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LAPT Colombia Day 2: Levels 19-22 (blinds 5000-10000, ante 1000)

lapt-promo.gif1:31am: Two eliminations to end Day 2

Martin Romero put in a strong showing on Day 2, but as the stacks became shallower and shallower he lost most of his leverage. He eventually moved all in with pocket kings but was outdrawn by ace-queen.

And on the very last hand of the night, Stuart McDonald's T♥6♠ took care of short-stacked Alejandro Araya's A♥7♠ by rivering a straight, 2♣Q♥K♦9♠J♦.

WIth 28 players left, the chip bags are out. Players are done for Day 2. We'll figure out the overnight leader and summarize the day's events in a separate post shortly.

1:22am: Castillo doesn't call McDonald's shove

We joined a hand in progress between Gilbert Castillo and Stuart McDonald. Castillo checked the turn, 3♦J♠6♥5♥, then raised to 136,000 after McDonald bet 36,000. McDonald called to the river, which was the Q♥. Castillo checked again, inducing McDonald to move all in for 251,000. Castillo seemed pained, and leaned forward in his seat several times to eyeball McDonald's chips. He finally folded.

McDonald is up to about 600,000.

1:07am: Updated chip counts

David Garcia (pictured below) continues to lead the field, but his lead could hardly be called overwhelming.

David Garcia: 730,000
Gilbert Castillo: 600,000
Jonathan Markovits: 575,000
Julian Menendez: 535,000
Cesar Mejia: 450,000
Stuart McDonald: 445,000


12:57am: Markowits keeps pot small with top pair

The 6♠T♦4♣ flop was already on board when we walked up to Jonathan Markowits' table. He was sitting in position and called a bet of 31,000. Markowits called another 41,000 on the Q♠ turn and 60,000 on the 4♥ river. As soon as he called the river bet, Markowits' opponent grimaced and shook his head. Markowits tabled a pair of tens, A♥T♠, to collect the pot and climb to 600,000.

12:42am: Carlos Borda eliminated

It came down to a flip for Carlos Borda. He moved all in for 36,000 with 9♠9♦ and was called by Alejandro Araya, who tabled A♦K♦. The dealer very slowly and deliberately spread the flop and found an ace hiding at the bottom of it, T♠T♥A♥. Borda was gone after the 7♠ turn and 6♣ river.

We're down to 31 players, and rumor has it that we'll be ending Day 2 at the conclusion of this level, whether the tournament reaches two tables or not.

12:31am: Level 20 begins (blinds 6000-12000, ante 2000, 33 players remain)

12:23am: Triple up for Hermosilla

Most of the action is pre-flop at this point. After a raise to 25,000 that Alejandro Araya called, new chip leader David Garcia three-bet to 63,000. Marta Rodriguez Hermosilla (pictured below)had the button and moved all in for 123,000. The action passed back to the original raiser, who also moved all, for 178,000. Araya and Garcia both folded, taking the hand to showdown. Hermosilla's T♦T♠ was a dog to her opponent's A♦A♥, but four spades on a board of A♠2♠9♠7♦3♠ bailed her out and gave her a triple up to 357,000.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Marta Rodriguez Hermosilla-1.JPG

12:13am: New chip leader

750,000 sounds like a lot of chips. Of course, for this stage of the tournament -- blinds of 5,000 and 10,000 with a 1,000-chip ante -- it's only 75 big blinds. But that's what qualifies for the chip lead here in Level 19 of the LAPT Colombian National Poker Championship. The man behind the stack is Colombian David Garcia.

12:02am: Forero doubles through Romero

Martin Romero saw the chance to finally create that big stack that this tournament has been lacking. After Victor Forero opened for 27,000, Romero three-bet to 87,000. Action passed back to Forero, who moved all in. Romero asked for a count (207,000), then called with J♦J♠. Forero showed A♣K♦ and the race was on. This round went to Forero, 5♣A♦T♥8♥4♥. Forero increased his count to 437,000, while Romero dropped back to 193,000.

On a different table, Juan Carlos Valencia moved his last 70,000 into the pot with A♠7♥. He was called by A♦K♥ and did not improve.

11:45pm: Recent eliminations

They're starting to fly out the door now. The follow players all received 3,567,000 Colombian Pesos:

46th: Andres Castro
47th: Luiz Andrade
48th: Juan Espana
49th: Christian Caldas
50th: Paul De Leon
51st: Andres Pinzon
52nd: Juan Botero
53rd: Humberto Brenes
54th: Ezio Fenocchio

11:30pm: Level 19 begins (blinds 5000-10000, ante 1000)

Play has resumed. We're trying to shrink the field to two tables before the night ends. While that happens, review the notable stories of the day with Lynn Gilmartin and PokerStars blogger Reinaldo Venegas.

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