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LAPT8 Chile: More of what we saw

It's getting late. Main Event players are just returning from what will be the final break of the day, with 78 of the day's 155 entrants still with chips to try to continue the battle for the night's final two levels.

Among the group not returning to finish out Day 1A is last year's LAPT Chile champ, Mario Lopez, who was felted a bit earlier. A couple of other former tour winners joined him on the rail, LAPT4 Colombia champ Julian Menendez, and winner of LAPT3 Uruguay and LAPT3 Peru, Nacho Barbero.

Earlier we noted Damián Salas taking a second shot today, but that one didn't work out for for him either and he's no longer among the current field.

And Ariel Celestino likewise couldn't spin his short stack up at a table full of some of his country's best. The Brazilian took a pair of sixes up against ace-queen, then saw an ace fall and both players make a flush, with his opponent's the better of the two.

Still more will be eliminated before the night concludes, of course. Such is the nature of poker, where no one profits unless it be at another's peril.


Something else we saw

Meanwhile not long ago the celebrity cash game wrapped up with a flourish, the final hand seeing extra action to punctuate a festive time at the feature table.


The cash game crowd

Gaston Catzman open-raised to $15 from under the gun without looking at his cards, earned a couple of callers, then saw Christian de Leon make it $100 to go from the button. The blinds folded -- among them de Leon's fellow Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari -- then Catzman pushed in his stack of just over $300 and de Leon called.

Catzman grinned as he turned over K♥7♠, perhaps having remembered fellow Argentinian Fabian Ortiz winning not one but two LAPT titles with king-seven off-suit. Meanwhile de Leon showed A♣Q♣. Two sevens then fell on the flop to earn a round of "ooohs," and Catzman earned the end-of-night double-up.

If not for that hand, de Leon might've walked away with the most profit from the table. As it happened, the Venezuelan Ivan Marquez finished ahead the most.


Marquez made his mark

And on the far side of the room that "mix-max" side event we mentioned earlier continues along. A healthy-sized field of 110 turned out for that one, with LAPT Tournament Director Mike Ward at the controls to direct the changing from tables of eight to six to four.


Mike Ward has a handle on the tourney wheel

Rodrigo Garrido was the chip leader earlier, and has maintained a stack of more than 100,000 through Level 8. But others are starting to accumulate as well.

We'll keep watching to see who wields the biggest stack at night's end, and then be back to tell what else we saw.

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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