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LAPT Lima: Day 4 live updates, Levels 27-29

lapt-promo.gif6:43pm: Kemal Ferri wins!

The gradual chipping away of Raul Pino's stack that characterized the almost-half-hour of heads-up play had left the Panamanian with around 800,000, small change compared to Kemal Ferri's 6 million-ish stack. Finally, Pino pushed that stack all in from the button, and Ferri quickly called.

Pino tabled K♦7♦ and would need help versus Ferri's K♣Q♥. The flop came 9♠6♠5♦, and all remained quiet. The 6♥ turn changed neither the status of the players' hands nor the scene surrounding them.

The dealer turned over the river, the 2♣! Ferri let out a shout, and the crowd instantly joined him. We have a winner!


Pino earns $120,000 for his runner-up finish, while Ferri takes $207,400 and the trophy.

6:31pm: "Hooks"

You could say Peruvian Kemal Ferri has his hooks in Raul Pino of Panama at this point, having driven Pino down below 2 million chips while he increases his stack past the 5-million chip mark.

Just now came a hand in which the pair made it to the turn with the board showing T♠3♦K♣9♦. Pino checked, and when Ferri bet Pino let his hand go.

"Hooks!" said Ferri, showing his pocket jacks as he took the chips.


"I could use a big pocket pair right about now," thinks Raul Pino

6:22pm: The first ten hands

We only saw two flops and just one river in the first ten hands of heads-up. Kemal Ferri has pushed out to a meaningful lead here with about 4.5 million to Raul Pino's 2.5 million.

6:11pm: Pablo Gonzales eliminated in 3rd

Pablo Gonzales just committed his short stack once more with K♥Q♠ and was called by Kemal Ferri who held A♦4♥.

The board came 5♦3♦3♣5♠6♣, and Ferri's hand remained best. Gonzales received a hearty cheer from his small cheering section as he shook his opponents' hands. He'll also receive $73,540 for his finish.


Pablo Gonzales - 3rd place

We're heads-up!

6:07pm: Gonzales hanging on

The short stack Pablo Gonzales has survived a couple of all-in shoves here at the start of Level 29.

In one he had A♠4♣ and Raul Pino A♣4♠, and the hand ended in a chop. In another Pino opened for 200,000 from the button, Gonzales pushed for his last 380,000 from the small blind, and Pino called. Gonzales had Q♠8♥ and Pino A♥6♥, and the community cards came K♠4♥9♣2♣... Q♦! The river queen kept Gonzales in the game, but only barely. He now has about 900,000.

5:50pm: Players return

Still three alive and kicking.

5:34pm: Break time

Another break for these three. Here are the current chip counts:

Raul Pino - 3.375 million

Kemal Ferri - 2.68 million

Pablo Gonzales - 775,000


5:29pm: You take it

Many small pots in succession between these three so far. We just had a funny moment in which Kemal Ferrari limped from the button, Raul Pino limped from the small blind, and Pablo Gonzales checked. They all checked down the J♥Q♣A♠ flop and Q♥ turn, then when the 5♠ came on the river, both Pino and Gonzales open-folded simultaneously, provoking laughter from all, including the dealer.

5:10pm: Players take a short break

The final three are on a brief break.

5:07pm: Michel Barham eliminated in 4th place

The dust had barely settled from the Samar Hodali elimination before Michel Barham and Kemal Ferri got it all-in preflop.

Barham: A♠Q♦

Ferri: 6♠6♦

The flop was 9♦8♠7♦. The turn was the T♦, which improved Ferri's hand with a straight, but Barham picked up a slew of outs with a nut-flush draw and a gutshot to a higher-straight. The river was the 7♥. Ferri's hand held up and Michel Barham was out. Barham, one of the three final table players from Peru, headed to the rail in 4th place. He won $54,180.


Down to three. Ferri improved his stack to 2.4 million. He trails Raul Pino, who is the current leader with 3.5 million. Pablo Gonzales is the "shorty" with 1.1 million.

5:02pm: Samar Hodali eliminated in 5th

The table folded around to Samar Hodali on the button who raised to 200,000, leaving herself 760,000 behind. Raul Pino responded by immediately pushing all in from the small blind. Pablo Gonzales folded, then Hodali went deep into the tank.

After a minute mostly spent counting through her remaining chips, it appeared as though she might be ready to give up her cards, then suddenly she announced the call. Hodali tabled 6♦6♠ and hoped that her pair would outlast Pino's K♣Q♠.

The flop came T♥8♠3♣, provoking shouts from a now standing Hodali and the crowd. The 7♥ came on the turn, and the noise grew greater...


Samar Hodali pleading with the dealer for a small card, "CHIQUITITA! CHIQUITITA!"

Then came the river -- the K♥. Hodali slapped the table in disappointment, and after accepting a consoling kiss from Pino left quickly, her unlit cigarette left resting before her now empty chair. She earns $38,700.

Pino is our new leader with more than 3 million.

4:52pm: Now, two young kids might start a ruckus; Raul Pino = new chipleaderIt was a battle between Panama versus Peru. Kemal Ferri (Peru) raised to 180,000 from the button. Raul Pino (Panama) defended his big blind with a call. On the flop of 7♥4♥4♠, Pino bet 180,000 and Ferri called. The turn was the Q♦, Pino bet 180,000 and Ferri called. The river was the 3♥. Pino insta-bet 150,000 (as opposed to his usual methodical manner). Ferri announced "Call." Pino tabled A♠7♠ for two pair, sevens and fours with an Ace-kicker. It bested Ferri's pocket sixes. That pot propelled Pino into the lead with over 2.4 million. Ferri slipped to second in chips with 1.4 million.

4:47pm: Updated chip counts

Kemal Ferri - 2.1 million

Raul Pino - 1.7 million

Pablo Gonzales - 1.1 million

Michel Barham - 1.1 million

Samar Hodali - 900,000

4:28pm: Level 28 begins

Blinds 40,000-80,000 now, with a 10,000 ante.


$207,400 and this handsome souvenir will go to the winner

4:21pm: Caution remains the word

Players have an average of 1.4 million at the moment, with not a great deal of difference, relatively speaking, between first (Kemal Ferri) and last (Michel Barham). But as close as the stacks are, the differences between payouts is significant. So caution reigns.

Pablo Gonzales raised to 150,000 from the cutoff, then Michel Barham -- still the table's short stack -- reraised all in from the button for 710,000 total. The blinds skedaddled, and Gonzales took a moment to reflect.

The Colombian sat back in his chair, arms folded, chewing his gum and looking around the table at the other players and their stacks. Finally he leaned forward, rechecked his cards, and tossed them away.

Barham sits with about 900,000, while Gonzales preserves his stack of about 1.35 million as we near the end of Level 27.

4:05pm: Updated chip counts

Kemal Ferri - 2.15 million

Samar Hodali - 1.35 million

Raul Pino - 1.28 million

Pablo Gonzales - 1.18 million

Michel Barham - 890,000

4:01pm: Pablo Gonzales chipping up

With five to go, it appears that Pablo Gonzales is the most aggressive player at the table. He shifted gears once Zepeda busted in 6th. He won four pots right away and is back over 1 million, much to the delight of his Colombian supporters in the front row.

3:51pm: Leonardo Zepeda eliminated in 6th

Action folded to the blinds. Leonardo Zepeda shoved from the small blind for his last 420,000. Samar Holdai woke up pocket Queens and insta-called. Zepeda tabled 9♥6♠. The flop was5♠5♣4♣. The turn was the 3♠, which gave Zepeda some hope after he picked up an open-ended straight, but the T♣ on the river sealed his fate. Hodali won the pot and Leonardo Zepeda busted out in 6th place. The Chilean pro won $30,960.


Leonardo Zepeda gets consoled by Samar Hodali

3:41pm: Let's go! Barham doubles through Zepeda

Michel Barham opened from under the gun for 205,000, leaving himself just 375,000 behind, and it folded around to Leonardo Zepeda in the cutoff. Zepeda looked across the table at Barham's stack, then said he was all in. The others folded, and Barham immediately called.

Barham A♥Q♠

Zepeda A♦J♦

"Vamo!" said Barham as he saw Zepeda's cards. The flop came Q♥5♣K♥, pairing Barham and inspiring more calls to "Vamo!" The turn was the 5♠ and the river the 6♣, and Barham doubles to about 1.2 million. Meanwhile, Zepeda now has 950,000 and with Pablo Gonzales is at the bottom of the counts.

Of course, all six players have short stacks, relatively speaking, so we expect a lot more players will soon be finding hands and deciding "Let's go!"

3:23pm: Level 27 begins

Players have returned and the first hand of Level 27 is being dealt. The blinds have moved up to 30,000-60,000, while the antes doubled to 10,000.


Kemal Ferri of Peru leads with six left

LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire, and photographer Carlos Monti.

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