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LAPT8 Bahamas: Kanit KO'd in eighth; Finger now in front

The final table's first half-hour was highlighted by a three-way hand involving heavy preflop action and a couple of big folds.

Martin Finger had been active in several hands, then opened again from early position for 50,000 holding A♠K♦. Jonathan Borenstein then three-bet to 130,000 from the button where he'd been dealt A♣Q♥.

The action moved to Mustapha Kanit in the big blind who held A♦Q♠. The Italian thought a short while, then reraised again to 240,000. Finger then shoved all in, which earned a relatively quick fold from Borenstein, then two-and-a-half minutes later another fold from Kanit.

A short while later Dimitar Danchev took a chunk from Mustapha Kanit in a hand in which each player ended up drawing out two pair, though Danchev had the better of it. Soon after Kanit found himself picking up an ace in the big blind, and after one thing led to another, Kanit was led away with an eighth-place finish.

Mustapha Kanit-LAPT-Monti-0707.jpg

Mustapha Kanit - 8th place

The hand began with Martin Finger raising -- again -- from early position to 60,000, and it folded to Kanit who defended his big blind by calling with A♠5♥. The flop came 7♠J♥3♠, and Kanit check-called a bet of 80,000 from Finger. Then the turn brought the 5♠, and after Kanit checked Finger fired 200,000.

Kanit thought a bit, then pushed his remaining 523,000, and after spending some time in the tank Finger called the shove. Kanit showed his pair of fives and a flush draw, but Finger had A♦A♥, and after the 6♣ the player known as "lasagnaaammm" was cooked, earning $35,200 for having gotten this far.

With the Kanit KO, Finger is now up around 3.5 million and the new chip leader with seven left.

Photography from LAPT8 Bahamas by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese. And be sure to check out the cards-up final table coverage over at EPT Live.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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