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LAPT Lima: Day 4 live updates, Levels 24-26

lapt-promo.gif3:10pm: Players take a 15-minutes breakSmoke' em if you got 'em.

2:45pm: Chatting with Karlo Lopez

The lovely Lynn Gilmartin spoke with PokerStars Team Online Karlo Lopez....

Ospina_7th place

2:33pm: Chip counts with six left

Not too much to report from the last 20 minutes, other than to say the two short stacks, Pablo Gonzales and Michel Barham have shoved a couple of times each and gotten no takers.

What the stacks are looking like around the table at the moment:

Kemal Ferri - 1.75 million

Raul Pino - 1.35 million

Leonardo Zepeda - 1.2 million

Samar Hodali - 1.08 million

Pablo Gonzales - 805,000

Michel Barham - 455,000

2:12pm: Samar survivesLeonardo Zepeda opened with a raise to 106,000 from the cutoff and got two callers in Samar Hodali (button) and Pablo Gonzales (big blind). The flop came 2♥5♠8♠, and Gonzales promptly raised to 200,000. Zepeda stepped aside, then after a half-minute of contemplation Hodali announced she was all in, her raise to about a half million. Gonzales called, she showed her overpair T♥T♦, and Gonzales tabled 8♣7♣.

The dealer burned a card and turned over the 7♠ -- two pair for Gonzales. The players and crowd suddenly grew silent, collectively sensing Hodali's impending elimination. But the river brought the T♠ -- a saving set of tens for Hodali! The crowd erupted with clapping and cheers, and even Gonzales stepped over to bump fists with Hodali.

She is now back to about 1.1 million, while Gonzales slips to 780,000.

2:05pm: Now playing level 26

Blinds have increased to 25,000-50,000 and 500.

1:50pm: Daniel Ospina eliminated in 7th place

Action folded to Daniel Ospina on the button. He shoved for 420,000. Kemal Ferri woke up with two black Aces in the small blind and snap-called. Ospina tabled 5♣4♥. The flop was the A♦7♥6♦ and although Ferri improved to a set of Aces, Ospina picked a glimmer of hope with an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 9♦ and the river was the 9♠. Ospina failed to catch his draw and Ferri's Aces held up. Ferri's stack improved to over 1.25 million.

Ospina_7th place

Daniel Ospina - 7th place

Poker is a brutal game. Daniel Ospina, who held the chip lead at the end of Day 1, 2, and 3, failed to go wire-to-wire on Day 4 after his stack was under constant assault since the moment he sat down at the final table. Ospina busted out in 7th place. He won $23,220.

1:40pm: Karlo Lopez eliminated in 8th

Team PokerStars Online player Karlo Lopez had folded his way through the first hour or so today, but finally found a spot to shove his remaining 305,000 from the hijack seat. Leonardo Zepeda called him on the button, the blinds folded, and the players tabled their cards.

Lopez 4♥3♦

Zepeda A♥A♦

Bad timing there for Lopez, although the 5♥5♠2♦ flop provided some hope, as well as a few "oohs" from the crowd. The turn was the T♦ and river the Q♣, however, and the Puerto Rican is out in 8th, earning $15,480.


Karlo Lopez - 8th place

1:32pm: Zepeda chooses not to gamble

After Raul Pino raised to 99,000 from under the gun, the table folded back around to Leonardo Zepeda who made it 250,000 from the small blind. Samar Hodali folded, then Pino reraised all in for 782,000 more.

Zepeda thought about 30 seconds, looking over his stack -- just a shade under what Pino had put in the middle. Finally he decided to fold, showing his A♠K♣ as he did.

That one pushes Pino up around 1.28 million.

1:26pm: Ferri doubles through Gonzales

Kemal Ferri opened for 94,000 from under the gun and got one caller in Pablo Gonzales sitting in the cutoff. The flop came Q♣K♣7♣, Ferri bet 150,000, and Gonzales called. The turn was the 7♠, and Ferri pushed all in for his remaining 250,000 without much hesitation. Pablo called with a shrug, showing K♦J♥ for kings and sevens. But Ferri had him with A♣A♠.

The river was the 3♦, and Ferri now has about 1.05 million. Gonzales slips to 1.72 million.

1:24pm: Gonzales strikes again

It's the Pablo/Daniel show and everyone else at the table is sitting back and watching Pablo Gonzales and Daniel Ospina spar back and forth. Ospina opened for 97,000 UTG and Gonzales called. The flop was Q♥T♦2♣. Gonzales check-called a 145,000 bet from Opsina. The turn was the A♦. Gonzales checked. Ospina slowed down as well and also checked.

The river was the 8♣. Gonzales checked. Ospina pulled out two towers of blue chips for a 200,000 bet. Gonzales insta-called with A♥J♠. Ospina tabled a pair of red Kings. Gonzales won the pot with a pair of Aces and he passed 2 million in chips. Meanwhile, Ospina continued to bleed chips as he slipped to 560,000.

1:11pm: Level 25 begins

1:00pm: Final table introduction video

Let's meet the LAPT Lima final table players...

12:56pm: Break time

Having reached the end of Level 24, players are taking their first 15-minute break of the day.

12:53pm: Top two pair for Pino

Raul Pino opened for 71,000 from under the gun, and Pablo Gonzales, sitting to his left, called the raise. All others folded, then both checked 2♥5♠5♣ flop. The turn was the J♥, at the sight of which Pino pushed out 71,000 again. Gonzales quickly called.

The river brought the A♣ and a deliberately made bet of 175,000 from Pino. Gonzales called right away, and Pino tabled A♦J♠ for two pair. He's up close to 800,000 after that one, while Gonzales keeps his newly-earned chip lead with a little more than 1.5 million.

12:45: Gonzales snares lead from Ospina

Propelled by the momentum after the Hodali hand, Pablo Gonzales seized the lead. Pablo opened for 80,000, Daniel Ospina reraised to 180,000, and Gonzales called. The flop was 7♥5♥5♣ and both players checked. The turn was the 8♦. Gonzales check-called a 215,000 bet from Ospina. The river was the T♦. Gonzales checked and Ospina shrugged as he checked behind. Gonzales tabled 9♦9♠ and Ospina mucked his hand. Gonzales dragged the pot and captured the chip lead with 1.83 million. Ospina slipped to second with 1.015 million.

12:35pm: Gonzales sets up Hodali, moves into second

After one quiet orbit, we've just had a dramatic chip swing occur in a big three-way hand involving Daniel Ospina, Samar Hodali, and Pablo Gonzales.

Ospina opened the hand with a raise to 72,000 from early position, and both Hodali (button) and Gonzales (big blind) called. The flop came J♠2♥7♦. Gonzales checked, Ospina continued for 106,000, and both of his opponents called.

The turn brought the T♠. This time it checked around to Hodali who announced a bet of 200,000. Gonzales then said he was check-raising all in. Ospina got out, and after just a couple of seconds Hodali made the call.

Gonzales 7♠7♥

Hodali 2♠2♦

Set over set! The 3♠ fell on the river, and Gonzales claimed the whopping 1.45 million-chip pot to move into second behind Ospina. Hodali meanwhile tumbles back to about 875,000.


12:28pm: Wave that flag, wave it wide, and high

A contingency of Colombians are sitting in the first row sweating two of the final table players (Daniel Ospina and Pablo Gonzales).They draped a Colombian flag over the extension ropes. During the player introductions, the three local Peruvian players received (as expected) a loud applause -- the most boisterous of which went to Samar Hodali.

12:23pm: First two hands

The final table is off to a hesitant start. On the first hand before he looked at his cars, Michel Barham made the sign of the cross. Raul Pino opened for 122,000 and everyone folded. On the second hand, action folded to Daniel Ospina in the small blind. He raised Karlo Lopez's big blind and Lopez folded.

12:18pm: Eight players, one trophy

Shuffle up and deal! The first hand of the 2011 LAPT Lima final table is being dealt.


12:14pm: Player introductions

David Carrion, LAPT President, is making the player introductions, and a decent-sized crowd is starting to gather. We're just a few minutes away from poker in Peru. When play resumes, there were will be about 35 minutes remaining in Level 24.

12:02pm: Setting the stage

We're still some time away from the start of today's final table, as preparations continue up on the main stage. When the players do settle into their seats, Daniel Ospina will be unbagging the most chips of the group with 1.582 million, but Samar Hodali will stack almost as many with 1.573 million. Both are more than 600,000 in front of Leonardo Zepeda in third.

hodali-2nd-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 003 00653.JPG

Samar Hodali of Peru will be second in chips when play begins today

LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire, and photographer Carlos Monti.

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