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LAPT Lima: Day 2 live updates, Levels 11-13

lapt-promo.gif3:15pm: Level 13 ends; 70 remain

3:01pm: Fernandez still fighting

Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez began today on the super short stack, built up over 100,000, then had slipped back down into below-average territory. We just came upon another reversal of fortune for Fernandez. We didn't see at what point in the hand all the chips went in, but he held Q♥8♦, his opponent 6♥6♠, and the board read J♣J♦9♣T♦A♦, giving Fernandez the straight.

He's back to just under 100,000 again, almost exactly the average stack with 71 players left.

LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 002 00325.JPG2:55pm: Lopez lets it go

Team PokerStars Online player Karlo Lopez opened with a raise from the hijack seat, the player in the cutoff reraised, and it folded back around to Lopez who called. The flop came A♣T♦K♥ and Lopez checked. His opponent fired a bet of 16,000 -- about half the pot -- and Lopez showed his J♠J♥ as he folded.

Lopez is hovering around 100,000 at the moment.

2:50pm: Angel Guillen eliminated with "Dead Man's Hand"

Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen made a move with A-8 and shoved with a short-stack but found himself up against pocket Kings. His opponent flopped a set of Kings to win the pot. Guillen ended up with two pair, the infamous dead man's hand -- Aces and eights. In 1876, Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Deadwood, North Dakota while playing five-card draw in a saloon. At the time, he was holding two pair -- Aces and eights.

2:45pm: Brenes Watch

Humberto Brenes got moved to the feature table on the stage in the front of the room. He's currently deep into a back massage and nursing a 70K stack. His son, Robertitio, has around 60K and he's listening to to his iPod... Fallout Boy to be exact according to our Costa Rican colleague Rey. Robertito is currently sitting at a tough table with João "Jack Bauer" Neto's monster stack to his right and Derek Lerner to his left. Jack Bauer has been vacuuming up chips as he passed the 300k mark.

2:31pm: Live and Lerner

Just caught the end of an odd hand between Derek Lerner and Joao Neto. Both are sporting megastacks at the moment, and are getting involved with one another frequently, although all of the pots have been relatively small thus far.

In this one both had checked the Q♦5♣A♣ flop and K♦ turn. The 6♦ came on the river, and Neto checked once more. Lerner carved out 8,300 -- about two-thirds of the pot -- and pushed it forward. Neto paused, then made the call.

"You got it," said Lerner, who watched as Neto began sliding his cards -- still face down -- toward the dealer. "No, you have to show," Lerner added, not ready to relinquish his. Neto tabled his hand -- T♥7♥! "Ten-high?!" said Lerner. "I have a jack," he added, the surprise evident in his voice as he turned over J♦4♥.

The dealer, perhaps confused by the rhythm of the action on fifth street, actually began to slide the chips Neto's way, but Lerner quickly instructed him of his error. Lerner is now sitting with about 240,000 or so, while Neto has close to 320,000. We'll try to keep an eye on those two to see if any larger skirmishes develop.

2:20pm: Level 13 begins

2:03pm: Break time

Players are on their first 15-minute break of the day.

1:57pm: 87 remain

We're approaching the end of Level 12. The remaining players -- 87 of them -- are now gathered around 10 tables here in the poker room on the second floor of the Atlantic City Casino. The top 48 finishers make the money, and the last 24 will make it through to tomorrow.

1:45pm: Shirley Rosario eliminated

Victor Shuchleib opened for 4.8K. Jimmy Castano called from the button. Shirley woke up with A-Q in the big blind. She shoved for 37K. Victor tank-called, while Jimmy tank-folded and tabled pocket deuces. Shirley was racing against pocket sevens. Although she flopped a Queen and rivered an Ace for two pair, Victor flopped a set of sevens to win the pot. And... Shirley Rosario is out.

Shirley Rosario1:36pm: Ospina spins up stack further

Daniel Ospina continues to build that big stack. And make life uncomfortable for the others having to deal with his aggression.

Just now we came upon a hand in which the board read 6♣Q♦A♥A♦ and Ospina's opponent, playing out of the blinds, checked with seeming frustration. Ospina pushed out a bet and his opponent quickly folded his pocket kings face up.

Ospina is sitting with about 330,000 at present.

1:30pm: Welcome to Day 2 with Humberto Brenes

Lynn Gilmartin chatted with Humberto Brenes about the success the Brenes clan has been having at the LAPT Lima...

1:18pm: In honor of Akkari

João "Jack Bauer" Neto had a Brazilian flag with him today. In honor of his fellow countryman Andre Akkari's absence, he draped a flag over his empty chair. If you're just joining us, Akkari's father passed away last night and he had to leave Lima to return home to Brazil.

In honor of Akkari1:10pm: João "Jack Bauer" Neto doubles up

Mauricio Zeman opened UTG for 4K. Action folded to João "Jack Bauer" Neto who called. The flop was 6♠4♣3♠. Zeman bet 6.5K. Jack Bauer raised to 15K. Zeman reraised to 35K. Jack Bauer called. The turn was the 10s. Zeman shoved all-in (he had Jack Bauer covered) and Bauer snap-called for his last 47K. Zeman flipped over pocket Aces, while Jack Bauer tabled pocket treys for a flopped set. The river didn't help Zeman and Jack Bauer doubled up to approximately 170k.

1:02pm: Big blind special

We came upon this one on the turn. Brad Stebeleski, playing from the big blind, had pushed all in with the board showing 9♣8♣5♠2♦, and Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen, sitting a couple of seats to Stebelski's left, was contemplating what to do.

Finally Guillen called, and Stebeleski quickly showed his 7♥6♣ for the flopped straight. Guillen tabled K♠K♣, a hand which no river card could help. Stebeleski bumps up to 120,000 there, which Guillen now has about 50,000.

12:54pm: Ospina ousts a Brenes

One of the three remaining members of the Brenes family has been eliminated, at the hands of chip leader Daniel Ospina. Alex Brenes was all in preflop with Q♥Q♣ but unfortunately for him was up against Ospina's K♥K♦. The board came 5♣9♦7♠9♠J♥, and Brenes hit the rail.

Ospina further widens the distance between himself and the rest of the field. He's still stacking, but appears to have crossed the 300,000-chip mark with that one.

12:48pm: Brad Stebeleski's chip and a chair

Online qualifer Brad Stebeleski from Canada started the day among the short stacks. After paying his big blind and ante, Brad was nearly down to his last 1,000 chip and woke up with pocket Aces to double up. He doubled up again with pcoket sixes against Oscar Quijada's Big Slick. Brad turned a set, which held up, and now he's sitting on almost 40K.

12:35pm: Derek Lerner flushes out Rafael Fernandez

Rafael Fernandez shoved with a shorty and Derek Lerner called from the big blind. Fernandez flipped ober A♦T♥ and he was trailing Lerner's A♣Q♣. The board ran out K♣J♠3♣A♦T♣ and Fernandez thought he doubled up with a two pair, but Lerner busted him when he rivered a flush.

12:28pm: Neto on the move

Joao "Jack Bauer" Neto was just moved over to Table 5 and is sitting to right of the empty seat that had been reserved for Andre Akkari. One imagines the always active Neto will be a little more so without having to worry about Akkari acting after him.

Neto just opened a hand with a raise to 3,600, got one caller from the cutoff, then Grigory Livshits reraised to 13,500 from the button. It folded back to Neto who contemplated a moment, then announced he was all in. Livshits thought awhile as well before folding.

Neto has about 120,000 at present, and Livshits 70,000.

12:21pm: Perez trips up Michalczweski

PokerStars qualifier Luis Felipe Perez just eliminated Perla Michalczweski of Argentina, one of the few women left in the field. Michalczweski was all in preflop with pocket queens vs. Perez' pocket jacks, and a jack on the turn sent her to the rail. Meanwhile, Perez chips up over 100,000.

12:10pm: Derek Lerner tale of two queens

Derek Lerner and Perla Michalczewski went to battle. With approximately 22K in the pot per-flop, they were heads-up for the flop of A♥6♠4♣. Both players checked. The turn was the K♥, and both players checked again. The A♠ fell on the river. Perla checked and Lerner bet 8K in chips. Perla sighed and mucked. She tabled a pair of black Queens. Lerner peeked back at his cards as the dealer pushed him the pot.

"I have the red Queens," he mentioned. "See for yourself."

Lerner slid his hole cards to his left, where Leo Fernandez peeked at them before tabling... the red Queens.

"No!!!!!!" bemoaned Perla.

"I actually thought you had tens," said Lerner as he re-stacked his chips.

11:50pm: Our condolences to Andre Akkari

We just got word that Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari will not be returning to action on Day 2. His father passed away and he needed to fly home to Brazil. Akkari would have started today 18th in chips, but now his stack will be blinded out. We here at PokerStars Blog would like to offer up our deepest sympathies to the entire Akkari family.

11:45am: Welcome back; Day 2 to begin shortly

The players have entered the tournament area and are currently unbagging their chips. Action will resume in approximately 15 minutes. The goal is to play down to the final 24 players. The money bubble will burst today. The fortunate souls among the final 48 players will secure a cut of the prize pool. Stay tuned for live updates.

LAPT LIMA LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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