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LAPT7 Peru: Oscar, Oscar! Alache of Chile wins LAPT7 Peru Grand Final

Eight players from eight different countries united around one last table for today's LAPT Peru Grand Final, and after a lengthy day full of dramatic ups and downs for many involved Oscar Alache of Chile emerged as the final Main Event champion of Season 7, earning a $135,488 first prize following a three-handed final table deal.


Oscar Alache - LAPT7 Peru Grand Final Main Event Champion

It was a record-breaking week for the LAPT as its seventh season came to a close in beautiful Peru. Players from 35 countries gathered for the Main Event, with the 692-entry field and $1,040,420 prize pool both establishing records for the LAPT in Lima.

There'd been plenty of memorable drama by the time the final eight players made it through for today's last stage of play. Case in point -- today's start-of-day chip leader Jerson Backmann of Mexico had begun the previous day 41st out of 45 players, but had a healthy lead to start the final table.


The final eight

Backmann would continue to lead during the day's first couple of levels as the number of pizzas consumed by those on media row (four) would well outpace the eliminations (zero).

Finally a flurry of eliminations of short-stacked players came, begun with the Peruvian, Carlos Sobenes, who fell in eighth after running pocket fours into Backmann's pair of kings.


Carlos Sobenes - 8th place

Jakub Kyrian of the Czech Republic -- the lone player not from either Central or South America -- was the next to go in seventh, also losing his chips to Backmann when his A♥3♠ failed to catch up to Backmann's pocket jacks.


Jakub Kyrian - 7th place

And on the very next hand Argentina's representative, Jose Torre, was sent railward in sixth after having his A♣K♥ cracked by the K♠Q♠ of Daniel Campodonico when a queen came among the community cards.


Jose Torre - 6th place

It wasn't long before two more players were felted, with Backmann adding still further to his lead as they did.

First it was the Venezuelan, Luis Perez, taking A♣9♥ against Campodonico's K♠J♦ then watching a jack fall on the turn to end his run in fifth.


Luis Perez - 5th place

A while after that Marcos Exterkotter risked his short stack with T♦9♠ and failed to improve against Alache's A♠T♣ to go out in fourth.


Marcos Exterkotter - 4th place

It was A-B-C in positions 1-2-3 as Alache, Backmann, and Campodonico remained. Three-handed play continued for some time, with Alache and Campodonico closing the gap somewhat before the trio stopped the tournament and agreed up on a deal to divide up the remaining prize money while leaving $20,000 in play for the winner.

After the deal Alache would double through Backmann, Campodonico through Alache, then Backmann would be all in with K♥3♥ versus Campodonico's A♦J♦ and lose, thus being knocked out in third but taking away the largest share of the prize pool thanks to the three-way deal.


Jerson Backmann - 3rd place

That hand gave Campodonico a better than 3.5-to-1 lead to start heads-up play, but a first-hand double-up followed by a second one later would give Alache the big chip advantage. Finally Alache would win one more all-in hand when his A♦6♥ topped Campodonico's K♠T♠ to stop the Uruguayan's run one spot shy of the win.


Daniel Campodonico - 2nd place

Alache's victory continues a hot year for him that began back at the start of Season 7 of the LAPT when he won the second chance event at LAPT7 Chile.


Congratulations to Oscar Alache for capping off another great season of the LAPT, and kudos as well to Campodonico and Backmann for earning handsome paydays as well and to all of those cashing in the LAPT Peru Grand Final. Also worthy of some applause is Horacio Fernando Nicolas of Argentina who this week clinched the Season 7 LAPT Player of the Year.

LAPT7 Peru Main Event final table results
Entrants: 692
Prize pool: $1,040,420
Places paid: 103

1. Oscar Alache (Chile) -- $135,488*
2. Daniel Campodonico (Uruguay) -- $128,252*
3. Jerson Backmann (Mexico) -- $140,519*
4. Marcos Exterkotter (Brazil) -- $65,240
5. Luis Perez (Venezuela) -- $51,920
6. José Torre (Argentina) -- $39,840
7. Jakub Kyrian (Czech Republic) -- $28,820
8. Carlos Sobenes (Peru) -- $19,660

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Thanks for following our coverage of LAPT7 Peru all week -- and all year -- including the all of terrific images provided by our photographer Carlos Monti. Season 7 is over, but everyone is already looking forward to Season 8, set to kick off this time with the first-ever LAPT Bahamas stop just before the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January. See you at the Atlantis!

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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