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LAPT Lima: Day 2 live updates, Levels 14-16

lapt-promo.gif6:44pm: Players take a break

The final 35 players are on a 15-minute break. The staff will also be removing the pink 500 denomination chips from play.

6:35pm: Down to 35 players; Recent eliminations

Here are the most recent eliminations. Each earned $3,870:

39th - Andrey Lobzhanidze

38th - David Rojas

37th - Abraham Hazin

36th - Marko Popovich

6:21pm: Some stacks

Chips are moving fairly quickly at the moment, but we managed to take a quick snapshot of a few players' stacks. Here's what we saw:

Daniel Ospina - 645,000

Joao Neto - 415,000

Karlo Lopez (Team PokerStars Online) - 400,000

Samar Hodali - 265,000

Brad Stebeleski - 260,000

Oscar Quijada - 205,000

Derek Lerner - 185,000

Gabriel Otranto - 185,000

Gonzalo de Alzaga - 85,000

6:15pm: Down to 39 players; Recent eliminations

Here are the most recent eliminations. Each earned $3,870:

42nd - Jorge Zuazo

41st - Marcos da Silva

40th - Joao Fernandez

6:06pm: Pisco Sour time!

Join Lynn Gilmartin as she delves into the local beverage of choice -- Pisco Sours.

6:00 pm: Akkari finishes 43rd

Unable to play his 100,000-plus chip stack on Day 2, Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari has nonetheless made the money, finishing 43rd (for $3,870).

5:53pm: Recent eliminations

Here are the first five players to make the money, all of whom earned $3,870:

48th - Juan Matizaro

47th - Humberto Brenes

46th - Leo Fernandez

45th - Yueh-Ru Tsai

44th - Christian Velasquez

5:47pm: Fernandez foiled

Following his Team PokerStars teammate Humberto Brenes, Leo Fernandez has exited in 46th place. We caught up with his bustout hand on the turn, at which point the board showed A♣T♥2♥7♠ and about 80,000 was in the middle.

Fernandez' opponent, Samar Hodali (the last woman standing, incidentally), bet 40,000, leaving herself about 85,000 behind. Fernandez tanked, then reraised all in with his last 86,500. Hodali then was the one tanking. The clock was finally called, and with just three seconds left she called, showing 8♣7♦ for eights. Fernandez tabled A♥Q♠ for top pair, and appeared in decent shape with one card to come.

Alas for Fernandez, the river brought the 8♠, giving Hodali two pair and sending the Argentinian out in 46th.

5:43pm: The shark is sunk

Action following the bursting of the bubble has quickened considerably, and among the all-ins Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is among the first to make the money, finishing in 16th place.

Brenes was all in with a pair of nines against an opponent holding Big Slick. The flop then brought two aces, and the turn a king, and Brenes was soon joining his son, Roberto, on the rail.

5:35pm: Jack Bauer finally loses a pot

João "Jack Bauer" Neto had his A♣A♥ snapped by Pablo Gonzales's 8♣7♣. They got it all-in on the flop of 7♥6♣4♣. Gonzales made his flush when the Q♣ fell on the turn. Jack Bauer was hoping for a four flush with the A♣ in his hand, but the river was the Q♥. Gonzales doubled up to over 150K.

5:21pm: Robertito misses the money; Akkari cashes!

High drama here at LAPT Lima as the cash bubble has burst. Hand-for-hand play had commenced, and at one table a player had reraised all in, the other thought long and hard before showing the A♣, and the reraiser showed A♦A♥.

Meanwhile, Andre Akkari's stack was down to just 12,000. Akkari's was the smallest in the room, a fact of which all were aware.

A hand at Akkari's table then developed in which Joao Neto opened for 10,500. Neto had been opening every hand, something Roberto Brenes had no doubt noticed when he reraised to 50,000, leaving himself just 40,000 behind. Neto responded by pushing all in, and Brenes made the call.

Neto J♣J♥

Brenes J♠9♠

Roberto's father had noted his son's big "kojones" earlier, and here was further evidence of that.

The flop came K♠A♣4♠, giving Robertito a flush draw. And the 9♦ turn provided a couple more outs. Brenes leaned forward in anticipation of the river...

LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 002 00448.JPGUnfortunately for Roberto, the 2♦ fell on the end, and the youngest Brenes was our bubble boy. Meanwhile, Neto is up over 400,000.

And Akkari -- after missing all of Day 2 -- has cashed!

5:05pm: Hand-for-Hand

Down to 49 players. We have reached the money bubble. We're now hand-for-hand.

5:03pm: Jack Bauer vs. Derek Lerner

Derek Lerner opened from late position and João "Jack Bauer" Neto three-bet him from the big blind. Lerner called. The flop was A♠6♦3♣. Jack Bauer fired out 21k from the big blind and Lerner min-raised him. Jack Bauer called. The turn was the J♥ and both players checked. The river was the A♣. Jack Bauer checked and Lerner headed into the tank for several minutes. On the other side of the room, a player was all-in and screaming, "Chiquita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lerner concentrated on the board cards. He cut down a stack of 500 chips from his remaining stack around 160k. Jack Bauer more than had him covered. Lerner took a long sip of water and then said, "I check."

Jack Bauer tabled K♠6♥ for two pair... Aces and sixes with a King kicker. A frustrated Lerner shook his head and muttered underneath his breath. He slid his cards into the bottom of the muck. Lerner slipped to 160k, meanwhile Jack Bauer surged past the 500k mark and has around 540.

5:00pm: Absent Akkari could cash

We've been eying Andre Akkari's dwindling stack all day. We reported the sad news earlier that Akkari's father passed away last night, and thus the Team PokerStars Pro did not return to play Day 2.

We're just four eliminations from the money, and at the moment there is still 20,000 chips. It will be close, as his stack can only last a couple more orbits.

4:54pm: Neto nets some more

Joao Neto just eliminated another player, thanks to a cruel river card for his opponent. All in before the flop, Neto had A♥8♣ and his opponent Q♦Q♣. The board then came K♣9♠8♥2♥... 8♦. Trip eights for Neto, and we're down to 52 players.

Neto is up to 370,000.

4:43pm: Stebeleski staying

Brad Stebeleski was down to just 1,000 late in the day yesterday (Level 9). He survived the night, however, to return to a short stack today, then a few double-ups later found himself all of the way back to 100,000.

The run good has continued for the Canadian. Just now another short-stacked player open-shoved from the cutoff with A♣J♠, but Stebeleski was waiting in the big blind to call with A♦Q♣. The board came 5♣3♠8♣3♣Q♠, and we've lost another player as we inch closer to the cash bubble.

Meanwhile, after things looked dire last night, Stebeleski now appears primed to make the money, sitting with about 180,000 at the moment.

4:39pm: Players are back

We're now on level 15. Blinds have been increased to 3,000-6,000-500.

4:18pm: Let's take a break

Players are on a 15-minute break. 57 players will be returning after the staff finishes off a color up and removed the black 100 denominations from play.

4:11pm: Big hand, big bet, big everything for Robertito

Roberto Brenes has been steadily adding to his starting stack today, mostly content to play relatively few hands. We were passing by just now when we saw him opening for a raise to 7,500 from the cutoff -- a relatively rare occurrence, so we stopped to see what might develop.

It folded to Derek Lerner in the small blind who decided to test Brenes with a reraise to 18,000. The big blind got out, then Robertito took a full minute to count his stack then repop it to 38,000.

By then Roberto's father, Humberto, had wandered over. "Don't worry Humberto," exhaled Lerner with a wave of his hand. "I'm probably going to fold." Lerner continued to talk, noting how every time he'd three-bet, Robert was four-betting. "He always has a hand," he said. "It's crazy."

"He never bluff!" said Humerto, confirming that his son must surely have a big hand. Then he added one other bit of insight.

"My boy... he has big balls!"

The table erupted in laughter. Lerner had all the information he needed, letting his hand go. Robertito has a pretty big stack, too, now -- especially compared to how he started the day. Brenes is at about 165,000 at present, while Lerner has about 240,000.

roberto-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 002 00373.JPG3:58pm: "I don't win those online."Derek Lerner picked off a shorty when his A♠Q♦ held up against A♥3♥. His opponent turned a gutshot, but Derek dodged the bullet and knocked out his opponent.

"I don't win those online. I lose to A-3 every time," remarked the Canadian pro.

His twin brother, Aaron, also advanced to Day 2, but he was short most of the day and has been eliminated.

3:49pm: 64 remain

16 more eliminations until we reach the money.

3:44pm: Gallo gone

Shortly after doubling up, Lisandro Gallo found himself all in once more in a blind-vs.-blind battle in which both players had woken up with big hands. He had A♠T♦, but his opponent had K♥K♦, and after the five community cards -- T♣2♥2♦J♣9♠ -- Gallo was gone, shy of the cash.

3:35pm: Gallo getting along

Lisandro Gallo began today in second place, but over the first three levels saw his stack steadily drop down into the danger zone. Just now he was all in for his last 22,000 from the button, and after a bit of contemplation the player in the big blind called. Gallo had Q♥T♠ and his opponent K♣3♣.

The flop came A♠5♦J♣. "Aye-yi-yi," said a grimacing Gallo in response. But the turn brought the 9♥, and the river the 8♠. "Ocho!" said Gallo, recognizing he'd survived with the straight. He's still well below average, however, with about 50,000.

3:30pm: Andrew Malott Eliminated

Andrew Malott, an online qualifier from Las Vegas, was sitting at the featured TV table with Humberto Brenes. He had been card dead all day and made a stand with A♦Q♠ and a short stack. He ran into Big Slick and that's all she wrote.

3:25pm: Chatting with Angel Guillen

The lovely Lynn Gilmartin interviewed PokerStars Team Pro Angel Guillen during a break in the action...

3:18pm: Level 14 underway

Blinds have been increased to 1,500-3,000 with a 500 ante.


Daniel Ospina continues to maintain the lead at LAPT Lima with 70 players remaining
LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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