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LAPT8 Chile: Fabian Chauriye carries chip lead to final table

Day 3 is done at the Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event, with the 32 survivors of a 410-entry field having played down to just eight, and the Chilean Fabian Chauriye the one earning the distinction as chip leader heading into the final table.


Fabian Chauriye

When we last left off, nine were left and players were reassembling around a single table. Shortly after the redraw, Nacho Barbero three-bet all in from the blinds over a Justo Esquivel middle position open, and Esquivel called showing A♠Q♠ to Barbero's 9♠9♣. The nines held for Barbero, and play marched on.

About an orbit later Renata Teixeira reraise-pushed from the big blind over a late-position open and call from the SB, and the bet got through.

Not long after that Bruno Marino found himself vying for a pot with his neighbor Oscar Alache, with preflop action bringing them both to a flop of 9♠J♣Q♥. That's when Marino pushed in his last 340,000 Alache was there with the quick call.

It was K♦Q♠ and top pair for Marino, but Alache had that beat with A♣A♦. The turn was the 4♥ and river the 3♥, and Marino's run ended in ninth ($17,280).


Bruno Marino

Players arrived at 12 noon today, ready to go to work and it didn't take long before a half-dozen hit the rail as start-of-day chip leader Javier Venegas neared 1 million in chips.


Javier Venegas

The first full level of the day then saw 11 players knocked out as the pace quickened, among them end-of-day-1b leader Felipe Costa (25th) and Juan Cardoba (23rd), with Cardoba having won his way here starting with a $0.50 satellite.

Juan Cordoba  LAPT Chile 2015.jpg

Juan Cardoba

Also among that rush of eliminations was Claudio Quezada, knocked out in 22nd by his son, Rodrigo, who'd go on to make tomorrow's final table.

During the next hour two more fell -- Ivan Luca (17th) and Pablo Reis (16th) -- then Claudio Schafer pushed out in front as four more hit the rail: Tyler Noyes (15th), Arturo Longton (14th), Jonathan Markovits (13th), and Juan Grinspun (12th).


Juan Grinspun

Quezada (the younger) would then grab the lead briefly as Felipe Morbiducci went out in 11th. But Chauriye would push out ahead before a failed move by Schafer saw him slide to fall in 10th, setting up Marino's bubbling of the official final table.


Claudio Schafer

Tomorrow's final table should prove exciting, with not one but two former LAPT champions -- Oscar Alache and two-time winner Nacho Barbero.


Nacho Barbero

And Reneta Teixeira hopes to become the first woman to win an LAPT Main Event. She's the sixth woman to make a final table, with Jessica Bedoya having gotten the furthest of the group by finishing third at LAPT4 Colombia.


Renata Teixeira

Here's how the stacks will look when the final table starts tomorrow, with the seating assignments following:

Fabian Chauriye (Chile) -- 1,638,000
Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 1,275,000
Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 1,166,000
Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 1,045,000
Justo Esquivel (Chile) -- 893,000
Rodrigo Quezada (Chile) -- 864,000
Rodrigo Oliver (Chile) -- 546,000
Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 532,000

Seat 1: Oscar Alache (Chile)
Seat 2: Rodrigo Oliver (Chile)
Seat 3: Justo Esquivel (Chile)
Seat 4: Rodrigo Quezada (Chile)
Seat 5: Renata Teixeira (Brazil)
Seat 6: Fabian Chauriye (Chile)
Seat 7: Javier Venegas (Argentina)
Seat 8: Nacho Barbero (Argentina)

Join us at 12 noon again tomorrow for the final day from Viña del Mar, and we'll find out together who will be the next LAPT champion.

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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