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LAPT8 Chile: Big bounce for Barbero; Quezada leads after Morbiducci exit

Another hour has passed on Day 3 of the LAPT Chile Main Event, and with it the elimination of just one player to shrink the field to 10.

During Season 4 of the LAPT, Felipe Morbiducci finished fourth in the Grand Final Main Event in Sao Paulo, one of several cashes the Chilean has collected on the tour.

Following a Javier Venegas raise from the button and a call by Rodrigo Oliver in the small blind, Morbiducci reraised all in for 275,000 from the big blind, getting a caller in Venegas while Oliver stepped aside.

Morbiducci had the preflop edge with A♣Q♦ versus Venegas's Q♠J♣, and after the K♠9♣8♣ flop and A♠ turn had improved to a pair while Venegas had but four outs to steal it away.

The dealer burned a card and turned over the river... the T♠! It was one of those outs, giving Venegas a Broadway straight and stopping Morbiducci short of another LAPT Main Event final table by knocking him out in 11th ($14,300).


Felipe Morbiducci

Just as the level was about to end it looked as though there could be another elimination on the feature table, as a big hand developed between Bruno Marino and Nacho Barbero.

It started with the Brazilian Marino raising from the button. Barbero then three-bet to 112,000 from the small blind -- leaving himself 427,000 behind -- and Marino called.

Both checked the 7♥6♦Q♥ flop, then when Barbero checked the A♥ turn, Marino shoved all in, sending Barbero into the tank for over a minute.


Nacho Barbero

Finally the Argentinian called, tabling A♥T♥ and seeing he was ahead of Marino's A♣4♠. The river brought the 3♣, and Barbero sprang up from his seat to pace a bit after seeing how nearly the card resembled a four.

That hand pushed Barbero up over 1 million, which puts him second in chips at the moment as Rodrigo Quezada has been accumulating steadily on the outer table.

Here's a look at the current counts of the final 10 as Level 24 (12,000/24,000/3,000) begins.

Rodrigo Quezada (Chile) -- 1,380,000
Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 1,075,000
Claudio Schafer (Chile) -- 945,000
Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 900,000
Fabian Chauriye (Chile) -- 850,000
Justo Esquivel (Chile) -- 810,000
Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 560,000
Bruno Marino (Brazil) -- 485,000
Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 390,000
Rodrigo Oliver (Chile) -- 340,000

End of Level 24 update

All ten players survived through another hour, although Rodrigo Oliver came about as close as you can to falling just before the level concluded.

All in with A♠K♥ versus Oscar Alache's Q♥Q♦, a Q♣5♦4♥ flop gave the latter a set and a seeming lock on the hand. But the turn was the J♥ and river the T♠, adding up to a straight for Rodrigo and continued tournament life.

Players are now taking a 75-minute dinner break. Here's an update of their chip stacks, with Fabian Chauriye having snuck in front of Quezada to take the lead to dinner.

Fabian Chauriye (Chile) -- 1,320,000
Rodrigo Quezada (Chile) -- 1,252,000
Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 1,067,000
Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 955,000
Claudio Schafer (Chile) -- 814,000
Justo Esquivel (Chile) -- 638,000
Rodrigo Oliver (Chile) -- 557,000
Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 566,000
Bruno Marino (Brazil) -- 471,000
Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 319,000

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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