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LAPT8 Chile: Chauriye stopped in sixth; Alache still in front

Three of the five players from Chile at this final table have been eliminated, leaving two more (Oscar Alache and Justo Esquivel), two Argentinians (Javier Venegas and Nacho Barbero), and one from Brazil (Renata Teixeira).

The first hand of Level 27 saw Esquivel reraise-shoving and collecting. Then in the second Fabian Chauriye open-raised his short stack and won the blinds and antes.

A few hands later Chauriye was open-raising all in again, this time to 595,000 from under the gun. The table folded around to Teixeira sitting to Chauriye's right in the big blind, and she didn't hesitate before calling the shove.

Chauriye had J♦T♥ and had run into trouble versus Teixeira's J♥J♠. The 7♥2♠K♥ and Q♣ turn did provide straight hopes to the Chilean, but the river was the 5♦, and after starting the day with the lead, Chauriye was out in sixth ($39,620).


Fabian Chauriye - 6th place

Alache was still leading with just over 2.8 million, but Teixeira was closing in with 2.37 million while Barbero, Esquivel, and Venegas all sat with short stacks hovering in the 15-20 big blind range.

Over the next half-hour Alache would be the one claiming most of the pots, increasing his stack up over 3.8 million one point while the others each slipped back.

Just as Level 27 was nearing its close, a group of Teixeira supporters entered the poker room -- many sporting purple wigs -- singing a cheer the theme of which was "Let's go, Renata!"

They quieted relatively quickly, then watched from the rail as the level concluded and they moved into Level 28 (30,000/60,000/10,000). Here are the current counts:

Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 3,785,000
Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 1,660,000
Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 1,260,000
Justo Esquivel (Chile) -- 635,000
Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 620,000

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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