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LAPT Lima: Ospina On Top (Once Again) For Day 2

lapt-promo.gifDay 2 was moving day at the LAPT Lima. 116 players survived the cut on Day 2 out of the original 350 runners, but 68 of those unfortunate players would fail to make the money. The top 48 places paid out, but it wouldn't be until the fifth level before the money bubble finally burst.

Daniel Ospina from Colombia popped up on our radar at the end of Day 1 when he jumped out a sizable lead -- at least 100k more than the closest player in second place. Ospina ended Day 1 as the chip leader and although he was surpassed a few times during Day 2, he still finished strong. He became the first player to pass the 1 million chip mark and ended Day 2 as the overall leader with 1.14 million.

Daniel Ospina - LAPT Lima chipleader

Chip leader Daniel Ospina

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari's father passed away last night, so he was unable to play on Day 2 because he had to fly home to Brazil to be with his grieving family. Akkari would've begun Day 2 in the top 20 in chips, but his stack was blinded off. With over 118k, he had a decent shot at making the money. Fellow countryman João "Jack Bauer" Neto sat down next to Akkari's empty chair. He had brought a Brazilian flag with him, but decided to honor Akkari's father's memory by draping the flag over the empty chair.

In honor of Akkari

We must assume that the poker gods were smiling on Akkari because he secured a min-cash with a 43rd place finish.

Three members of Brenes clan advanced to Day 2, but none of them survived the cut for Day 3. Humberto was the only Brenes to cash and he locked up the family last longer. Alex busted out early on Day 2 and unfortunately for Roberto "Robertito" Brenes, he was today's Bubble Boy. In most tournaments, when the money bubble bursts, there's a slight celebration from the remaining players and railbirds. But with Robertito's elimination, the remaining players and the spectators withheld their applause out of respect for the youngest son of the Godfather of Latin America Poker.

roberto-LAPT LIMA , PERU 4 SEASON DAY 002 00373.JPG


Canadian pro Derek Lerner had a rough day after he got moved to João "Jack Bauer" Neto's table. Neto had his number and Lerner couldn't get anything going. But it was his lucky cigarette that helped ward off a potential bustout.

"I rarely smoke and I'm not a superstitious person," explained Lerner, "but in my heart I don't think I am busting with this lucky cigarette in my pocket."

Thus far, Lerner's good luck seemed to be working as he advanced to Day 3.

João "Jack Bauer" Neto seized the lead after running over his table during the first half of the day. However, Pablo Gonzales became he nemesis when he doubled through Neto in two decisive pots. The first occurred when Gonzales moved all-in for his tournament life and snapped off Neto's pocket Aces after flushing him out with 8♣7♣. The second happened when Neto tried to push Gonzales off a pot with a semi-bluff. Gonzales had flopped a set and he wasn't going anywhere. Neto failed to fill in his gutshot and Gonzales doubled through him a second time. Gonzalez shot up to over 600k, while Neto slipped to around 125k. Neto got moved to the featured TV table and eventually fizzled out in 31st place.

A trio of Team PokerStars Pros cashed including Humberto Brenes (47th place), Leo Fernandez (46th place), and Andre Akkari (43rd place).

You can click here for full list of players who cashed in the LAPT Lima.

PokerStars Team Online Karlo Lopez was the only remaining PokerStars sponsored player who advanced to Day 3.

Karlo Lopez

The Magician Karlo Lopez

Here's an index of Day 2's coverage (provided by Martin Harris and Paul 'Dr. Pauly' McGuire with photographs from Carlos Monti)...

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We shall be back tomorrow starting at noon local time to bring you Day 3 coverage of the LAPT Lima for the PokerStars blog. We'll be playing down to a final table of nine.

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