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LAPT Lima: Day 1 live updates, Levels 6-10

lapt-promo.gif12:11am: Bag 'em up!

We're done! It looks as though approximately 120 players have made it through to tomorrow's Day 2, with Daniel Ospina sporting what looks to be the biggest stack in the room with 264,200. Stay tuned for more details, including a full recap of today's action.

ospina-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON 00312.JPG

Daniel Ospina

12:05am: Lopez loses just a few

A player under the gun raised to 3,100, and Team PokerStars Online member Karlo Lopez splashingly called. The others got out, then the two combatants checked down the 5♠4♥8♦ flop, 6♠ turn, and 9♠ river. The preflop raiser tabled J♦J♣, and Lopez nodded and tossed his cards dealerward.

Lopez has just under 100,000.

11:59pm: Five more hands

The tourney clock has been paused and it was just announced -- "cinco manos" and we'll be done for the night.

11:53pm: Onward and upward for Ospina

A player in middle position opened and it folded around to current chip leader Daniel Ospina in the big blind who called, then announced he was checking in the dark.

The flop came J♣7♥J♥ and following Ospina's check the raiser checked as well. The turn was the 9♦. Ospina checked again, his opponent bet 4,600, and Ospina made the call. The river then brought the 3♦ and another check from Ospina. This time his opponent fired 9,300, and Ospina began considering the situation out loud.

"I think you have like a pair of tens," said Ospina, eyeing his opponent. Finally he called, and when he did his opponent immediately mucked his cards. Ospina turned over his -- K♠9♦ -- and scooped the pot.

He's up around 215,000 now with 10 minutes left on the clock.

11:36pm: Brenes bets, collects

We caught up with this one on the river, with more than 20,000 in the middle and the board reading 4♣8♥8♣A♥T♦. Humberto Brenes pushed out a relatively small bet of 6,000, and after some thought his opponent called. Brenes showed A♠Q♣, good enough to take it down.

The Shark has about 60,000, putting him a few thousand above the average with 124 players left. We have a little under a half-hour of poker to go tonight.

11:22pm: We have a new chip leader: Daniel Ospina

Daniel Ospina from Colombia via Phoenix, Arizona is trying to become the first player to pass the 200k chip mark. His stack is over 195K at the moment.

11:15pm: Luis Jepez goes berserk

We caught the action when an unknown short-stack shoved. Luis Jepez from Venzeula called. Pablo Freschi re-raised about 30K to isolate. Jepez re-raised all-in and Feschi called. The dealer asked the players to turn over their hands. Freschi tabled A♦K♥. The unknown shorty flipped over K♠T♥. Jepez hollywooded a bit with a psudeo-slow roll when he called over to one of his friends and dramatically slammed pocket Aces on the table. He screamed, "Vamooooooo!" A large crowd quickly gathered around the table to investigate the commotion. Feschi, who had been rather quiet and expressionless all day, openly frowned at Jepez's antics as he screamed "Chiquita!" The board ran out: T♣3♣5♥3♦7♠ and Jepez's Aces held up. He busted the shorty and doubled through Feschi to improve his stack to 54K. Meanwhile, Frecshi slipped to around 52K.

When the dealer pushed the pot to Jepez, he pulled a crinkled $100 USD bill out of his pocket and tried to give it to the dealer. The dealer looked at the bill and shook his head. Jepez put the bill back in his pocket, then raked in his pot.

11:11pm: Gallo's pole (position)

Lisandro Gallo opened for 3,100 from under the gun and the table folded around to Angel Guillen in the big blind. Guillen checked his cards, fiddled with his chips, then leaned over a bit animatedly to get a better read on Gallo's demeanor. Gallo sat quietly, staring directly ahead. Both players have amassed well-above average stacks during the first nine levels of play, making a possible confrontation between the two all the more tantalizing.

At last Guillen folded and Gallo flashed him one card -- the always-pretty A♠ -- before taking the chips. Gallo has about 160,000 right now, one of the biggest stacks we've seen in the room, while Guillen has the chips to challenge him with 135,000.

11:07pm: Last level

One hour of poker left to go here at Day 1 of the LAPT Lima Main Event.

10:57pm: Arias Out

Jorge Arias of Team PokerStars Online had dwindled down to 11,200 when he open-raised all in from the small blind, and after a bit of study his neighbor to the left made the call. Arias had K♣6♦ and his opponent Q♣T♠.

The 8♣7♥2♦ flop was okay for Arias, but the Q♦ turn and T♦ river were not. "Good luck everybody," said Arias as he stood to leave.

There are less than 150 players remaining as we move toward the end of Level 9.

10:45pm: Akkari 1, Robertito 0

It was the battle of the blinds. Action was folded to Roberto "Robertito" Brenes in the small blind. He raised and Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari called from the big blind. The flop was 9♦3♦2♠ and both players checked. The turn was the J♠. Robertito bet 2.6k. Akkari called. The river was Q♣. The card spooked Robertito and he slowed down. When he checked, Akkari reached for three 1,000 chips and they glided across the felt. A perplexed Robertito tanked with his eyes fixated on the river card. Akkari and Robertito made some small talk, but Robertito could not come to a decision. When one of the other players at the end of the table decided to call the clock, Robertito said, "I fold."

Akkari decided to show his hand and tabled K♠Q♠ for a rivered pair of queens.

"I knew you hit that river!" Robertito said.

akkari-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON 00287.JPG10:30pm: Nico Fierro passes 100k

Nico Fierro from Chile is closing in on the overall lead after he flopped a set of Jacks and sunk his opponent, who tried to push him off his hand with just top pair holding A-J. The got it all in on the flop of J♥5♠3♣. Nico's set held up and he improved to over 110K.

10:15pm: Juancho jumps up with A-K over A-K

New chip leader Pablo Freschi opened for 2,400 from middle position and it folded around to Juan "Juancho" Rodriguez who promptly made it 7,400 from the big blind. Freschi went into the tank, and when he began stacking chips as if to raise, Rodriguez gathered his remaining chips -- about 50,000 -- into a single column and held them as if ready to repop it should Freschi put in a four-bet.

And that's what happened. Freschi made it 18,200, and Rodriguez swiftly set his remaining chips forward. Freschi thought about it just a beat, then called, turning over A♦K♠. The table collectively chuckled for a moment when Rodriguez showed his hand -- A♥K♥.

But then came the flop -- 4♥6♥K♣ -- and suddenly all became serious again. The turn was the 5♠, but the river brought the 7♥ and the heart flush to Rodriguez who clapped his hands once while Freschi sat with a stoic look.

Rodriguez bolts up to 120,000 while Freschi still has about 90,000.

10:07pm: Players are back

We're now on level 9. Blinds have increased to 500-100 with a 100 ante. 160 players remaining. We're playing 2 more levels before we call it a night.

9:53pm: Break Time

Last one of the night. 15 minutes to think about life, the universe, and opponents who raise from UTG with J-2 offsuit. Then it's two more one-hour levels left to go.

9:51pm: Andre over Engelberth

Shortly after becoming the latest to join the 100,000-chip, Engelberth Varela just now got himself involved in an interesting hand versus Andre Akkari.

Akkari opened with a raise to 2,000 from under the gun and it folded back around to Varela who called from the small blind. Roberto Brenes, sitting in the big blind, folded, and the two remaining players watched the flop come K♦8♦2♥. Varela checked, Akkari continued for 3,100, and Varela called. Both players then checked the K♣ turn.

The river brought the 2♣ and a second pair to the board. Varela quickly checked, then Akkari pushed out a bet of 5,600. Varela sat up scratching his chin, then took about a minute longer to consider the situation. Finally he looked over at Akkari, exhaled, and set the calling chips out before him.

Akkari quickly tabled his hand -- J♣2♠! He'd rivered the underfull, and Varela patted the felt acknowledging Akkari. Varela slips to about 80,000, while Akkari moves back to around half that as we approach the last break of the night.

9:50pm: Spotlight with Nacho Barbero, Part 1

Lynn Gilmartin sat down with last year's champion Nacho Barbero to discuss how he got into poker. Check out Part 1 here....

9:45pm: Pablo Freschi = new chipleader

We have a brand new chipleader... Pablo Freschi from Argentina. He's got almost 120,000.

9:40pm: Engelberth Varela = 100k man

We have another member of the 100K club... Engleberth Varela of Venezuela. He's sitting to Roberto Brenes' right and has almost 105K.

9:26pm: Freddy 'sirfreddy83' Torres eliminated

Team Online Pro Freddy 'sirfreddy83' Torres just busted out. He shoved with a short-stack with K♥T♥. His opponent called with A-Q and flopped an ace. That's all she wrote for Torres.

9:12pm: Malott is doing something

American Andrew Malott, a PokerStars qualifier, has been steadily chipping up since cards first went in the air about nine hours ago.

Just now he opened a pot from middle position for 2,000 and got one caller from the big blind. The flop came 8♦Q♥7♣ and Malott's opponent checked. As he studied his stack, his opponent moved to push his cards forward, clearly ready to give up to any bet. The dealer was a bit more persistent, however, continuing to look at Malott as he awaited some action. Malott perfunctorily set out a stack of chips to signify a bet, satisfying all and he took the pot.

"'Do something!' he was saying," said Malott with a grin, referring to how he'd interpreted the dealer's look. Malott has been doing plenty today, having improved his stack to 75,000.

9:03pm: 20 tables remaining

We have approximately 191 players left, and it looks like we're about to break a table.

9:00pm: Christian de Leon eliminated

Team PokerStars Pro Christian de Leon from Mexico had been nursing a short stack since the dinner break and he just hit the road when his A-Q lost to A-K.

8:57pm: Faiber Rodriguez = 100k

The first player to pass the 100K mark is Faiber Rodriguez from Colombia. After busting a player he's now up to over 103K.

8:53pm: Now playing Level 8

We're on a new level. Blinds are now 400-800 with a 100 ante.

8:48pm: Shirley Rosario snaps off aces

At dinner break, Shirley Rosario joked that no-limit hold'em is kinda boring. Shirley is a mixed games guru, specializing in Omaha 8 or better. She won the California State HORSE championship in Los Angeles 11 months ago and at the end of February she shipped another HORSE event at the L.A. Poker Classic.

Shirley nearly doubled up in the first level, but her stack has been stagnant for most of the afternoon. She started to slip just before the dinner break, but she just revived her stack after busting an opponent. We caught the action on the flop of K♦9♦8♦. She had gotten it all-in with 4♦3♦ against A♥A♠. She had her opponent covered and her flush won the pot. She improved her stack to over 51K.

No-limit might be boring for some, but snapping off Aces has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings across the poker spectrum.

8:39pm: Gonzalo gonzo

We just had an exciting -- and loud -- three way all-in involving Gonzalo de Alzaga of Peru and two others. De Alzada held A♦K♠ and his opponents had Q♠Q♥ and T♣9♠, respectively.

The flop came 8♣J♣T♥, meaning the queens still led -- barely. The K♣ landed on the turn, and de Alzada shouted happily in response as he'd taken the lead -- again, barely. The shouting continued after the J♠ river, signifying to all in the room that de Alzaga's hand had somehow escaped as the best of the three.

His reward? About 70,000 chips.

8:29pm: The heart of de Leon

PokerStars Team Pro Christian de Leon continues to hang on. Just now a player raised from middle position, another called from the cutoff, then de Leon pushed all in, forcing everyone else out. The last to fold showed 3♠3♣ before he did, sharing a nod with de Leon.

De Leon hovers just below 20,000.

8:23pm: A boat for Ismael

A player in middle position made a standard preflop raise and only Ismael Cadiz, sitting to his left, called. There was about 4,000 in the middle when the flop came 7♦9♣6♣. Both checked. The turn brought the A♦ and a check from the preflop raiser. Cadiz quickly bet 1,500, and his opponent called.

The river brought the 6♠. Cadiz' opponent checked, and Cadiz again didn't hesitate before betting 1,500 once more. His opponent thought about 20 seconds, then called. Cadiz flipped over A♥6♥ for a full house, and his opponent mucked.

Cadiz now has about 50,000.

8:26pm: Roberto Brenes surging

Humberto Brenes' youngest son is the chipleader among the Brenes clan (all three who bought in are still alive and flourishing). One player opened for 1,500. Gus Echeverri, a famous polo player from Costa Rica, called. Roberto bumped it up to 3,500. Both players called. The flop was J♣7♦5♥. Both players checked to Roberto, who reached for his chips and fired out 8K. The unknown player folded and Gus shoved. Roberto snap-called with Aces. Gus flipped over pocket Queens. The turn and the river were blanks and Gus the polo legend was eliminated. Roberto Brenes is now sitting on 85.5K.

8:17pm: Bouncin' round the room

We made a quick survey of the room. This is what we saw...

- Jorge "TwinCaracas" Arias busted a player. We didn't catch the hand, but we saw him crack a smile as the dealer pushed him the pot.

- Christian de Leon is sitting at Humberto Brenes' table. He has around 16K. Meanwhile, Brenes is closing in 60K.

- Freddy Torres lost a pot to two pair. He slipped to around 26K.

8:14pm: Mario Lopez loses a post; still chipleader

Mario Lopez got it all in with pocket Jacks against a short stack's pocket Queens. Before the dinner break, Lopez was racing toward 100K, trying to become the first player to cross that milestone. However, after he lost that pot, he slipped to around 88.5K.

8:04pm: Twin for the win

Team PokerStars Online member Jorge "TwinCaracas" Arias has had a relatively steady day today, mostly maintaining a roughly average stack.

Just now he was involved in a blind-vs.-blind confrontation in which he and his neighbor, having built a pot of about 4,500, saw the flop come all hearts -- 3♥J♥K♥. The small blind pushed out a bet of 1,500, then Arias raised to 4,100, prompting a hasty fold.

That puts Arias at about 26,000, a bit south of the current chip average of just under 32,000.

jorgeariasLAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON 00180.JPG7:52pm: Players return from dinner break

237 players remain. We're playing four more one-hour levels tonight. We're now on level 6. The blinds are 300-600 with a 100 ante.

7:15pm: Chatting with Akkari on the break

Lynn Gilmartin interviewed Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari during one of the breaks. Listen in...

6:36pm: Dinner time

It's time to hit that buffet downstairs here at the Atlantic City Casino. Players are going on a 75-minute dinner break. Around 240 of them will be returning. As will we.

6:24pm: Angel rising

Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen opened from middle position with a minimum-raise to 800 and it folded around to the big blind who called. The flop came 8♣6♥A♠, and Guillen's opponent quickly checked. The Mexican measured out a c-bet of 1,100, and his opponent thought a beat before stepping aside.

Slowly but surely, Guillen has increased his stack to close to 60,000 over the first six levels. We're currently about 10 minutes from the completion of the level, at which time the dinner bell will ring.

6:10pm: Chatting with Gualter Salles

Lynn Gilmartin chatted with Team PokerStars Brazil Pro Gualter Salles during one of the breaks.

5:55pm: Chiquita!

If you had 5:55pm local time in the pool for the first time a player shouted "Chiquita!", then you'll win. Just now, one player shouted "Chiquita!" and a few other players randomly shouted back "Chiquita!"

5:50pm: 25 tables remaining

All of the tables that were outside the ballroom have been broken. Approximately 245 players are playing on 25 tables inside the ballroom.

5:40pm: Neto loses a few

Joao "Jack Bauer" Neto opened with a raise from the hijack seat and got three callers from the button and blinds, creating a pot of about 5,000. The flop came Q♦A♥3♣ and it checked to Neto who continued for 2,800. The player on the button called, and both blinds got out.

The turn brought the 6♠ and a couple of checks, then the 5♥ fell on the river. Neto checked again, and when his opponent responded with a check of his own, Neto shook his head, mucking even before his opponent showed his Q♠9♣. Neto sits with about 40,000 at present.

5:37pm: Level 6 begins

We're halfway through the scheduled 10 levels for Day 1. The blinds are now 200-400 with a 75 ante.

Day1-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON 00118.JPGRefresh this page for updates from levels 6-10 of the $2,300+$200 NLH Main Event.

LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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