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LAPT7 Peru: A three-way deal, then Backmann bounced in 3rd

Level 32 (80,000/160,000/20,000) kicked off with another big double-up as Daniel Campodonico managed to get chips back from Oscar Alache. At risk with K♣Q♦ against Alache's 9♥9♦, a king on the flop paired Campodonico and the hand held through the turn and river to give the Uruguayan a double.

Meanwhile Jerson Backmann continued to enjoy a huge advantage, still sitting with more than 8 million.

They fought halfway through the level. A hand came up in which Campodonico raised his button, Backmann called from the small blind, and the flop came J♦2♥K♠. Backmann check-called a continuation bet of 360,000 from Campodonico, then both checked the 6♣ turn.

The river was the 8♦, and when Backmann fired 930,000 it didn't take Campodonico long to call. Backmann grinned as he showed Q♠T♠ for a busted straight draw, and Campodonico had a slight smile as well while turning over K♣9♣ for top pair to earn a decent pot.


Daniel Campodonico

Campodonico would win the next one after that versus Alache to chip up even further, and the decision was made again to revisit deal discussions.

By then Backmann had around 6 million, Campodonico over 5 million, and Alache less than 2.5 million. The original payouts had $197,540 going to the winner, $120,580 to the runner-up, and $86,140 to the third-place finisher. After some discussion the trio decided on the following alteration to those payouts:

Jerson Backmann -- $140,519
Daniel Campodonico -- $128,252
Oscar Alache -- $115,488
Left to play for: $20,000

Soon after play resumed, Alache reraised his short stack over a Backmann button raise and the latter called, but both held and ended splitting the pot.

Alache would shove a few more times after that without getting called, then pushed again for 2,865,000 from the small blind and this time Campodonico looked him up from the big blind. Alache had A♣Q♣ against Campodonico's 7♦7♠, a queen flopped and an ace came on the turn to give Alache two pair, and after a river blank he'd survived with a big double.


Oscar Alache

Backmann still led with 6,060,000, Alache was close with 5,750,000, and Campodonico was down to 1,955,000.

Now it was Campodonico's turn to start pushing all in, and three times he did so without any interference. Then after an Alache open for 400,000 from the button, Campodonico tried again with a push for 2,615,000 from the small blind, and when the action got back to Alache he called instantly.

Alache: J♠J♥
Campodonico: K♠8♥

The 3♦T♠9♦ flop was no good for Campodonico, but when the K♣ landed on the turn he raised his hands with a yell, with his considerable rail of supporters following suit. The 5♦ river gave Campodonico the pot -- and suddenly the chip lead, too, with 5.45 million versus the 5.18 million of Backmann and Alache who was down to just over 3.1 million.

They'd reached Level 33 (100,200/200,000/30,000), and with the chip lead Campodonico kept on pushing open-raising all in a couple more times without earning any buyers.

Finally it was Backmann open-raising for 3,940,000 from the button and Campodonico quickly calling from the big blind. Backmann had K♥3♥ and Campodonico A♦J♦, and amid shouts from the crowd the five cards came 2♠6♠8♠T♥T♦ to end Backmann's run in third.


Jerson Backmann - 3rd place

Backmann gave both his opponents big hugs and handshakes, and now Alache and Campodonico prepare to begin heads-up play with the latter enjoying a big chip advantage.

Daniel Campodonico (Uruguay) -- 10,900,000
Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 2,865,000

Photography from LAPT7 Peru by Carlos Monti. Check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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