. He's part of a logjam of roughly 10 of the remaining 106 players who are within spitting distance of chip leader Freddy Torres (260,000; pictured below).

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Freddy Torres Day 2-4.JPG

3:47pm: Alvarado waves the white flag

George Alvarado is down to 130,000 after losing 50,000 chips in a hand that didn't go to showdown. On the turn of a Q♥T♦4♣T♠ board, Alvarado bet 33,700 after his lone opponent checked. That player check-raised to about 90,000. We say "about" because before we could even count the raise, Alvarado snap-mucked.

That's been the story of the day for many in the field. As it went yesterday, it seems that nobody has been able to build a monster stack here today.

3:34pm: Gonzalez hanging on; Akkari falls

So far Pablo Gonzalez has avoided the fate that has befallen other Player of the Year contenders today. He's hanging on at about 65,000 in chips after recently taking down a heads-up pot. Gonzalez had the button and called a raise to 8,600. On a flop of 5♥4♠3♠, Gonazlez' opponent check-folded to a bet of 8,000. Gonazlez showed 8♥8♣.

On the Team Pro front, Andre Akkari seemed perpetually stuck at about 30,000 to 35,000 in chips for the last six hours of play. He finally got it in pre-flop with ace-jack and ran right into pocket queens. Akkari's opponent found a matching queen on the flop, leaving Akkari drawing dead after the turn fell.

Humberto Brenes is now the only remaining Team PokerStars Pro in the field.

3:21pm: Level 14 begins (blinds 1500-3000, ante 500)

3:14pm: Mejia tries to bluff the wrong guy

A three-way pot made it to the river, 4♠5♦T♣Q♣6♣. Cesar Mejia was in position against both players in the blinds, who checked the action to him. With approximately 25,000 already in the pot, Mejia made a small bet of 8,500. The small blind tanked for more than a minute, then called. The big blind folded.

Mejia pointed to the small blind. The small blind pointed back. Neither player seemed to want to open his hand. Mejia must have finally indicated he had nothing, because the small blind showed down 6♥7♠, a pair of 6s. "Do I win?" he asked. Mejia nodded and mucked, slipping to about 187,000 in chips.

2:59pm: Torres, Romero continue to lead

With blinds at 1200 and 2400, the average stack is about 35 big blinds -- and the biggest stacks in the room have only 100 big blinds. Freddy Torres (251,000) and Martin Romero (240,000, pictured below) continue to set the pace for the field, but it's certainly not a blazing pace. In a typical tournament we would definitely expect a few stacks to have more than 300,000 chips by this point of the tournament.


2:47pm: Csome busto

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Leandro Csome ended Day 1b as the overnight chip leader with 149,000 chips, 93 big blinds to start Day 2. Today he didn't even make it out of the third level of the day. His stack started to nosedive almost from the beginning of play. The last we saw, he was down to 30,000, almost exclusively in black (T100) chips. We went in to the media room to write up a hand, and when we came back out Csome's seat was empty.

The Player of the Year contenders are not having a very good Day 2.

2:38pm: Valencia gets back to where he started

Juan Carlos Valencia was one of the few people position to make a good move at the start of Day 2. Unfortunately he spun his wheels backwards and entering Level 3 was below his starting count. That's all changed as he took out a short stack. On a queen-high flop, Valencia's opponent pushed with pocket 7s and Valencia called with pocket aces. Aces held up through the river to increase Valencia's count to about 140,000.

2:20pm: Level 13 begins (blinds 1200-2400, ante 400, 140 players remain)

2:05pm: Break time

Players are on their first 15-minut break of the day.

1:55pm: Ospina gets unlucky

Add Player of the Year contender Daniel Ospina to the ranks of the busto. After doubling up early, he lost a pot and was back down to roughly what he started with, 45,000. He opened pre-flop for 4,500. A player behind Ospina three-bet to 13,600, prompting Ospina to shove his whole stack in with A♦K♠. Ospina's opponent called with A♣Q♣. The flop gave both players a sweat, 8♣4♠J♣. As soon as the third club hit the turn, T♣, and gave Ospina's opponent an unbeatable nut flush, Ospina spun on his heel and quickly strode away from the table.

1:45pm: Winners and losers

Current winners: Martin Romero. Romero started the day in third chip position with 143,800 and has done an excellent job adding to that total in the first two levels. He's currently rocking a stack of about 225,000 and seems in control of his table.

Current losers: Engelberth Varela. It took his table three hands to do it, but they finally knocked Varela out of the tournament. He was crippled by an all-in confrontation against an almost identical-sized stack, Varela's K♠T♠ failing to improve against his opponent's A♠Q♦. The next hand, Varela moved all in from early position for 3,000 chips with 6♣7♠ and was called by two players, both of whom showed down ace-king. Varela spiked a seven on the river to quadruple up to 12,000, but the following hand his Q♥T♣ failed to improve against the small blinds pocket treys.

1:28pm: Colombo gets short end of three-way all in

Osvaldo Colombo started the day with 138,600 chips, then quickly moved up to contest for the chip lead. He started a recent hand with 225,000 and pocket jacks. He opened pre-flop from middle position. Jose Carlos Rodriguez then shoved his button for 9,700 and was met with a four-bet re-shove by the big blind for 54,700. Colombo got in there as well for a big pot. Rodriguez showed down A♠9♠; the big blind had A♣A♦. But two spades on the flop and a third on the turn gave the main pot to Rodriguez. He moved to about 35,000. The big blind collected the side pot of 90,000 as his aces held against Colombo's jacks. And Colombo (pictured below) came back down to 170,000.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Osvaldo Colombo Day 2-1.JPG

1:18pm: Bertoli doubles through Csome

A slow start to the day gets worse for Leandro Csome. He just doubled up Tullio Bertoli in a limped pot after Bertoli flopped trip sixes from the big blind with 10-6. Bertoli is up to about 67,000, while Csome falls back to about 120,000.

Team Online player, and start-of-the-day chip leader Freddy Torres spoke with just before play began. Take a look!

1:14pm: Kings not kind to Castro

A large part of tournament poker is getting your big hands to hold up at the right times. Andres Castro opened pre-flop with a standard raise from late position, then snap-called when the small blind moved all in for 22,700. Castro's red kings were trying to dodge a bullet, as the small blind showed down A♦K♣. All clear on the 2♦3♦2♥ flop. All clear on the J♣ turn. And then, of course, the ace from space with the A♥ river, much to the delight of the small blind and the disgust of Castro.

Castro is down to 85,000.

1:05pm: Level 12 begins (blinds 1000-2000, ante 300, 178 players remain)

12:56pm: Team Pro update

There are two Team PokerStars Pros that made it through to Day 2: Andre Akkari and Humberto Brenes. Akkari, after a crazy Day 1, is currently grinding a stack of about 35,000. With blinds soon up to 1,000 and 2,000, he's starting to get short.

Brenes started the day with about 50,000 and has worked that up to 65,000. His chips are joined on the table by a bottle of Coke Zero, a shark toy, and four packs of Extra brand gum.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Humberto Brenes Day 2-1.JPG

Although he's not a Team Pro, the chip leader for Day 2, Freddy Torres, is a member of Team Online and deserves a mention too. His count hasn't changed much yet. He did just take down a small pot from Julian Menendez. Menendez bet 7,000 on a flop of 4♥3♥Q♠ and was called in position by Torres. Torres took the pot down with a bet of 11.000 on the 8♥ turn as Menendez checked and then folded.

12:46pm: Csome slow out of the gate also

Leandro Csome has been carefully building an impressive chip tower to start the day. Unfortunately for him it's mostly built of black (T100) chips. Csome tried a three-bet ot 8,300 from the button in a recent hand, after the cutoff player opened to 3,500. That player called, then shoved a flop of 6♣5♦8♣ for 36,000. Csome frowned, sighed, peeked at his cards and then helicoptered them into the muck. His opponent showed pocket 7s.

12:35pm: Setback for Ponce

Carlos Ponce started the day as one of a handful of players that could claim a six-figure stack. He can't make that claim any longer. He min-raised the small blind player from 12,000 to 24,000 on a board of A♣7♠Q♦3♦. The small blind called, then shoved the 4♣ river for his last 11,800. Ponce called, then mucked when the small blind showed A♥Q♥ for top two pair.

One other player at the table requested a ruling from the floor regarding whether or not Ponce should be forced to table his hand, given it was an all-in situation. The floor replied that Ponce was within his rights to muck without showing.

12:25pm: No action for Menendez

With an average stack to start the day of approximately 30 big blinds, it should not be surprising that tables are breaking quickly. Julian Menendez put himself at risk on a three-way flop of 9♦6♣T♣. Playing from the small blind, he checked to the big blind, who bet 12,000. Luis Yepez called in early position before Menendez moved all in for about 80,000. The big blind passed, putting the decision back to Yepez. He tanked for roughly a minute before folding.

Menendez and Yepez are both in the minority today, as neither is from the host country Colombia. 122 of the 205 Day 2 starters call Colombia their home.

12:16pm: The slaughter begins

"How many players did you tell me we started with?" a media colleague asked ten minutes into the level.

"205," I replied. "Doscientos cinco."

"So we've lost three already?"

At least that many. One of the fallen was at Daniel Ospina's table. On the very first hand of the day, they got 40,000 chips each into the middle pre-flop on a flip, Ospina's ace-jack against his opponent's pocket tens. An ace fell on the river to give Ospina the best hand and increase his count to about 95,000.

12:05pm: Level 11 begins (blinds 800-1600, ante 200, 205 players remain)

The 205 combined Day 1 survivors are in their seats and ready to go. Live updates will be brought to you today by Dave "F-Train" Behr (a writer of no renown), Carlos Monti (an extraordinary photographer), and Juan Valdez (a man with a donkey and a bag of coffee beans).

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