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LAPT8 Chile: A day of great expectations

Level 3 of Day 1B began with 179 entries thus far for today's second and final Day 1 flight, already ahead of the 155 of yesterday. Late registration remains open through the dinner break and the start of Level 7, and so we fully expect the overall field size to increase even more.


Part of today's turnout are a couple of Team PokerStars Pros, both of whom entered for the first time today after participating in yesterday's celebrity cash game.

Out on the main floor, Andre Akkari was getting a massage at the end of Level 2 when a hand arose in which he and a late position player engaged in a brief battle of nerves. After Akkari's opponent check-called his bet following a T♣4♠9♣ flop, the 2♦ turn brought another check and a bet of just over 4,000 from Akkari -- just over half the pot.

His opponent considered for a while before tapping the felt and folding his A♠K♣ face up, and Akkari nodded while collecting the chips. He's up around 30,000 to start Level 3.


Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari

Across the room, Christian de Leon returned to the feature table again today after yesterday's cash game, this time as part of the Main Event field. He's reunited with another cash game participant from yesterday, Ivan Marquez, sitting across the table.

Marquez is down a bit to start today, but de Leon is up and has a stack similar to Akkari's as Level 3 begins.


Team PokerStars Pro Christian de Leon

Meanwhile one other Team PokerStars Pro expected to be here is conspiciously absent, although that didn't stop him from sending a report during the last level:

As he notes, it's the first time LAPT5 Panama champion Leo Fernandez has failed to make it to an LAPT event. But he has a good excuse -- the birth of his first child, expected any moment.

The two Team PokerStars Pros who are here are both up, then. And the one who isn't sounds like he's up as well -- and probably will be for a good while longer!

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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