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LAPT Lima: Day 2 live updates, Levels 17-18

lapt-promo.gif8:51pm: Schernthaner out in 25th; play concludes

With a few minutes left in Level 18, we've had our final elimination of the night.

Daniel Lerner had just doubled through the German, Michael Schernthaner, a few hands before after winning a race with A♥K♣ versus Schernthaner's Q♠Q♦. On that one a king flopped, Schernthaner couldn't catch up, and Lerner doubled to about 170,000. Schernthaner, meanwhile, had fallen to about 65,000.

Shortly after that one, Lerner opened for 20,000 from middle position and it folded around to Schernthaner who pushed all in from the big blind. Lerner called, tabling K♠J♥ to Schernthaner's 9♣8♠.

The community cards came 2♥J♦3♥7♠5♣, and German is out in 25th, earning $4,640. Time to bag 'em up!

As was the case yesterday, Daniel Ospina will be bagging up the most chips again tonight. He has more than 1.1 million.

8:36pm: Hamid Nateghi eliminated in 26th place

We're down to 25 players after Sweden's Hamid Nateghi busted out. He'll head back to Scandinavia $4,640 richer. Day 2 will end with one more elimination or if this current level ends -- whichever comes first.

8:25pm: Gonzalo de Alzaga eliminated in 27th place

Gonzalo de Alzaga from Peru made a final stand with A♥T♦, but he ran into A♦Q♣. Alas, de Alzaga headed to the rail in 27th place, good enough for a $4,640 payday. We're down to 26. We're playing to the final 24 or until the end of this level (approximately 30 minutes remaining).

8:23pm: 27 players remaining; Recent eliminations:

Here are the recent bustouts, all of whom earned $4,640.

32nd - Stefano Arfinengo

31st - João "Jack Bauer" Neto

30th - Mario Lopez

29th - William Saba

28th - Cesar Plaza

8:18pm: Lopez shows emotions, cards

Karlo Lopez and Daniel Ospina were just involved in an interesting hand in which Ospina invited Lopez to put his tourney life at risk.

Following a J♦7♦8♣ flop, Ospina checked, Lopez bet 20,000, Ospina check-raised to 55,000, and Lopez called. Following that action, the pot was had grown to about 120,000. The turn brought the 2♦, putting a third diamond on board, and Ospina instantly set forward stacks totaling 340,000, enough to put the Team PokerStars Online player all in.

The bet caused true agony for Lopez, subsequently expressed in a variety of manners. After talking to himself for three minutes, he apologized to the table.

lopez-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 002 00503.JPG

Karlo Lopez facing a tough decision
Then, somewhat surprisingly, he turned his hand face up! His cards -- A♣J♣.

Doing so brought no reaction from Ospina. Nor did the chip leader respond when Lopez gathered his hands around his chips as if to push them forward. Nor when Lopez grinned and thrust his hands forward over the table. Finally Lopez folded, and was immediately assessed a one-round penalty for revealing his hand with action pending (even though it was his own action).

Lopez was left with about 290,000 after that one, while Ospina -- still sporting that calm, stoic demeanor -- now sits with about 1 million.

8:11pm: Question of the Day

Check out this video with Lynn Gilmartin as she poses the Question of the Day. So what is today's question? You'll have to watch this video to find out...

8:06pm: Mario Lopez out in 30th

We've lost another, Mario Lopez of Argentina, who earns $4,640 for his finish.

8:04pm: Last level of the night begins

Level 18 is underway, and it will be the last level played on Day 2. If we manage to get down to 24 players before the next hour is up, we'll be stopping early.

8:01pm: River bad for Varela

The board showed 6♥9♦T♣3♠J♠. There was about 150,000 in the middle. And Engelberth Varela's opponent had pushed out an enticingly small bet of 22,000. Varela tanked for a minute, then called, and his opponent showed J♥9♥ for two pair. Varela winced as he tabled his cards -- Q♣9♣. That river had taken the big pot away from him.

Varela now has 275,000.

7:53pm: Can the lucky cigarette work?

Derek Lerner slipped to 125K after he lost a pot against Daniel Ospino, when Ospino rivered two pair with Queens and tens. Ospino added more chips to his pyramid, which is now in excess of 835k. Despite the setback, Lerner is remaining positive and even revealed his lucky cigarette. He opened up a pack of Marlboro Reds. Four cigarettes were inside with another upside down.

"That's my lucky cigarette," explained Lerner. "My friend gave it to me on Day 1. I rarely smoke and I'm not a superstitious person, but in my heart I don't think I am busting with this lucky cigarette in my pocket."

7:50pm: João "Jack Bauer" Neto eliminated in 31st place

It was a tale of two hands with Raul Pino waging war against João "Jack Bauer" Neto. On the first hand, Jack Bauer got the best of him when he flopped a set of Kings, which held up. He had doubled up to 141k.

Three hands later...

Pino and Jack Bauer tussled again. Bauer shoved with K♣J♥ and Pino called with K♦Q♦. Pino flopped a pair of queens, but with two hearts on the board. The turn was another heart and Jack Bauer picked up a four-flush redraw. The river was a blank and Pino won the pot. And with that, our one-time chipleader, João "Jack Bauer" Neto, was eliminated from the tournament, earning $4,640 for his finish. Down to 30.

7:46pm: The language of poker

"I can't really shove 100,000 on the turn there... you might have a set. Or a straight."

So said Derek Lerner to Pablo Gonzales following an interesting skirmish between the two. But the players couldn't communicate directly, with Lerner being an English speaker and Gonzales Spanish. So Daniel Ospina served as a translator, facilitating their discussion.

Ospina also has an advantageous position when it comes to speaking the "language of poker" -- that is, with his chips. He's up to 850,000 now, while Gonzales has 675,000 and Lerner 130,000.

7:40pm: Opsino wins with Ace-high

We caught the action of the river. With over 100k in the pot, the board read 9♦6♣5♠2♦Q♥. Daniel Ospino and Karlo Lopez butted heads again. Ospino checked from the big blind. Karlo Lopez fired out 76k. Ospino tanked for over three minutes before he made the call and tabled A♦J♦. Lopez mucked his hand and Ospino won the hand with Ace-high.

7:29pm: Ospina over Lopez

Daniel Ospina opened for a raise from the cutoff and Karlo Lopez called from the big blind. Both checked the A♣A♠4♣ flop. The turn brought the Q♠ and another check from Lopez. Ospina fired 18,000 this time, and Lopez called.

The river brought the Q♣. Lopez bet 18,000, and Ospina thought a moment before calling. Lopez immediately began to push his cards dealerward, and Lopez showed 8♣6♣ for a rivered flush.

Ospina has about 655,000 right now, while Lopez still has a big stack of 465,000.

7:27pm: Karlo Lopez = 500k man

PokerStars Team Online Pro Karlo Lopez is the only sponsored pro (Online or Team Pro) remaining. His stack is worth at least 505k, but he's sitting at a table with a couple of bigger stacks -- Daniel Ospino (580k) and Pablo Gonzales (680k). Yes, it's safe to say that the majority of the chips are on that side of the tournament room.

7:23pm: Stefano Arfirengo eliminated in 32nd place ($4,640)

Stefano Arfirengo from Peru busted out on a cooler when his pocket Jacks ran into pocket Kings. Down to 31.

7:15pm: Down to 32; Recent eliminations

Here are the recent bustouts, all of whom earned $3,870:

36th - Marko Popovich

35th - Gabriel Otranto

34th - Juan Parra

33rd - Oscar Quijada

7:05pm: Jack Bauer incurs a drastic hit

João "Jack Bauer" Neto tried to bully Pablo Gonzales off a pot. He shoved all-in with a gutshot, but Gonzales was ahead with a set. Jack bauer whiffed on his draw and he slipped to 125k. Meanwhile, Pablo Gonzales has increased his stack to over 630k.

6:57pm: Players are back

The remaining 35 players have returned from their break. We're now playing Level 17. The blinds have been increased to 3,000-6,000 with a 1,000 ante. The goal is to play down to the final 24. We have 11 more bustouts to go before Day 2 is complete.

atlanticcity-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON 00001.JPGLAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire, and photographer Carlos Monti.

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