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LAPT8 Bahamas: Hall hits rail in ninth, final table set

Two PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event champions made it to the final nine of this inaugural LAPT Bahamas Main Event -- Galen Hall (2011) and Dimitar Danchev (2013) -- but only one made it the official final table of eight.

Hall was ninth of nine in chips to start play once the players redrew for seats around the final table. On just the third hand he picked up pocket eights and min-raised to 50,000, leaving himself almost 550,000 behind. It folded around to Jose Carlos Garcia who three-bet to 132,000, and when the action got back to Hall he took a moment.

Hall sat motionless for a half-minute looking intently at Garcia. From the live feed we knew he had an ace in his hand, but his second card had been obscured from view. Finally Hall folded his eights -- a faint reprise a famous fold he made here at the Atlantis while heads-up in the Main Event four years ago -- and play continued.

Galen Hall-LAPT-Monti-0975.jpg

Galen Hall - 9th place

About 10 minutes later Hall was dealt 7♣7♥ in the hijack and open-pushed his last 440,000, and when it folded to Martin Finger who'd picked up A♦Q♠ in the cutoff Hall had a customer.

Alas for Hall, the board came Q♦4♠6♦, then K♥, then T♦, and he departed with a ninth-place finish worth $27,820.

Josh Kay is still the chip leader with 2.76 million, with Jose Carlos Garcia next in line wiht 2.359 million. They're taking a short break for pictures. Back shortly with profiles of the final eight.

Photography from LAPT8 Bahamas by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese. And be sure to check out the cards-up final table coverage over at EPT Live.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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