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LAPT Lima: Day 3 live updates, Levels 23-24

lapt-promo.gif6:36pm: Mayu Roca eliminated in 9th; final table setMayu Roca had not been able to do much more than tread water since the move to the nine-handed table, and was still sitting with just under 300,000 when he open-pushed all in from middle position. Samar Hodali, sitting to his left, announced she was calling, and the others stepped aside.

Roca A♥7♣

Hodali A♦K♠

All leaned forward in anticipation of the community cards, which subsequently came 9♣4♦9♥6♦5♦. Hodali's hand remained best, and Roca goes out one spot shy of the official final table, earning $10,840.

roca-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 003 00551.JPG

Mayu Roca
With that hand, Hodali ends the night with around 1.5 million chips -- very close to Daniel Ospina's total, in fact. The bags have been brought out as tomorrow's final table is set. Back in a few with final chip counts and a full recap of today's action.

6:25pm: Catching up with Daniel Ospina

Lynn Gilmartin chatted with chipleader Daniel Ospina during one of the breaks. Here's the video...

6:13pm: River ace saves Hodali

Some excitement just now. After chip leader Daniel Ospida opened with a raise from the button, Samar Hodali pushed her entire stack of about 500,000 in from the big blind and Ospina quickly called. Hodali had A♠Q♣, but Ospida had the preflop edge with pocket kings.

Then came the community cards. J♠9♦J♣... T♥... A♦! Hodali shouted excitedly as Michel Barham, sitting to her left, gave her a hug of congratulations for her survival.

Hodali stacks up about 1.05 million after that hand, while Ospina still leads with 1.65 million.

6:03pm: Ferri forces fold from Zepeda

Kemal Ferri opened for 50,000 from the hijack seat, and Leonardo Zepeda reraised to 130,000 from the cutoff. It folded back around, and after pushing his chips about for a while Ferri said he was all in for 310,000 more. Zepeda tanked for a full minute before letting his hand go, and Ferri dragged the pot.

Ferri jumps up close to 600,000 with that one, while Zepeda still has about 890,000.

5:52pm: 'Round goes the button, chips to and fro

The move from short-handed play back to a full nine-handed table has caused the action to slow considerably. The table's short stack Karlo Lopez has moved all in a couple of times, but no one was willing to call.

Stay tuned.

5:31pm: Seating assignments and chip counts for the final nine-handed table

Seat 1: Pablo Gonzales -- 685,000

Seat 2: Daniel Ospina -- 2.45 million

Seat 3: Mayu Roca -- 300,000

Seat 4: Samar Hodali -- 640,000

Seat 5: Michel Barham -- 470,000

Seat 6: Kemal Ferri -- 445,000

Seat 7: Leonardo Zepeda -- 860,000

Seat 8: Karlo Lopez -- 270,000

Seat 9: Raul Pino -- 660,000

5:16pm: Alcides Tovar runs jacks into aces, out in 10th

The table had folded around to Kemal Ferri in the small blind who just completed, then Alcides Tovar pushed all in from the big blind for his last 110,000 or so. Ferri quickly called, and Tovar tabled his J♠J♥. Ferri then flipped over his hand -- A♣A♦ -- and Tovar slapped the table with both palms in disgust.

The board ran out 6♥T♥T♠Q♥6♣, and Tovar is out in 10th ($10,840).

tovar-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 003 00623.JPG

Alcides Tovar

A short pause now as the final nine tables are reassembled around a single table. Just one more elimination and we'll have our official LAPT Lima eight-handed final table.

4:53pm: Players return from break10 players are left. We're playing down to final table of eight today. We're now on Level 23. Blinds have increased to 12,000-24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Big Stacks Lima
LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire, and photographer Carlos Monti.

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